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  1. She was so robbed in both seasons I think she would’ve (definitely should’ve) beaten both Ivette and Maggie too. Unless the friendsheep voted bitterly which is quite possible I guess because they sucked.
  2. I voted for season 2 before the deadline hopefully you saw it! I will send my PM votes later tonight! Great shows!
  3. CYCLE IX: FRESH MEAT Cycle IX honors the twelfth season of The Challenge! This is where the numbers no longer match because I am not about sequels like BOTS II, Inferno II, and Gauntlet II. For this cycle, we will have some Fresh Meat control the game now aka our audience members / the public non-rankers. They will not only be choosing 20 members for nomination, but they will also have the power to bring back 2 players into the game. Rankers will save/cut twice once the public nominations are revealed, but must finish their first save/cut write-up before they start their second. For our Fresh Meat, please PM me your RANKED top TEN challengers that you would like to be put up for nomination. You will be giving them points from 10-1 with 10 points being given to the competitor you would MOST like nominated. The 20 challengers with the most points will be put up for nomination. YOU CANNOT NOMINATE THE THREE SURVIVORS FROM THE INFERNO BELOW. Lucky Inferno survivors immune from FRESH MEAT nominations: Yes DuffyVictor ArroyoAshley Mitchell Additionally, Fresh Meat, please PM me your RANKED top THREE eliminated challengers that you would like to BRING BACK to the game! Please rank them 3-1 with 3 points given to the competitor you would MOST like to BRING BACK! The 2 challengers with the most points will be brought back from the dead into the competition and will be immune for the next TWO cycles. ALL ELIMINATED AND REMAINING CONTESTANTS CAN BE FOUND IN THE SECOND AND THIRD POSTS OF THIS THREAD ON THE FIRST PAGE. PLEASE REACH OUT IF YOU HAVE ANY TROUBLE FINDING THIS INFORMATION! I am tagging the rankers that I remember posting in this thread, but I may have missed some, so please tag or spread the word to any other public members that may be interested in sending me their rankings! To all the FRESH MEAT, please PM your rankings! I will give the FRESH MEAT a couple days to submit their rankings, so they have until Monday, August 10 at 10pm EDT to PM their rankings. This will also likely be the time that I post the nominations for our rankers as you guys are all night owls thankfully Please reach out if you have any questions! @*Lily @Zoey @*Chris @Steven_ @Elliott @DScott @Solaris @Zoey It's your time to shine! Rankers you get a break for now so enjoy it! Unless you want to campaign to your friends @1234567890 @Alex95 @Deeee @QueenKalie @*Wallace
  4. Monica Culepper Monica is the wife of Brad I believe a former NFL football player so she was probably former head cheerleader or something like that. Anyways I know she had decent runs on her multiple? seasons but I feel like she just got on the show for having a famous husband so it is okay for her to leave here. I actually do not mind Monica but then I do not mind a lot of people so meh sorry Monica! Alright I feel like I am short 100 words so let’s see what I can dig up on Wikipedia. Monica was on both survivor one world and survivor blood vs water. Her last name is frakes which sounds a lot like flakes which is a bunch of lolz. So she did terrible on one world and then she was runner up on blood vs water which I completely forgot but that means she played a pretty good game but I remember hating Brad and still do so whatever bye Monica! save John
  5. I’m obsessed with Janelle but I have to agree with both of these
  6. It’s funny I don’t know if I would still be as big of a fan of his today but back then I was all about the oldies broadway and pop diva flavahs His voice is just so beautiful and effortless
  7. UGH CLAY WAS ROBBED! Glad Trenyce made it through though I also voted for Adam and Tamyra but regretting it if it kept Clay out
  8. Voted for four of them. Only two really are my faves to make it through, so many robbed contestants
  9. Chrissy Hofbeck Cirie Fields Danni Boatwright Francesca Hogi Jenn Lyon Kim Spradlin Lauren O'Connell Natalie Bolton Natalie White Noura Salman Sabrina Thompson Susan Hawk Tina Wesson Tony Vlachos
  10. I can't even remember which songs were the ones I advanced since all the songs others advanced were also on my shortlist...let's see...I will give superimmunity to... I heart this song so much
  11. Alright I need to go to sleep so just gonna send through this song even though I really wanted to advance This Is What You Came For too #hopefullythereareotheredmhoz
  12. Gots to get this one through
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