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  1. ER Law & Order Daria Everybody Loves Raymond Martin The X Files Xena: Warrior Princess King of the Hill Pinky and the Brain Recess The Wild Thornberrys In Living Color y’all exaggerating just because I am busy, calm yo vajayjays!
  2. 1. Matthew 2. Melrose 3. Alexandra 4. Courtney 5. Lacey 6. Brittany 7. Yaya 8. Khrystyana 9. Anya 10. Fatima 11. Laura 12. April 13. Nina 14. Brittani
  3. My Adam comments were so nice though. And I gave Allison credit for the one performance I truly did like in the top 20.
  4. Top 2 is perfection! KING KRIS the only winner ever to achieve TOP TWO and 3 of top 4! i was afraid that what happened in season 1 would happen to me again but glad this time it was a happy ending I’m looking at season 9 and I just truly do not care about anyone so I will sit out this round and just hope other people will take out Lee and have legit anyone else win. Katie Stevens and Tim Urban ftw! Tim for being hot and Katie for gracing my tv with guilty pleasures like faking it and the bold type
  5. Lol oh I don’t think you asked me about this? I didn’t realize we were nominating.
  6. Guts was robbed, y'all have terrible taste. Except Wally per usual Cutting SNL is a choice. I'll have to think about my cut/save of the remaining I'm not super tied to anything and I don't have time right now for a writeup.
  7. Ugh I make people mad even when I am not trying to But I'm glad that RR/RW both made it through so no regrets
  8. Gahh I was hoping Real World would survive too
  9. Law & Order SVU So not sure why they needed to come up with a spin off or new series for Law & Order, but I can not remember which one I watched or it is possible I would watch both sporadically. It was always very interesting to see these cases and it would always be a murder mystery vibe watching this show, but out of the remaining four, I had to cut this one because the other three are iconic and deserve to stay. I do not know who came up with these nominations, but they were horrendous. Anyways, I am guessing SVU probably relates to more brutal crimes like rape and assault, so while I found it interesting to see what happened, I also did not enjoy these cases, they obviously always gave you queasy feels after watching. Save Road Rules.
  10. Ugh I am torn because I prefer Road Rules the show, but always rooted for the Real World on The Challenge because they were always the less athletic underdogs. Save Road Rules Cut Law & Order SVU
  11. Of course Elliott and I are paired together when we made the best collective group of picks
  12. 1. Matthew 2. Yaya 3. Brittani 4. Lacey 5. Brittany 6. Courtney 7. Khrystyana 8. Fatima 9. Melrose 10. Alexandra 11. Laura 12. Anya 13. April 14. Nina 15. Natasha
  13. 1. Derek 2. Gigi 3. 4. 5. Diana 6. Wallace 7. JC 8. Victoria
  14. Tara and Joey The mom and dad team that was a strong older couple that worked together well. They were on the season of the stranger teams that resulted from a school yard pick at the beginning of the race. Joey actually performed awful in that first challenge but Tara just had a good feeling that they would work well together and she was right! Would have preferred them to win over the hot messes, but they just slimly missed out on being one of the very few “older” pairs that won. Tara was quite the asset on this team as she was cool, calm, and collected throughout the entire race. She was even able to tell Joey to stfu in an effective and quick manner to get results. It made sense that they did so well in the race. Anyways, congrats to them making it this far! save Terrence and Sarah for Alex
  15. Who do I have left? Terence and Sarah or Tara and Joey? Hmm they’re both such similar teams I really don’t know. Does anyone have any requests?
  16. So strange I swear I copied and pasted from the front page lol and it was not crossed out I thought. Freaks and Geeks Law & Order: Special Victims Unit My So-Called Life Twin Peaks Blossom Dinosaurs Frasier Martin The Parkers Strangers With Candy The Wayans Bros. Cowboy Bebop Hunter x Hunter In Living Color MADtv WWE Raw
  17. I'm okay Wally! just busy and don't have time to post.
  18. Alright, I ended up with just a list of shows I have never heard of and Frasier (which I also have never watched), apologies if they are your faves, I just don't want to write about stuff I have never heard of or seen. Freaks and Geeks Law & Order: Special Victims Unit My So-Called Life Twin Peaks Blossom Dinosaurs Frasier Martin The Parkers Strangers With Candy The Wayans Bros. In the House Cowboy Bebop Hunter x Hunter In Living Color MADtv
  19. This is an effing iconic exchange LOL at Frenchie legit playing to be liked and literally EVERYONE hating him (audience-wise) also I regret my draft, I chose all duds
  20. I’m sorry I was a child in the 90s so like obvs I would cut an old person show in favor of the iconic GUTS
  21. Murder, She Wrote Legit the only one left I have not seen, the rest I have positive/neutral feelings towards, so this has been the easiest decision yet. This is an American crime drama television series starring Angela Lansbury as a writer and detective. The show aired for 12 seasons from 1984 to 1996 on CBS. Apparently it was quite popular as it averaged more than 30 million viewers per week, wow, the housewives were extremely bored back then because this show seems like a dud. Anyways, this was followed by tv films between 1997 and 2003 so apparently they could not get enough of this and I really hope I have hit 100 words because I am so over this. Save GUTS!
  22. Alex & Conor Unlike other hot guy teams, I just never really connected with these two. And I was not like googoo gaga over them looks-wise either. Like looking at these pictures, I do not even consider them a hot guy team even though they were casted to be. They both just look goofy and strangely not symmetrical. I am not into auto racing or whatever "sport" they do either. Because it's not a sport. Anyways, I honestly do not even remember much of what they did on the race, I think they were on Cody and Jessica's season, and they were allies with that annoying duo, so that automatically docks them points for having a terrible judge of character. So yeah, I guess adios! I feel like they were also a much weaker team than expected lol. Save Michael & Kevin
  23. 1. Matthew 2. Khrystyana 3. Yaya 4. April 5. Brittany 6. Lacey 7. Courtney 8. Laura 9. Brittani 10. Alexandra 11. Melrose 12. Fatima 13. Anya 14. Nina 15. Natasha
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