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  1. @aliasocfan @NGM @~Tom~ @1234567890
  2. Just waiting on 4 rankers to send me their immunity picks.
  3. Yup, I remember that. They broke up over text too, right? And Carrie said it was like "peace out."
  4. 9 rankers have sent me their immunity picks so far. Just waiting on six more rankers.
  5. DEADWOOD I'm an impatient host, so I'm just going to do this write-up myself. Deadwood is a Western that aired on HBO from 2004 to 2006 for a total of 36 episodes. Set in 1876 after Custer's Last Stand, Deadwood takes place after the richest gold strike in U.S. history. Deadwood is a mining town that is lawless due to not being part of any U.S. state or territory right after the Civil War. Due to the lack of organized law, Deadwood attracts shady inhabitants and becomes a town full of corruption and crime. Deadwood is inspired by a real town of the same name, and it even features real people like Seth Bullock (played by Timothy Olyphant) and Al Swearengen (played by Ian McShane). Other historical figures are featured on the show too, such as Wild Bill Hickok and Calamity Jane. The central theme of Deadwood is to examine how a civilization comes together from the absence of law, and it does this with a large ensemble cast. Although its focal point is how to bring order from chaos, Deadwood also touches on issues such as race, immigration, misogyny, violence, and politics. Despite its short run and cancellation, Deadwood is a critically acclaimed series. It has won multiple Emmy awards and many critics regard Deadwood as one of the greatest television shows ever made (with some even claiming it to be the best television show ever). Fans finally got their long awaited closure when a Deadwood movie set 10 years after Season 3 was released to HBO just last year. That sure was a long wait for fans, but the film was also praised. So, hopefully all the Deadwood fans out there were pleased with the film too. I haven't seen this show, but it seems like one that's worth watching. I don't know if there are any Deadwood fans part of this game, but out it goes from the rankdown.
  6. Awesome Gossip Girl write-up! I've never seen the show, but I remember how popular it was. It's too bad it didn't last longer in the rankdown for you, but at least you were able to give it a worthy write-up.
  7. I still have only heard from seven rankers so far. I know I said the deadline isn't until 24 hours after all the write-ups are posted, but hopefully all the choices are sent to me before too long. After I get all the immunity picks, I'll also have to give time for everyone to send me their secret nominations too.
  8. I have immunity picks from seven rankers so far.
  9. Denise also plans to post a Gossip Girl write-up later, but does anyone want to volunteer to write about Deadwood?
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