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  1. Loving the music video - it's super iconic. I knew as soon as it started who "the man" was!
  2. Parvati (=) Sophie (=) Sandra (=) Yul (+1) Michele (+1) - finally started to shine Natalie (+2) - she's killing it Tony (+10) - see Sarah Sarah (+10) - I actually enjoyed her and Tony, this episode Ethan (-5) - Was rooting for him but ugh. Nick (-2) Jeremy (=) Denise (-2) Amber (+3) Ben (+6) - he's growing on me Danni (-8) - was kinda MIA hence why she's here. Rob (-1) Kim (-5) - where were you? Adam (-5) - you're overplaying Tyson (-5) - nothing too special atm, but still a threat to win Wendell (-1) - I forget that he's on this season
  3. I agree about all of this. I've been on Sarah Hyland since last week and I still believe its her. Lucy makes sense but knowing her singing voice & her country songs, she doesn't really sound like that yesterday - unless she played a trick on us.
  4. Not surprise because you do not own FX nor Netflix
  5. Those were the 2 shows I would have cut out of the remaining 4.
  6. I just want it because I love TV. But I am becoming more and more impress with Crave here - they have more than when they started. And Amazon Prime is improving too.
  7. We still have the yearly subscription - I don't mind as we love Disney movies so it makes sense for us to have it. Plus we share it with the family so there's that. ugh, I want hulu in Canada - they were in talks about it but not sure where it went.
  8. A dysfunctional romance? Yes, thank u! Thank you
  9. After the entire Love, Simon fiasco, its what they deserve!
  10. 01. Nik 02. Bre 03. Nicole 04. Jayla 05. Lisa
  11. On behalf of Anne, I am doing the write-up for Fosse/Verdon as I absolutely love the show but I was being pragmatic about it livelihood in the rankdown - I doubt that Rei would have saved it hence why I am doing the write-up for it. So let's get into this show, shall we? Fosse/Verdon is a biographical mini-series which aired on FX for 8 episodes in 2018. The mini-series is about Bob Fosse, best known for his work as a choreographer on many hit musicals such as Damn Yankees, Sweet Charity, Pippin, Chicago - he is also known for his work as a director on some of those musicals including some movies such as Sweet Charity, Cabaret, and All That Jazz. It also follows his relationship with his partner in crime and leading lady, Gwen Verdon who is best known for her role as triple threat actress on Broadway in musical such as Can-Can, Damn Yankess, New Girl in Town, Sweet Charity, Chicago, and Redhead. In the show, Bob Fosse is portrayed by Sam Rockwell while Michelle Williams portrays Gwen Verdon - both were stellar in the role and really complimented each other, but Michelle Williams really stole the spotlight and showed why she is one of the best in the spotlight. And for her role, she won the Emmy Award/Golden Globe/SAG for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Limited Series or Movie where she gave excellent speech after excellent speech, where she knows how to command the stage by simply giving a speech. Essentially, the series focuses on the romance and the creative partnership between Gwen Verdon & Bob Fosse hence the name of the mini-series. Why did do a show about them? Essentially, they are seen as having changed the American entertainment industry - Bob Fosse's managed to create some iconic moves in dance. The show focuses on their personal relationships notably the struggle of power & status, and still pushing through to leave an impact on the industry despite their personal problems... The show also takes a look at almost every shows they were involved as well as some of the actresses/actors/direcotrs/dancers - some of the one being portrayed in the series includes Liza Minelli (Cabaret), Joel Grey (Cabaret), Chita Rivera (Chicago), Shirley MacLaine (Sweet Charity), Debbie Allen, and Ann Reinkin (Cabaret) also known as one of Bob Fosse's muse. Overall, the series was brilliantly made. It was critically acclaimed by many, and loved by many musical fans such as myself - I really enjoyed how each episode focused on a different musical of theirs. And the finale? It was heartbreaking, but a perfect ending to their life story. And the success of the series can certainly be attributed to the participation of their daughter, Nicole Fosse, as co-executive producer, of the mini-series. ANNE SAVED: AMERICAN IDOL
  12. Fair enough - I figured that much. There's quite a few shows that I liked that were nominated esp. out of the last 6 remaining ones
  13. ^^ Loved Desperate Housewives - was rooting for it to be saved. May do a quick tribute of it
  14. Sorry Gilles and thank you to Anne for her write-up. Ne. Unfortunately for Gilles, he happens to be the one left that I care about the least. He probably deserves better, but this is a rankdown. Lots of people probably deserves better. He competed on Season 8 of Dancing with the Stars. He was paired up with Cheryl, which is why Sola nominated him despite being a good dancer. Following his original, he competed on the All Star Season; where he was paired up with Peta. I do not believe he came off very well during the All Star Season compare to his original season. He did not make the finale but if he would have been in the finale, our F3 would have been Gilles, Shawn and Melissa - that was a missed opportunity. And now, let's focus on his original season; He did make the finale his season and ended up in 2nd place. I am sure fans were shocked at the time, considering he was the sex symbol of the season . And he was on an episode of Daredevil and had a scene with Elektra - which Anne likes; But I know him for his soap opera appearance as well as Switched At Birth. SAVING: JUAN PABLO DI PACE
  15. American IdolFosse/VerdonRuPaul's Drag Race Queer EyeSo You Think You Can DanceDesperate Housewives @aliasocfan
  16. 1.Riverdale ** Claimes but no write-up2.Schitt’s Creek3.Pretty Little Liars ** Claimed but no write-up5.American Idol6.Fosse/Verdon8.The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel9.Gotham18.RuPaul's Drag Race ** Claimed but no write-up19.Queer Eye20.So You Think You Can Dance24.Grey's Anatomy ** Claimed but no write-up25.Desperate Housewives
  17. I need Casey Cott's shirtless though.
  18. 1.Riverdale ** Claimes but no write-up2.Schitt’s Creek3.Pretty Little Liars ** Claimed but no write-up5.American Idol6.Fosse/Verdon8.The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel9.Gotham15.Futarama ** Claimed but no write-up17.Dancing With The Stars ** Claimed but no write-up18.RuPaul's Drag Race ** Claimed but no write-up19.Queer Eye20.So You Think You Can Dance24.Grey's Anatomy ** Claimed but no write-up25.Desperate Housewives
  19. I used to watch it but haven't really watched it, this season - last season kinda killed my interest.
  20. That's fair enough - it was a bit out of nowhere.
  21. I am quite surprise that Ally McBeal made it this far, considering that it started in the 1990s and ended in the early 2000s. When it comes to the show, itself, I am not that familiar with it but I do know what it is and it stars Calista Flockhart as Ally McBeal as well as Portia De Rossi and Jane Krakowski - the cast is amazing. Anyway, what is this show about? It is a legal drama filled with comedy - not sure how that works but whatever floats the writers' boats. In essentially follows Ally McBeal, a lawyer, and her colleagues at the Cage and Fish law firm in Boston. It seems that the series was critically acclaimed when it first started but it quickly fell off the rail... Anyway, this is the write-up for Ally McBeal and unfortunately for the show, the main character was not here to make a case for it so out it goes from this rankdown. SAVING: SMASH
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