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  1. Tiffany (=) : My queen. Kyland (=) : My king. Claire (+1) : Also a queen. Derek X (+6) : We stan Derek X. Sarah Beth (+8) : I am enjoying her, and I am loving her x Kyland relationship Hannah (=) : I like her and enjoying how UTR she is Azah (-4) : Alex said it best with regard to Azah. Xavier (-1) : I like him well enough. Whitney (-4) : Wanting more from her. Christian (+4) : Fine. Alyssa (-2) : Fine. Britini (=) : Not a terrible player but just not connecting her. Frenchie (+2) : Thank god that he's gone, but he gave us some entertainment. Brent (-6) : Can't wait for him to leave some time soon. He was getting on my nerves, this week. Derek F (-4) : Biggest disappointment.
  2. Out of the nominated series, I have a feeling that this series might be the one getting less of a reaction from the rankers - I actually struggled which shows to cut so I landed on this one. This series was, obviously, a science fiction television series that was created by Gene Roddenberry and part of the Start Trek franchise - a franchise that I am not that fond of, it's just not my kind of show. However, I do know that this series was very well received - airing from 1987 to 1994 for 7 seasons and 178 episodes; It actually reached a total of 12 million viewers at one point and their series finale brought in a massive 30 million viewers. And this series features Patrick Stewart for his iconic role of Jean-Luc Picard - a role that he portrayed in the movies of the series as well; He became a household name because of the series. Overall, fans of the science fiction and the Star Trek series certainly would appreciate this television series but unfortunately I am not one - I've seen episodes here and there on re-run as a kid while my dad was watching it, and it never really peaked my interest. SAVING: THE WEST WING
  3. Compare to the majority of you all, I actually enjoyed the episode - I thought it was one of the better acting challenge in a long time. I haven't really shared my thoughts of the season, but I am still a fan of Jan and probably in the minority regarding that around here. Kylie Sonique Love : She's a queen and my pick as the winner. Ra'Jah : She's giving me so much life, although this week was not her week. Jan : I'll forever going to be a fan of Jan - it was her week and she nailed it. Ginger : She really been impressing me lately; I finally see what people see in her. Trinity K. Bonet : She's having a good run at it. Pandora : I love Pandora but she's invisible. A'Keria : I know her time was coming - I feel there was something that wasn't connecting this time around Eureka : I don't mind Eureka like most of the users around here, but she was the weakest of the week - both on the runway and challenge.
  4. I am fine with Xavier winning!
  5. Finally watching tonight’s episode. I am in love with Kyland. And I am digging Sarah x Kyland.
  6. Sorry Jarmon for officially losing Natasha Best of luck to Gonzalo for the face-off between Anya and Nina Congrats to Victoria on FCO!
  7. BRAD ESTRIN Who is Brad Estrin? That's the question that I asked myself when I saw him on the list of the remaining contestants to be cut. It turns out that Brad Estrin was on the first ever season of American Idol - there's only a few contestants from Season 1 that matters and Brad Estrin is not one of them. It seems that Brad auditioned in Los Angeles and he did not have his audition aired, but he was shown briefly in Hollywood where he performed one of Simon's favourite song "Unchained Melody" which was probably enough for him to make it into the Top 30. After making it into the Top 30, he performed for America where he choose a song by James Ingram known as "Just Once" - I just rewatched his performance and it was dreadful and it makes sense why he did not make it through especially when he was in same group as Tamyra, Adriel, Ryan, Keli, and even Jim. So I think it's fair to conclude that he was advanced by JC for being cute, but being cute won't cut it with him so he's getting eliminated from the rankdown - good 4 him for having 15 minute of fame in this rankdown. SAVING: DAVID RADFORD & JONNY BRENNS
  8. You were all under the impression that I was cutting The Real World over The Wheel of Fortune - I was simply putting on an act after JC decided to cut SVU as a little lesson that I can be petty especially if you mention your love for The Real World. As I've seen both shows and both are iconic in their respective way, I decide to cut Wheel of Fortune as I feel it had less impact in the 1990s compare to The Real World - I've seen some snippets of The Real World in the 1990s and I never seen an episode of Wheel of Fortune in the 1990s. In 2021, if you are not aware of Wheel of Fortune, you certainly been living under a rock as this popular game show has been on the year since 1975 but the current version of the show debuted in 1983 with Pat Sajak and Vanna White being the face of the show. The game is essentially inspired by the hangman while three contestants faces off to win prizes by spinning the wheel. The game show is a no brainer and still very popular after all these years, and I don't think it really defined the 1990s hence why I am cutting it. SAVING: THE REAL WORLD
  9. I am getting to it - I had to complete Idol first. Save WOF Cut RW
  10. And that’s why I ranked some Yaya pictures high cause I knew Sola was going to tank them!
  11. Congrats Derek! I guess analyzing the bottles paid off!
  12. @ Kyland analysis of Frenchie
  13. Claire did better than I expected.
  14. While drinking 20 cans of red bulls!
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