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  1. Omgod take care of yourself, mine was pretty brutal with head and body aches but I hope it’s easier for you
  2. I did not hate season 16 as much as a lot of you. No one else was robbed just Gino.
  3. I was hoping it would inspire others to choose the other superior GG how
  4. I’ll do one of the many superior GG shows - Gilmore Girls
  5. Gino Cosculluela Oh Gino, my favorite from season 16 of SYTYCDUS! I actually had no idea he was on Dance Moms until I just looked him up for pictures and such lol. Hilarious. That boy def grew up UNF Gino was a contemporary dancer who finished in 3rd place on his season of SYTYCD although I would have been perfectly happy if he had won since I was obviously rooting for him. He could not compete against Bailey's superfans though. Gino is 21 now I see so hallelujah! Age appropriate! Except I am married Anyways, his jazz with Sophie was super sexy, I appreciated that Gino danced shirtless almost every week. He knew how to cater to his fans Such an adorable tease. Anyways, I am always hot and bothered when I see that Ray Leeper dance. And their dance together to the Dear Evan Hansen song, which is my favorite musical, and You Will Be Found is actually my favorite song from the musical and I have imagined contemporary dances to this song, so this routine was an absolute dream come true. Absolutely stunning. One other routine that I really loved from Gino was with the top 3 guys. They slayed this along with the choreographer. Such a treat to watch, it was a gorgeous routine. The concept was a bit to religious for me but it was quite a visual masterpiece. Anyways, Gino is a gem, should have been the winner of Season 16, and was unjustly robbed in this rankdown while I had COVID. I was weak and sick at the time, but this will not be forgotten. Gino is a treasure, and congrats to him for being sensational.
  6. Kimora Amour Kimoura Amour is the drag queen personality of Justin, a performer on the second season of Rupaul's Drag Race Canada. Unfortunately for her, I did not watch this season yet, so she is getting cut because she was matched against hot mess express Kyne!!! Unfortunately there is not much a synopsis of Kimour on the drag wiki, but she finished in sixth place. She won 0 maxi challenges and 0 mini challenges. Ooof. That must have been difficult. However, she only was in the bottom once where she was eliminated. Which is probably both a good and bad thing. Congrats to her on making it this far though, seems like it is a pretty good placement for her. Save Kyne Madame Laqueer I vaguely remember this crazy person, she reminds me of Mimi Imfurst for some reason lol. She is from Puerto Rico and was on season 4. She was an early boot in 10th place, so quite impressive she has made it so far. She mostly just lost because I am superficial and the other queen was prettier. Despite Madame's short run on the show, she won a maxi challenge and mini challenge and clearly has a big personality so congrats to her on that. I do not have much more to say about Madame, but congrats to her and her fans on making it here. Save Alisa Summers
  7. Alisa Summers vs. Madame LaQueer Kyne vs. Kimora Amour
  8. Stéphanie Evenepoel (NL4) I honestly do not remember Stephanie at all. She was on the Dutch season 4. She was partnered with a good looking guy that I do not quite remember either from above. Anyways, she must have made it this far because she has some great fans who got her here and maybe mixed with not being a big threat in the grand scheme of things. I unfortunately have been sick but honestly would not have been bothered to save or cut her so glad you guys made this decision for me. George Lawrence Jr George is a handsome dude who has been on the block quite a few times and seemed to be a cat with nine lives. I do not remember much about his dancing but congrats to his fans and him for getting this far. I would not say he is someone that I connected with unfortunately, which is why I am cutting him here, but I do not dislike him, which is probably a lot of what others feel about him which is why he has been able to avoid being eliminated. But kudos to him because this placement is quite impressive. He has outlasted many noteworthy dancers. Klaudia Antos lol one of the worst things about being sick is not being able to avoid having to do writeups on these basic international female dancers that I obviously do not know or remember. She is pretty I guess so congrats to her on that. I am not sure anyone cares too much about her, but sorry I am not able to write more about her. I am not sure I have seen her season, but if I have, I have zero recollection of her unfortunately. It is a bit hard to connect with the show and dancers from the international seasons even with subtitles because the personality does not quite come through as much, so apologies to these international dancers that I probably am not able to give justice to.
  9. Crying at so many beautiful, talented men being nominated Save Kuba Cut George
  10. Week 1: Jeana Week 2: Raina Week 3: Raina Week 4: Raina Week 5: Raina Week 6: Raina Week 7: Raina Week 8: Jeana Week 9: Raina Week 10: Jeana Week 11: Raina Week 12.1: Raina Week 12.2: Raina Winner Pick: Raina
  11. Save Demi Cut Klaudia @FrogLenzen I am hoping to feel better by this weekend and will catch up on everything
  12. Yeah chris is just being nice to me BC I’ve been quite sick and still am for the other matchup, I don’t have any preference, you are welcome to save the one you prefer chrissy
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