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  1. LOL it's funny to think of her as a new schooler since she's been on the show for SO LONG, but I guess when you think about the fact that we're on 35 seasons, that actually does make sense.
  2. I'M SORRY but to be clear, I just chose random gifs that I liked from The Challenge. These are not your representatives! I REPEAT THESE ARE NOT YOUR REPRESENTATIVES! The only one I actually connected to the ranker is Dee because of her name. If anything, you should read the color coded blurb that I personalized for all of you
  4. THE RADIOACTIVE RANKERS DEE @Deeee QK @QueenKalie ALEX @Alex95 WALLY @*Wallace VICTORIA @1234567890 Who will ensure their favorite becomes REALITY ROYALTY and become our rankdown CHALLENGE CHAMPION? WILL IT BE... @Deeee, the sassy veteran with the perfect resume and perpetual desire for blood? @QueenKalie, Dee's Challenge veteran rival who is ALWAYS ready for a verbal AND physical smackdown? @Alex95, a popular reality juggernaut who will not hesitate to cut these veterans down to size and sweet talk you into submission? @*Wallace, the rookie of the bunch, but the IDF king and sweetest betch you will ever meet? But watch out, what if he "accidentally" stabs you in the back? @1234567890, gif and rankdown queen who could be your best friend and closest ally, unless she decides you deserve a lashing? Hella excited for these five fabulous rankers. They are now inducted into The Challenge Hall of Ranker Royalty! I am excited for this ALL-STAR cast of rankers to THROW IT DOWN in this rankdown. Based on this casting, I am expecting some Challenge fireworks for sure. Tomorrow, I will reveal CYCLE I: ALL-STARS!
  5. King Francisco, I wish we were able to get the normal format. I feel he could have won if the west coast had been able to vote. looking forward to his music in the future though, he’s definitely the most exciting to me
  6. I’ll reveal the rankers tonight and post the first cycle!
  7. but also if it’s dalton otherwise I don’t care that much as long as hokey goes home again ASAP #christianrockisnotathing
  8. The CutKelvins Fleur East Jay James - Tom, Wallace Hannah Barrett - Elliott, JC Dean Ray - Sola, Wallace Danyl Johnson - Sola, Tom, Elliott, JC
  9. Ew, do not bring back Gohomekey, he's almost as bad as Dewheeze
  10. ACACIA & AALIYAH I love their style and their looks. They look cool and hip and fun. I actually did not watch their season, so I went to youtube to do some research. I feel like they are both separately very talented, and Simon put them together hoping to make them the next Destiny's Child LOL, but they both are trying to be Beyonce and falling short. I know neither wants to be Kelly and definitely not Michelle, but a group does not work that way. Their performance of Survivor was just messy and even though you can tell they have good voices and talent, it was not working. Now, they clearly did very well getting to fourth place, so that is amazing and they should be very proud. But perhaps they should not go forward as a duo.
  11. JADE ELLIS Sorry girl, I really did not enjoy your voice. I found her voice grating and her rendition of Hero was really awful in my opinion. I feel like she looks like a pop star as our favorite man Louis would say, but the voice did not match. Anyways, she finished in 10th place on the 9th series of UK X Factor, so she did not do very well. Mostly because everyone probably found her voice as annoying as I did. That kind of tone only works for Amy Winehouse and The Nanny. Other people should not try it because no one will want to hear it. Even Amy Winehouse only got it to work because people found it hilarious since she was always drunk. Like it is not an aesthetic voice to listen to, Amy's songs only worked when there was a catchy chorus. Anyways, I think that's 100 words. Bye Jade, cool name!
  12. ERICA DUROUSSEAU Girl, I can not spell your last name, I apologize if I spelled incorrectly, but your parents were terrible making you have a name like that. I would find it so annoying to have to write it out every day at school since not only is it hard to spell, but also so fricking long. And none of your teachers can pronounce it. Anyways, along with Liliana, I also can not remember you very much. I think I kind of remember you being controversial and fighting with people, but I am not even sure that happened. Looks like you were voted out second, so congrats on lasting longer than Liliana this time! And looks like based on Survivor wiki, you had some outbursts, so yay, that means you were entertaining! But I still can not remember you well because you were voted out so early. Sorry girl, bye! Save Mike Chiesl
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