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  1. Rise of Skywalker was such a disappointment. The Emperator has been so overdone and I really much enjoyed the thesis of Rey being a nobody. But oh well. At least there's The Mandalorian to make up for this! One of the best series I have watched as of late. But, unpopular opinion, I loved the Prequels.
  2. Welcome back from the dead. I'm glad IDF still lives on despite all difficuluties it had lately. I was just hoping it would not disappear for good. Sucks that we lost the archive with old post though.. R.I.P so many memories. But glad to see you guys are still here. As for the list, I'm 9/20 out of those posted so far. Especially glad to see Amy, both Lindsays and Natascha. Lindsay A. had probably one of the biggest jumps on my list because she's so good now.
  3. :roll: Anya. <3 Surpirsed that Kim is on there. I forgot about her existence tbh Ricky deserves more love. Jack's alright. Faded on me over the years. Lindsay on the other hand, made one of the biggest jumps for me. She's fantastic now.
  4. What is going on with IDF? Anyway, I'm excited for this.
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