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  1. Was hoping to get some final votes but will do results tonight @thevoiceisthetop @*Chris @Zoey @Leekleekington @*Wallace @1234567890 @Bk1234 @Elliott @Solaris @Archanium @IAN27TAY @Erestor @SwimmerStud87 @CimFam436 @DorisAnn
  2. Season 5 is the first season where I didn't feel negatively or indifferent towards 99+% of the contestants It didn't have a star like Kelly (but no other season achieved that either), but there were so many great performers who were entertaining and knew how to sing. It was an extremely strong season so it probably is my favorite season so far.
  3. Lisa Tucker "I Am Changing" - (7) Lily, Victoria, Gigi, Derek, Priscilla, Steven, Chris Katharine McPhee "Since I Fell For You" - (1) JC Chris Daughtry "Wanted Dead Or Alive" - (9) Elliott, Tom, Diana, Nico, Andrew, Steven, Kaley, Andy, Alex Elliott Yamin "If You Really Love Me" - Mandisa "Cry" - Elliott Yamin “Moody’s Mood For Love” - (8) Crisis, Nico, Gigi, Wallace, JC, Priscilla, Sola, Victoria Katharine McPhee "Think" - (8) Chris, Diana, Sola, Steven, Gigi, JC, Wallace, Crisis Chris Daughtry "Broken" - Elliott Yamin "Heav
  4. Hamas is attacking because Israel limited the number of people in mosques and this “interrupted” their praying. Sure the land is an issue and Israel may not be handling that dispute perfectly, but firing 500+ missiles at innocent people, well you better expect some missiles back. I’m not a huge fan of the land dispute argument as it is, just seems very anti-Semitic to me considering Jews occupy tiny Israel and Arabs and Muslims occupy the rest of the vast Middle East...They literally don’t think the Jews should have any land, so they are awfully hypocritical to point th
  5. Ok this opinion may not align with traditional democrat views, but I find it ridiculous that Hamas and other terrorists fire hundreds of rockets and air strikes at Israel and Palestine expects Israel to stand down and just let them continue to attack. Wtf, the Jews are just supposed to roll over and let a second genocide happen? Palestine needs to work on controlling their terrorists if they want not to be attacked. That being said, a prayer for all the INNOCENT lives lost of both sides.
  6. @Steven_ Let me know when HIMYM starts, I def wanna be a part of that round!
  7. Lisa Tucker "I Am Changing" - (4) Lily, Victoria, Gigi, Derek Katharine McPhee "Since I Fell For You" - (3) Sola, Wallace, JC Chris Daughtry "Wanted Dead Or Alive" - (9) Chris, Elliott, Tom, Diana, Nico, Andrew, Steven, Kaley, Andy Elliott Yamin "If You Really Love Me" - Mandisa "Cry" - (1) Steven Elliott Yamin “Moody’s Mood For Love” - (5) Crisis, Nico, Wallace, Gigi, JC Katharine McPhee "Think" - (6) Chris, Diana, Sola, Steven, Gigi, JC Chris Daughtry "Broken" - Elliott Yamin "Heaven" - Katharine McPhee "Until You Come Back To Me (That's What
  8. Cut Paris midnight train to georgia its my least favorite non Taylor performance left. I feel bad for the guy.
  9. I’m starting to feel bad for Taylor because even though I wasn’t a fan of his music, he seemed like a nice guy and no one here is fighting for his songs to advance so I’m starting to feel like he’s even underrated here on IDF despite me not being a fan. Ugh why do I have a heart.
  10. 1. Amanda 2. Catherine 3. Shandi 4. Angelea 5. Elyse 6. Robin 7. Isis 8. Kristin 9. Liberty 10. Fatima 11. Eugena 12. Chantelle 13. Furonda 14. Leslie
  11. @Alex95 punishing Kaley and me for taking so long by not updating
  12. @~*8Kay8*~ and I are advancing Elliott Yamin "Somebody To Love"
  13. Cut Taylor Hicks "Play That Funky Music" and Paris Bennett "The Way We Were” still working on another advancement because @*Wallace and @1234567890 stole ours
  14. Messaging now, will make a decision soon! I feel like @~*8Kay8*~ and I keep missing each other in the PMs bc we're both busy people probs so this took forever, do I need to just post if I do not get an answer in a certain time @Alex95? I don't want it to go to randomizer so just want to check in
  15. Sorry it was either them or the twins I was trying to be nice this round and not touch everyone’s ultimate faves since everyone was being nice except qk I swear!
  16. Brent and caite cody and jessica Lenny and karyn john Vito and jill shana and jennifer lorena and jason keith and whitney deangelo and gary
  17. LOL I tried doing mostly fodder nominations but a little confused on who has been eliminated and don't want to cause a messy situation, @*Amanda let me know when you will be able to update the front page. Otherwise I'll just do the teams I am not a fan of
  18. I love how everyone sends stuff to @*Wallace when they want to avoid rigging stuff. Why do we all think Wally is the beacon of innocence, maybe he's the devil Or maybe it's just because he's the oldest @.Rei is the public allowed to vote? And if so, can we not have a writeup requirement?
  19. Save Misa & Maiya RIP Kellie & Lavonne
  20. It's actually "Staven's" turn Messy!Amanda
  21. TOP 8 THEME: BILLBOARD #1 HITS! All artists will choose songs that have reached #1 on the Billboard charts in history! It can be in the format of your choice.
  22. Sorry! I am the worst, have been too busy to post it but will definitely get to it this weekend! Any last votes please get them in!!! also if you haven’t sent in your songs please do so @*Chris @Bk1234 @Leekleekington
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