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Weekly Rank the Houseguests: BB22


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2 minutes ago, 1234567890 said:

I mean you would be breaking the rules because it says no strategic rankings but...

12. Janelle - Her fans are back to bothering me so it’s affecting my increasing ever week enjoyment of her.



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3 minutes ago, *Wallace said:

I think it's actually pretty much a miracle seeing Elliott put Janelle 8th considering his earlier thoughts on her this season. He's slowly coming around at least. :haha: 

Wally giving me praise. :wub: Our rankings are also pretty much based entirely off what the episode shows minus the few tidbits we find out here and there that were in the live feed. We’re binging old seasons (and you still haven’t commented in our thread 😘) so we don’t have time for the live feeds. :haha:

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3 minutes ago, Elliott said:

Wally giving me praise. :wub: Our rankings are also pretty much based entirely off what the episode shows minus the few tidbits we find out here and there that were in the live feed. We’re binging old seasons (and you still haven’t commented in our thread 😘) so we don’t have time for the live feeds. :haha:

Lmaoo you're welcome. :giggle: I did expect lower so I came in with #lowstandards. :haha: Yeah my rankings are based on what i see on the episodes too as I barely keep up to date with live feeds too. Lol I hope to lurk in your thread sometime soon. :haha: 

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16 rankings this week!


Week 2:

1. Janelle Pierzina (=) - 2.3

2. Kaysar Ridha (=) - 3.4

3. Bayleigh Dayton (+3) - 4.7

4. Da'Vonne Rogers (=) - 5.1

5. Ian Terry (=) - 5.6

6. Enzo Palumbo (+7) - 7.6

7. Memphis Garrett (+4) - 7.8

8. Dani Briones (=) - 8.6

9. Tyler Crispen (+1) - 9.0

10. Nicole Anthony (-3) - 9.3

11. Cody Calafiore (+1) - 9.4

12. David Alexander (+3) - 10.6

13. Christmas Abbott (+1) - 11.3

14. Kevin Campbell (-5) - 11.8

15. Nicole Franzel (+1) - 13.4


Week 3 ranking will go until Saturday, August 29th at 8 pm (48 hours after the eviction)

-Please no "strategic ranking" (this isn't a game, no need to rank a popular contestant you like low just because you wanna see someone you like more rank higher overall)

-Please don't edit your posts. I like adding up the rankings as I get them. If you feel you have to change something, just rank again and let me know that you're ranking again. I'll use everyone's final rankings in the tally at the end of the week.

-Please include the remaining 14 houseguests, including the houseguest evicted the past week, in your rankings

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1. Janelle - An actual legend and Queen. All newbies please kindly take a bow. :kissbye:

2. Kaysar - Another legend. And he's such a sweetheart. This season doesn't deserve him and Janelle.

3. Da'vonne - I'm slowly accepting that Da'vonne is always going to be messy at this game. However, I hope that the best is yet to come.

4. Ian - I lowkey hope he can be the first two-times winner.

5. Bayleigh - She is growing on me.

6. Dani - Once she detaches herself from this annoying majority alliance, I will probably start rooting for her.

7. Nicole A - Her last week in the house has been really bad. But I still genuinely think she is a sweetheart and I felt bad for her when she was evicted.

8. Memphis - Thanks for not going after Jaysar the week he was HoH, I guess. But he's not likeable at all.

9. David - He's just there for me.

10. Enzo - Still confused by his vote against David. If he can go against his own alliance, I will support him.

11. Christmas - Bonus point for randomly saving Ian. Other than that, she reminds me why I couldn't stand her on BB19.

12. Tyler - Not a fan.

13. Kevin - What a waste of space. And to think they kept him over Queen Keesha, still blows my mind.

14.  Nicole F - Whiny whiny, snitchy snitchy, ratty ratty, and we don't play like that. #TeamJanelle

15.  Cody - Utterly boring and constantly keeps ruining this season.

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1. Janelle duh

2. Kaysar duh

3. Cody - I still like him because he's doing well with gameplay and putting himself in a great position, but obvs him being hot helps him in my book.

4. Bayleigh - Gosh I wish she could have done more to help Janelle, but after Janelle leaves, I am rooting hard for her and Kaysar to take a shot at the other side of the house who is in power (Nicole F, Dani, Cody, Tyler)

5. Tyler - I'm just rooting for him because I chose him in my draft but I am against him in the house.

6. Memphis - He actually did a great job week 2 for his game even though no one trusts him but no one is going after him either but I am not happy with him because he screwed Jaysar over.

