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  1. Ugh, now that both Janelle and Kaysar are out, this season might as well end. Kaysar's speech though I don't believe in Christmas change of heart tbh. She was vile on BB19, and I think if she wasn't in such a good position in the house, she would let the ugly side come out of her again. Prayer circle for Day and Bay to survive this week. As for Dani, I really enjoyed her on BB13 when she was the underdog and her feud with Rachel was hilarious, but this season, she is completely not my cup of tea.
  2. Ian is Enzo’s backdoor option if Kaysar wins veto. Either way this week is gonna suck
  3. Obviously another guy from the pre-show alliance wins. And of course he wants to target Kaysar who doesn’t have any solid alliances. This sucks. We can’t have nice things this season. Watch Da’Vonne and Bayleigh be the next boots. This season had so much potential.
  4. Lmao Actually I turn 30 next year. But only started taking driving lessons last year as I never needed a car before. thanks JC. Gonna have to get used to driving on those roads with higher speed limits first, lol
  5. This has been a crazy week for me but it’s also quite terrible, first I failed my driving test on my first attempt yesterday and now Janelle is leaving. What else can go wrong?
  6. Oh wow, that is really messed up. I never liked Nick, he always seemed problematic to me, just like Jack and Jackson. And Holly was slut shaming Kat on instagram as her defense to not reacting differently on the group chat... Ugh
  7. Lmao, oh how I wish they replaced Kevin with Michele. She might be cray cray but she was really underrated on her season. We just can't have nice things, can we? That was savage. I don't want Janelle or Kaysar to leave... It just kills any excitement about this season. And the same people from the same alliance keep winning comps. The power needs to shift like yesterday!
  8. Like I said, I can volunteer to be evicted from the draft if it means Nicole F goes out next. Love her so much. As well as her twitter alter ego. Love that Rachel and Jessica were both tweeting kind words about Janelle. Queens supporting Queens.
  9. 1. Janelle - An actual legend and Queen. All newbies please kindly take a bow. 2. Kaysar - Another legend. And he's such a sweetheart. This season doesn't deserve him and Janelle. 3. Da'vonne - I'm slowly accepting that Da'vonne is always going to be messy at this game. However, I hope that the best is yet to come. 4. Ian - I lowkey hope he can be the first two-times winner. 5. Bayleigh - She is growing on me. 6. Dani - Once she detaches herself from this annoying majority alliance, I will probably start rooting for her. 7. Nicole A - Her last week in
  10. How did Janelle describe that type of gameplay? „snitchy snitchy ratty ratty”? Well, that’s how it looks like!
  11. Damn, I'm killing it with this draft! However, I can volunteer to self-evict from the draft if it means Nicole F magically goes out next. The sacrifices that I am willing to make. The only shocking thing about Nicole A's eviction was Enzo's vote, so confusing. What was that all about? Did he just do it to frame Jaysar? Watching Nicole A cry and admitting her mistake was heart-breaking, but Julie did let her have it. I don't blame Nicole too much though, because it was Kevin who got in her head. Now let's talk about that HoH... Janelle lost literally by one freaking point?
  12. I haven’t been reading updates from the feeds all day and I am quickly catching up and I feel like every single conversation has Janelle’s name in it. Talk about obsessed. At this point the next week is looking like one of the worst weeks in BB history. Praying for a miracle that keeps Janelle and Kaysar safe!
  13. So, after all of this is over, because I might or might not have been able to catch that, who is not invited to Nicole’s F wedding again?
  14. This x1000000. Kevin is disappointing and fake.
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