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  1. REMAINING: Anna Montgomery (The Big Green) Hank (Finding Dory) Jock (Lady and the Tramp) Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed (The Lion King)
  2. ADIL MEMOM I was already working on a write-up for Big T, but then I saw his audition on YouTube. He impressed me enough to change my cut, so it's goodbye to Adil Memon instead. Adil Memom competed on the fourth season of The X Factor Australia back in 2012. He was part of the Boys Category and mentored by Mel B. He sang "Waiting on the World to Change" at his audition. He admitted to only singing for about a year, and it shows. It's not a terrible vocal, but it's really nothing too special for him to be a contender to win. In the first week of the live shows, he covered "Fast Car." And this wasn't very good either. He has a limited vocal range, and he missed quite a few notes. I'm not too surprised he ended up being voted out first. And thank goodness he lost the sing-off to Samantha Jade as it would've been a travesty if she was eliminated instead. Adil was only 17 when he auditioned, so maybe he's improved since his time on the show? Anyway, sorry to Adil and his fans, but out he goes from the rankdown. And I'm saving Cyrus Villanueva.
  3. REMAINING: Anna Montgomery (The Big Green) Roquefort (The Aristocats) Jaq (Cinderella) Hank (Finding Dory) Bubbles (Finding Nemo) Gill (Finding Nemo) Jock (Lady and the Tramp) Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed (The Lion King)
  4. WES NALE Wes Nale competed on Survivor: San Juan Del Sur. This was the second season with the Blood vs. Water theme, and he played with his father Keith. Throughout Wes's time on the island, I don't recall him having much of a strategic game. He seemed to just be the easygoing guy that no one really saw as a threat. He and his father Keith managed to make it to the merge together. They were part of the alliance with Reed, Josh, and Alec, but they didn't take control of the game. I don't recall Wes having many confessionals throughout the game either. He was just the goofy background character. I suppose Wes asking Jeff Probst about his cameo on Two and a Half Men was a funny moment, but what else is there to say? He gave up immunity for a plate of chicken wings, which ended up being a costly mistake. His father made a blunder too by saying "stick to the plan" that night when their alliance was wanting to blindside Jon. As a result, Jon played his hidden immunity idol and Keith ended up playing his too (although he first offered it to Wes before Wes declined it). Wes ended up being the only one to receive valid votes, so he was eliminated from the game. He ended up voting for Natalie to win the game. Anyway, sorry to Wes and any fans he may have, but out he goes from the rankdown. And I'm saving Jon.
  5. REMAINING: The Sultan (Aladdin) Anna Montgomery (The Big Green) Roquefort (The Aristocats) Chicken Little (Chicken Little) Jaq (Cinderella) Hank (Finding Dory) Bubbles (Finding Nemo) Gill (Finding Nemo) Jacques (Finding Nemo) Jock (Lady and the Tramp) Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed (The Lion King)
  6. LIZ MARKHAM Liz Markham competed on Survivor: Kaoh Rong. This was the second season with the Brawn vs. Brain vs. Beauty twist, and she was placed on the Brain tribe. She is a quantitative strategist, so it made sense. Liz was also apparently recruited by Stephen Fishbach to compete on the show since the two of them dated for a little while. I didn’t know past contestants could sway casting decisions like that. Anyway, Liz was very confident in her ability to succeed thanks to her intelligence and analytical background. She and Peter teamed up, and they thought they had control of the tribe. They underestimated Debbie and Joe due to their age, but that ended up being a mistake. When they went to tribal council, Liz and Peter thought they could vote out Neal with no issues with a split vote plan between Neal and Aubry. However, the tables were turned on them with a 2-2-2 vote. After the re-vote, Liz was voted out of the game. Sorry to Liz, but out she goes from the rankdown. And I’ll save Natalia.
  7. Reposting since I edited to fix a typo.
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