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  1. That’s okay, thanks for letting me know. You’re the next to nominate too.
  2. Yes, I remember you saved it the last time it was nominated. It's definitely worth checking out. There are only six episodes too, so it's not a big time commitment to watch it.
  3. Oh well. At least Bodyguard had a good run. The show is on Netflix, and I recommend it to anyone who hasn't watched it yet.
  4. Remaining: Dynasty Good Trouble Atypical Galavant Bron/Broen Bodyguard Carnival Row Medium
  5. Remaining: Dynasty Good Trouble Atypical Galavant Russian Doll Bron/Broen Bodyguard Harper's Island* Carnival Row Medium The Great British Baking Show Saturday Night Live* * Claimed, but no write-up yet.
  6. I like them both. Plus, Candice was the one I brought back from elimination.
  7. Ariadna At least she was able to make it to the finals of the Big Brother rankdown.
  8. LIZ NOLAN Liz Nolan competed on Big Brother 17, and she was part of the Twin Twist with her sister Julia. Although the house found out that both twins were playing as Liz, they still avoided being targets. Vanessa was the one to get Julia to reveal to her her real identity, and Vanessa brought them into an alliance with herself, Austin, Shelli, and Clay called The Sixth Sense. After Julia officially entered the game as herself and Clay and Shelli were evicted, Steve officially replaced Clelli in a new alliance called Scamper Squad. For the rest of the season, Scamper Squad won the rest of the HoH competitions and benefited Liz’s game. Nonetheless, Liz played a fairly decent game for someone that could’ve been an easy target. Not only was she playing alongside her twin sister, but she was also in a showmance with Austin. Even so, she and her twin sister Julia avoided the block for a long time. In addition, she won competitions, including two HoHs, one Veto, and one Battle of the Block that James tried to throw. She got out Becky and James on her HoH reigns, and she managed to make it to the Final 2. Plus, her seat in the Final 2 was secured as both Vanessa and Steve was going to take her with them. However, her plea to the jury wasn’t very good and the majority of the jurors voted for Steve to win. Anyway, Liz might be kind of an underrated player in hindsight, but she wasn’t a dominant player either. Congrats to her on the runner-up status, but out she goes from the rankdown now. And I’m saving Candice.
  9. Two rounds were completed in 24 hours. Victoria can post her nominations when she’s ready.
  10. Thanks for letting me know! It's been fixed.
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