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  1. Not sure how I accidentally posted before I could type it up.
  2. Matt Hoffman The above scene where Matt & Brittany mock Rachel and wear her hair extesions is truly one of the funniest Big Brother moments ever. Anyway, sorry to the Matt fans but he's collateral damage for us to finally be freed of James in this rankdown. Matt was a part of the competently dominant but extremely boring Brigade alliance. He was labelled the "brain" of the alliance but actually was the one pulling the weight in it, winning 2 endurance HOH comps. For his first HOH, he took a shot at Brenchel but that didn't pan out and Andrew left inste
  3. James Zinkand So glad I could finally get rid of James and give Sheila her rightful season 9 win. LOL. "Crazy" James was a part of the awful season 9 where he was just pretty much insufferable. Which isn't surprising because that's the case for all of Grodner's favorites. James just had really bad taste in allies. I know he & Chelsia were paired together during the season, but I couldn't stand either one of them or their showmance. And they were allies with Joshuah. The James/Chelsia/Joshuah trio was the worst. Remember that time they berated poor Amanda and said th
  4. I will get them in tonight. Will also fix all my picture-less ones.
  5. Okay, my fourth round pick is Clay’s “I Can’t Help Myself (Sugar Pie Honey Bunch)” Will decide what my other picks are later. A lot of the ones I would’ve chosen are already moved on.
  6. Amazing top 5! I was rooting for SLTT but AHINAH is an amazing and deserving winner.
  7. Torn on who to save with this one, but will have my vote in shortly.
  8. @*Diana& @*Wallace don’t forget to PM me your representative pick. Gigi was the to PM me, so she’s getting her choice. Please send me a back-up choice in case your first one is already taken. (This will start once we get 5 apps).
  9. So you can drag Ann as far as possible? You’re not gonna make many friends in this that way.
  10. Also, no choosing Alesha Dixon as your representative, as she was a contestant before her judging stint.
  11. Never expected Normani to win this with Elliott as a ranker. Congrats to her and glad to see her pull it off. I feel like Zendaya will never have her winning moment in this Rankdown.
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