7. Enzo - he's just whatever, floating well in the house not on anyone's radar

8. Ian - for such a big target, he's playing a great game even though I hate that he's close to Frankenstein

9. Christmas - floating through again, but in a great position

10. Kevin - ugh he's going to float by to the end again and be annoying all the way there

11. Davonne - girl, I really wanted to love you but you are horrible at playing this game.

12. Daniele - I still can't stand her, you will never even be close to the queen, in fact the only good thing about this season is that a lot of your fans see how terrible you are

13. David - You really should have just stayed gone. I think you might be the dumbest and most incoherent player that has ever played BB.

9138792057909809814. Nicole F - Still absolute trash. Can't even stand for her to breathe.


I'm losing my #1 draft pick this week. RIP Janelle QUEEN FOREVER OF BIG BROTHER ❤️ 


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Week 3:

1. Janelle (=) - The Queen.

2. Kaysar (=) - The King.

3. Da'Vonne (=) - She is doing The Most, but is keeping me so entertaining and interested in this really slow start to the show.

4. Bayleigh (=) - I absolutely LOVE her right now. She is so good and I'm really gonna be livid if these evils take her out.

5. David (+1) - Every season needs sh*tty players that shake the game up. This season has David.

6. Dani (+3) - Dani is forever That Bitch, love her or hate her. Her segment on the Wed show is what I need out of all my villains.

7. Enzo (=) - I still like him.

8. Ian (-3) - He's losing me a bit, but he can easily win me over.

9. Kevin (+2) - It's gonna take a lot for me drop Kevin :broken:. He's such an important houseguest for me as pretty much the only BB gay I've ever stanned and I'm still a little shocked what's happened to him..........but I do have hope still!

10. Tyler (+4) - Tyler's such an ass when the most minor thing doesn't go his way. But I hope he does his best to look out for BayDay.

11. Christmas (+2) - I enjoyed her punishment segment I guess.

12. Memphis (-2) - Now that he's not protecting Janelle and Kaysar I'm over him.

13. Nicole (-3) - As much ironic appreciation I try to have for her, nothing she did this week was It.

14. Cody (+1) - Never.

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1. Queen Janelle - A legend who showed why she will always be the Queen of Big Brother. She deserved better.

2. King Kaysar - Another legend. Please avenge Janelle, king.

3. Bayleigh - I love her friendship with Janelle and her trying to keep Janelle around.

4. Da’Vonne - Not good at the game, but never fails to be good entertainment, which is much needed this season.

5. Enzo - I...don’t hate him? 
6. Ian - There’s moments I like him and moments that I don’t.

7. Memphis - It’s disappointing that he screwed over Jaysar, I just hate everyone below him more.

8. David - One of the worst gameplayers ever. How was he allowed on this season?

9. Dani - You will never take Janelle’s crown. Keep being jealous.

10. Tyler - I’ve never liked him and his decisions this season just reaffirm that.

11. Kevin - Delusional.

12. Christmas - The star baby punishment was hilarious, but other than that? Meh.

13. Cody - Continues to show that he’s not good at this game without Derrick carrying him through it.

14. Nicole F - Can’t stand her and her need to paint herself as the innocent victim all the time. It’s extremely annoying.

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1. Cody

2. Da’Vonne

3. Bayleigh

4. Enzo

5. Dani

6. Ian

7. Janelle

8. Tyler

9. Kaysar

10. Kevin

11. Memphis

12. David

13. Christmas 

14. Nicole

Janelle moved up in my list because her hatred for Nicole knows no bounds :dead: I’ll be interested to see how my feelings for her change once Elliott and I watch her previous seasons.

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01. Janelle Pierzina

02. Kaysar Ridha

03. Bayleigh Dayton

04. Enzo Palumbo

05. Ian Terry

06. Cody Calafiore

07. Kevin Campbell

08. Da’Vonne Rogers

09. Tyler Crispen

10. Christmas Abbott

11. Dani Briones

12. Memphis Garrett

13. Nicole Franzel

14. David Alexander



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01. Cody Calafiore - Hottie.

02. Da’Vonne Rogers - Hilarious queen of confessionals.

03. Ian Terry - Must be protected at all costs.

04. Bayleigh Dalton - I’m worried she’s going to get targeted next.

05. Kaysar Ridha - I’m liking him.

06. Janelle Pierzna - Her lack of caring for Nicole’s comments. ❤️

07. Memphis Garrett - Meh.

08. Enzo Palumbo - Meh.

09. Christmas Abbott - Meh.

10. Dani Briones - Meh.

11. Kevin Campbell - Annoying.

12. Tyler Crispin - Annoying.

13. David Alexander - ???? why are you here

14. Nicole Franzel - You shouldn’t play the victim. It doesn’t suit you. 🙂

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