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  1. I understand that they don't sit well with you but as I mentioned certain things did not sit well with me either, so I had to get it off my chest. You can hate me for it if you want, but I can only tell you that that is how I felt about certain things that happened in the rankdown. I also do think it's great that you hosted and pushed the rankdown to completion, but the rankers also came back after a three month hiatus as well to push it to completion. I was trying to diffuse this, but if you want to continue this privately, my PMs are open.
  2. To be fair to you, I do not think you are like consciously doing it. I think if there's any bias, it's all subconscious because you hate my opinions (which is totally ok, most people do). Def do not want you to feel bad and affect the rest of your IDF experience, I was annoyed for a moment and now I am over it and I apologize for being a drama queen (per usual). One hour I usually am on only once a day! I don't think all of us are on IDF 24/7.
  3. Ugh stupid me for missing the deadline saving Craig derosa before I run out of time oh and Shane collard and Kevin myrlea so many names popping out as dancers I want to save lol ill save my last for later
  4. It’s not just this just in general all the things that added up in the rankdown, I just haven’t said anything because I didn’t have the energy and I keep reminding myself it’s just a game like how people would miss deadlines and I was the only one who would get strikes when I did. And not just when people asked for extensions. or how the timing of the last two rounds was not spelled out like in other rankdowns to ensure we would all be ready at that time, you actually do a great job of this in your rankdowns. It really needed to be if you want those twists to work in an organic manner it all just seemed suspect altogether. Perhaps it was all a coincidence but can’t help how I feel on that. sorry everyone is so bothered. I was annoyed but it’s not that big of a deal it is just a game.
  5. Meghan and Cheyne Ugh FML for having a life during the weekend. Meghan and Cheyne were the super cute blond couple with barbie and ken vibes. I didn't mind them, they are not among my favorite winners because they were a bit obvious and I believe they dominated with an amazing number of winning legs, so not exactly fun to root for. I also think Cheyne could be a bit obnoxious at times because he was a bit too cocky. Usually I like the cock, but Cheyne was not really my type even though I usually like blonds, so his cockiness just did not sit well. Meghan was a more likable. Anyways they are a fierce All-American team so I am sure middle America loved them. Against Dan & Jordan, this was just a no-brainer as I have to save my gay bro-straight bro duo as they remind me of how my brother and I would be on the race. Except my brother is not as uncomfortable with the gay thing as Dan was. Also, did their parents really name them Dan and JorDAN? lolol I just noticed that. Anyways congrats to Meghan and Cheyne for making it this far! Anyways this round I pretty much lost all my faves left so I get to cut whoever I want in the final round! Spoiler everyone knows who it will be If they can make it past this next round. Save Dan & Jordan
  6. I’d rather big d win over Xavier so get cut X out at 3!!!
  7. Rooting for azah big d final 2 as well with azah win!!! id be livid if Xavier ended up winning
  8. my first choice will be… Bram Blankestijn!
  9. Thanks Steven for a fun rankdown! Again apologies for my terrible time management skills but this was a fabulous idea and I really did enjoy and love it!
  10. Ugh I should have bussed bmw more. I knew it wasn’t enough hates.
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