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  1. Really enjoyed episode 1! Unsurprisingly I agreed with a lot of @*Wallace's first thoughts here. Fallon and Felisha were frustrating in this episode and I found it to be real weird how they acted towards the other women. Especially being that a lot of the women were big mostly in the late 90s-early 00s which honestly is not really far off of when Cherish were successful. I did check out some of the songs they'd worked on and there are a few which I really liked especially after they mentioned working on one of Tamar's records. But it was weird to me that they kinda acted as if they were above it all and they didn't need the show, when they still showed up? Aubrey's comment about them being super-successful whilst one of them was wearing a cheap bracelet from Claire's or something KILLED me Kiely's definitely A LOT and is going to be an interesting one to watch. They were so shady making her 'highlight' in the opening of the episode her 'promithes promithes' moment though Although I do like that she can see the joke in all that now and laugh about it. But yeah it was super weird to see her want to be Creative Director. After watching it I can see both sides. If she didn't feel comfortable performing and genuinely just wanted to help, then I think it can still be good to have her on board. But I can see why some people felt a certain type of way about her taking that role when she's not on a different level to the other women. Early on I am really liking Shamari who I am excited to see more of. I didn't really see her when she was on RHOA so I don't know what to expect quite yet, but I like what she's brought so far and I really liked Blaque back in the day. I do wonder if she'll also talk about the loss of Natina Reed, like she mentioned with Left Eye. Omggg Nivea was having some great facial expressions/moments in all the drama too. Not sure quite yet what to think of the ladies from 702. I had no idea that Irish had a twin sister also in that group though who passed away, which was really sad to hear Aubrey of course is just always there to make good TV and I have no doubt she'll be doing the same here. I thought the idea of splitting the group up two-ways was quite a smart one, when there were very drastic differences in what all the women wanted to pursue.
  2. I saw her father did an interview with Entertainment Tonight. It was difficult to watch but also good to hear that her family are beginning to process it all a little better.
  3. Anita Antoinette Ashley De La Rosa Kyla Jade Lilli Passero Mathai Mia Z Sa'Rayah Toneisha Harris JChosen (season 12, WC) Tamar Davis (season 10, WC)
  4. I’m watching right now! Excited to be all caught up soon! Thank you @istersay for posting the link!
  5. This was a real difficult decision and @Crisis and I went back and forth on a couple of choices for a little while, but in the end have decided on advancing: Brooke White - "Love is a Battlefield" And we are cutting: David Cook - "I'm Alive" Michael Johns - "Across the Universe"
  6. Oops I've cleared my inbox now so we should be all good!
  7. I will hold out a bit on my wildcards until my next picks, and in the meantime pick the following: Ali Caldwell Amanda Brown Amy Vachal Chris Blue India Carney Judith Hill Kennedy Holmes Kimberly Nichole Koryn Hawthorne Sasha Allen
  8. I'll try and catch up soon and get my picks in shortly!
  9. Honestly now I kinda want it in the endgame so I can write one anyway!
  10. The way my dislike for "ME!" is so strong that I just willingly ignore rules!
  11. Miley was such a good coach, love how she clearly would be super invested A nice change from the criticism I feel like the show gets a lot where it mostly can revolve around the coaches and their relationships with each other. Not that this show has really made many 'stars' but was clear that Miley maintained really good relationships with her teams
  12. I added him as a bonus pick on mine.
  13. Sent! It was hard when I couldn't include Morgan Wallen in my least favorite contestants but consider it an honorary mention.
  14. Can't believe I forgot about SandyRedd considering it's one of the only blind auditions I probably still go back to watch. Iconic! Robbed! My three favorites went back-to-back in that season I think (Kimberly being one of them )
  15. I did like him from what I remember, I think My memory fades in the more recent seasons just because I usually stop following when the ones I'm rooting for get eliminated like, as soon as there is any vote But I'm hopingg I have an ok enough memory.
  16. This is already a struggle to list my 5 least favorite contestants when I know none of their names, only that they were (mostly) male country singers who lasted too long
  17. Me hovering over the application form
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