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  1. Thanks! I have the CBS Rankdown write ups to finish tonight so depending on how that goes, and how many responses, I’ll either do results this evening/tomorrow!
  2. No problem! I was considering keeping it open til tomorrow so that's fine. Thanks for letting me know!
  3. Thanks to everyone who's voted so far! I'm gonna try to stick to the 2 day vote and announce results tonight. Just waiting on votes from: @totes4totes @FrogLenzen @Elliott @vee_ @~Tom~ I believe!
  4. Yes mine will be submitted this evening!
  5. Can my bottom half start taking more hits now (as much as I like everyone left) Yay Brandy So glad she made it this far.
  6. I love Kameron Michaels but... I thought she'd have been one of the easier cuts here. Oops.
  7. I like pretty much everyone left which makes noms super hard by this round. Picking 8 out of 23 remaining is hard so I had to include some queens who I do really like, but just not as much as others.
  8. BeBe Zahara Benet (S1) Raja (S3) Alexis Mateo (S3) Adore Delano (S6) Katya (S7) Alaska (AS2) Kameron Michaels (S10) Divina Di Campo (UK1)
  9. I'll try and send my application over tonight.
  10. Yeah I'm the same. I'm always happy she makes it to the end but she often has tough competition in the final vote.
  11. Season 1 Round 2: Girl Group Challenge Challenge: Destiny's Child girl group battle. Performances The queens performed in two groups. Serving Fish: Nina, Ongina, Rebecca, Shannel. (starts at approx 29:30) 3D: Akashia, BeBe, Jade, Tammie. (starts at approx 31:30) Vote Rank the queens based on their performance in the challenge from 1 (favorite) to 8 (least favorite). The queens' runways were the same as that in the challenge, so this week there won't be a runway vote. Because this was a team-judged challenge, the scores for each team will be averaged, with the two lowest scorers in the losing team lip-syncing. VOTE HERE
  12. While I get ready to post the next challenge, I was wondering whether people would be interested in bringing back the Seasons 1-5 immunity for queens the week after they won a challenge? Or whether it should be left out. I hadn't planned on it but forgot about it too, so if people think it'd be good to include I will work that in.
  13. Season 1 Round 1: Drag on a Dime Lip-Sync Results Ladies. IDF has made their decision. Rebecca Glasscock... shantay you stay. Victoria 'Porkchop' Parker, sashay away. Porkchop continues her run as the first ever out on Drag Race. Breakdown of results: Round 2 coming up!
  14. Thanks! I believe I have all the votes from people who voted in the first round now, but I'll leave open for another few hours in case there's anyone who didn't get to vote last time.
  15. Going to be closing the lip-sync vote in a few hours, before moving on to the next challenge! Tagging @totes4totes here as I believe she's the only one who voted in the first round but hasn't voted in the lip-sync yet.
  16. Oh Rebecca Ferguson I did not know she shaded her either though so we can keep to calling her Rachel.
  17. Wait I don't even remember who that is But I need to know the back-story now
  18. Ooh yeah I guess I was thinking UK-based since there's been way more seasons of that. US would be way too little. (plus Elliott would already be preparing his 5H cut )
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