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  1. pov and off the table are the standouts for me. everything else was a disappointment unfortunately. maybe unpopular opinion but dangerous woman is still her best album imo.
  2. Evict both of Jaysar tbh. This season is doomed anyway and they're too good to be around any of those people.
  3. Well looks like I am not even gonna bother anymore. We all knew how this season was gonna go anyway but I was hoping for at least one good week with a Jaysar hoh.
  4. Nicole is an embarrassment. Instead of doing anything to try and save herself she has spent the past 4 days attacking the only 2 people on her side while also expecting them to do all the work for her. Also she is the one that said "it is what it is" not Janelle.
  5. How sad that even in all stars and with contestants that are a bit older the whole house forms a huge clique and excludes/gangs up on 1-2 people lol. Also the delusion is off the charts. Janelle is literally THE ultimate fan fave and Kaysar won his way back into the house with 82% of the vote lmao. The fact they think they are hated is hilarious.
  6. She is gonna feel so stupid when she gets out on Thursday.
  7. What will the other hgs even talk about once Janelle and Kaysar are gone. They're literally obsessed with them. Then again they are the only actual stars there so I get it.
  8. Any word on who Memphis is putting up? Are Janelle and Kaysar still safe?
  9. 1. Kaysar 2. Janelle 3. Keesha 4. Ian 5. Day 6. Kevin 7. Bayleigh 8. David 9. Nicole A 10. Tyler 11. Dani (from #2 to this :|) 12. Enzo 13. Christmas 14. Memphis 15. Cody 16. Nicole F
  10. why do I do this to myself every season lol
  11. I'm sad but I can't even be mad bc she really did absolutely nothing to save herself
  12. Kevin said if he wins HOH he's putting up Janelle and Kaysar (not Cody who actually put him on the block even after their conversation) so he can leave and I won't even feel bad about it.
  13. Kaysar hottest man on bb ever I said what I said.
  14. Same but I get why she did it.
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