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  1. Shamir & Sara Sara was gorgeous and super sweet and very likable. It was hilarious that she was paired with legit the most aggressive, unpredictable guy of that season (even more so than the raging tyrant Redmond). Honestly Brooke and Shamir would have been the most amazing trainwreck pairing, and honestly if they were together, I probably would have found them so entertaining that I would enjoy them. I seriously think that Shamir was probably on steroids and that was causing his anger management issues. He is a good looking guy, but that personality just drops him below anyone i
  2. Kellie & Jamie I am going to continue eliminating teams I do not remember, I actually did not remember the all female team below this either but literally just chose who came first on the list They finished in 10th and completed two legs. They were a team of cheerleaders from the south, yawn. I am not into it. Neither the south, nor the cheerleaders. Unless you are on Bring It On or Glee, I legit do not care. They look like they were probably annoying but again I can not remember, perhaps they were great little Santana Lopezes, but IDK, they did not stick out obviou
  3. Ugh I still have 14 picks on my shortlist. Alright, I guess I'll just hope Victoria and Wally advance the rest of the songs on my shortlist Suggestions for @1234567890 and @*Wallace - also you can have one of mine above Victoria for penultimate if you want! Top picks “Hey, Soul Sister” “What Kind of Fool” “I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance With You” Additional suggestions “Broadway Baby” “Perfect” “Story of My Life” “Best Day of My Life” “Somebody Love
  4. Oh this sounds interesting! But I would prob be more interested in seeing the reboot NY cast with Coral and Miz
  5. Chester & Ephraim I legit do not remember these guys at all lol. They were on the race? They were not even like a first team eliminated and lasted three legs. And even won one. Wtheck at me not remembering them at all. So hilarious. And apparently they were on Season 23, which is not like one of the early seasons. My memory is going in my old age. Anyways, they were an early boot, so not much of a loss here and they are a stereotypical professional athlete team that looks like they would do well. However, unfortunately for them, they did not. Looks like they were st
  6. LOL at me going through legit EVERY Vonzell performance LMAO when there are only 5 left. Anyways: To penultimate if Chain Of Fools is not released: Vonzell Solomon "Respect" To next round (FEEL FREE TO TAKE THESE FOR PENULTIMATE IF YOU WANT!): Vonzell Solomon "If I Ain't Got You" Vonzell Solomon "Heat Wave" Vonzell Solomon "Anyone Who Had A Heart" Vonzell Solomon "I Turn To You" Idk what will be my last choice, have to think about it... @FrogLenzen I would advance "Chain Of Fools" to penultimate if you want to release it!
  7. Queen Ika Definitely deserving of the top spot Canadian LEGEND I would have been perfectly happy if Ika had won, this top 3 is EPIC! Loving the blondlicious queens in the top 2! I heart Britney and Janelle both SO MUCH! I actually think it would be cool to see Britney win since she just missed out the previous two times, but obvs would be elated with a Janelle win as well!
  8. Oh IDK what this is. I'm watching All Stars right now and obsessed that so many of them look OLD and Beth looks exactly the same QUEEN!
  9. There are still 24 songs on my shortlist If the sisters would just choose their penultimate I could start making some choices @goofycilla90 @1234567890 I am going to move on this one because I don't think it will be a penultimate choice, but let me know if anyone wants it for that, I'll happily give it up:
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