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  1. I have nowhere else to post this, but I have been rewatching Season 28 and never appreciated Dana the first time as much as I do now. She legit just makes me die laughing especially when she makes sarcastic and petty comments to Matt. Tens across the board especially as the race goes on.
  2. How many people here are TAR fans? I don't really want to do a rankdown with others, but I kind of just want to create a rankdown with just myself so one else can ruin it so more of a list of all my favorite and least favorite teams. And people will have to guess which teams will show up next, kind of like the lists us old-schoolers used to do for SYTYCD if anyone even remembers those here, definitely Old Man @*Wallace at least
  3. LMAO my female rankings probably would have changed a bit My top males probably would have been similar because I have a libido and it usually dictates who my faves are Now it makes so much more sense that Tim Urban was so high LMAO I was like these rankers are such hoz just like I am for hot guys but you guys were actually ranking based on looks If we are talking about looks, I think out of the final 4, probably Francisco should take it, but rooting for Kris to win, although I would be really happy with either C-Rich should a million percent be above Michael Johns t
  4. JC

    The Glee Rankdown

    Advance don’t stop believin to save it from any petty cuts!
  5. Yup cut away! Team Producer Arissa Hill Aviv Melmed Jemmye Carroll LaToya Jackson @Alex95 @*Wallace @QueenKalie @Deeee @1234567890 first three get to make the cuts!
  6. Wait lmao we’re ranking based on attractiveness??? OOPS I totes missed that LMAO. I wondered why Crisis was making all these superficial comments I take back all my dramatic comments now lmao I can see why people ranked the way they did now, my rankings were def not based on looks lmao although I think on the guys side my faves happen to be the hottest men so it just happens to work out lolol
  7. Lol this seems very untrue as you ranked Carrie 3rd and Kelly 20th. Let’s not pretend we’re not all biased.
  8. I can’t stand Carrie due to her overratedness, but also she’s objectively the last female I would rank out of the 35. Perhaps it’s partially because I can’t stand female country voices. Like if we go country, I only love the males like Luke and Sam and Dan+Shay. Not a respect kind of thing, I just don’t enjoy her at all. She robbed kween Vonzell but that’s just a very long time ago, so meh. But yeah honestly don’t see her as even close to the level of Kelly who is much more versatile and broadly talented. Don’t dislike Carrie personally as she’s a decent person, she just is far from my cup of
  9. Janelle is saved! final matchup: Team Dee Jessica McCain Georgia Harrison Britni Thornton Naomi Defensor Team Producer Arissa Hill Aviv Melmed Jemmye Carroll LaToya Jackson please vote @*Wallace @Alex95 @QueenKalie
  10. @Deeee please tag me when it's time for Shakira because my hips don't lie
  11. 1. Janelle 2. Kaysar 3. Bayleigh 4. Cody 5. Ian 6. Keesha 7. Kevin 8. Enzo 9. Davonne 10. Memphis 11. Nicole A 12. Tyler 13. Dani 14. David 15. Kwanzaa 16. Snacole
  12. Kween Kelly! Faves are Haley and Kelly from BK, Vonzell from Purple Team, and Francisco from Red Team, so my faves are spread out across all three lol
  13. JC

    The Glee Rankdown

    Cutting Good Vibrations because Finn should never rap.
  14. Haley robbed too was hoping she’d pull it out after Kween Kelly was robbed ugh I struggle with Katharine too which is why I put her lower even though she would normally be #2 for me. however since her name should be Karen, I bumped her down but couldn’t justify bumping her down too much. I don’t even know who else is part of the top 4 but kat is prob my highest ranked out of them now that Kelly and Haley have shown up
  15. Oops forgot to rank last episode! week 3 thoughts: 1. Michelle and Victoria - Omgod they were a hot mess and making me pull my hair out with all the mistakes they were making. Thank the lord two other teams got uturned. Spending 34 minutes trying to find a clue that was right next to a basket next to the uturn board was in hindsight hilarity if it didn’t stress out me out so much. The Cajun Asians better work, my husband and I are worried they won’t be able to make it much further but hope they surprise us. 2. Alana and Leo - can’t wait for them to go off on the annoying gays
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