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  1. But yeah, Adam was done really dirty in this. Sad that he couldn’t have had as many performances as Kris and Allison in this top 20 because he was amazing as well.
  2. YAY for Heartless winning. Definitely one of my favorite Idol performances ever and a great display of the creativity that Kris brought to season 8.
  3. Of course the one Adam performance to make the Top 5 is the one he did with Allison. Anyway, very happy with this Top 5. I ranked 4/5 of them in my Top 5 and the fifth at #7.
  4. 1. Tiffany 2. Claire 3. Kyland 4. Sarah Beth 5. Hannah 6. Derek X 7. Azah 8. Alyssa 9. Xavier 10. Britni 11. Christian 12. Whitney 13. Derek F 14. Frenchie 15. Brent
  5. Ugh sorry, I was busy this week. I’ll take a look at this tonight now that things have calmed down a bit.
  6. #BLESS I thought it might be because Eva and Yaya seem to have a lot more stans on here. I was convinced one of their photos was winning.
  7. So happy that Amanda’s Nivea shot won and that it’s so loved around here. Also, flawless top 3. I just realized that they placed in the same exact order that I ranked them.
  8. Drag him, Whitney! Brent continues to be the worst. So glad we avoided him being HOH this week.
  9. Ugh sorry, was super busy all weekend. Will work on this now.
  10. It’s only Saturday and he’s already saying his goodbyes.
  11. Frenchie going from HOH to a nominee and Public Enemy #1 after his power-trip of an HOH reign?
  12. @taylorkat is up next. You cannot nominate: Mark Ramprakash Helen George Ore Oduba Danny Mac Joe Sugg Vick Hope Clara Amfo Anita Rani Ranvir Singh
  13. These nominees would be amazing. I feel like he would have the numbers to take out Frenchie as well, especially once the other HG's compare notes more. I would be here for this alliance.
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