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  1. I knew Archie was gay already but also knew his background was keeping him from being out and proud. So happy that he finally took this step in his journey but seriously now anyone who proposes to cut an Archie song will be deemed a homophobe
  2. Happy bday Alex! Hope it’s fabulosity!
  3. 1. Eugena 2. Isis 3. Amanda 4. Catherine 5. Chantelle 6. Fatima 7. Furonda 8. Elyse
  4. 1) Move on two songs and keep them safe until the third to last round Welcome To New York Sparks Fly I always marvel at how many songs I like by Taylor Swift because she's not my usual type of artist, anyways so many choices, this was so difficult
  5. Wifey giving me a heart attack confusing the timelines lol David Hernandez "It's All Coming Back To Me Now" David Archuleta "And So It Goes" David Archuleta "Longer" Ramiele Malubay "Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now)"
  6. I still owe write ups too but I didn’t want to do them until it was for sure that this would continue
  7. Omgod I feel like I need a list to see if I’m qualified because I’m super young
  8. Thank the lord IDF didn't get shut down for another year
  9. Sign me up for all of them, I'll watch the crappy recent seasons just so I can shade people
  10. Is it bad that I find the guy in the middle attractive? Is he half my age?
  11. As if me asking you to create this and reminding you once a month until you posted is not enough
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