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  1. JONATHAN BENNETT Jonathan Bennett was a Houseguest on Celebrity Big Brother 2, best known for playing Aaron Samuels in the movie Mean Girls. He also hosts various competition shows on the Food Network. Jonathan won the first competition of the season with Ryan Lochte, but a surprise twist put them on the chopping block. He had to compete against Ryan in another competition, which Ryan ended up winning. Ryan became HoH while Jonathan remained on the block, and he tried to influence Ryan’s nominations. Other Houseguests saw Jonathan as a threat, and he ended up becoming the first
  2. NICK UHAS Nick Uhas was a Houseguest on Big Brother 15. He was the creator of The Moving Company alliance, which included McCrae, Howard, Spencer, Jeremy, and himself. He thought his alliance would run the house like The Brigade did, but Nick ended up being the second Houseguest evicted. After he disregarded Elissa’s offer to make a deal, she named him as the secret nominee with her MVP power. Nick thought he had the votes to stay, but he was blindsided as a result. McCrae flipped to work with Amanda, and the Moving Company was no more after Nick's eviction. Ginamarie was deva
  3. JORDAN PARHAR Jordan Parhar was a Houseguest on Big Brother Canada 3. He was a super fan who believed he was going to mastermind his way to the end. So many times throughout the season, he acted like he was smarter than everyone else. He was so confident, yet his downfall would come during the HoH week of his closest ally. Jordan aligned himself with Zach, and he should've been 100% safe while his buddy was in power. However, he volunteered to go up as a pawn since he thinks it would hide their alliance. He even threw the Power of Veto competition - which involved him lying do
  4. NICOLE FRANZEL I wasn't expecting to get the chance to eliminate Nicole Franzel from the rankdown myself, but I'll go ahead while the opportunity presents itself. Nicole is a three-time Houseguest, playing in seasons 16, 18, and 22. In her first season, Nicole was very young and naïve. She got into a showmance with Hayden, and she ended up getting played by the people in power. She returned for a mixed vets and newbies season, and she ended up winning this season. However, after winning the first HoH competition and getting Jozea evicted, she didn't do anything noteworthy for
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