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  1. Well deserved! Kris was my second favourite after Megan so I am super happy with the results. I do wish my favorite Adam performance would have made it through the end though, since I only really loved Mad World of his that was in this Top 20.
  2. Don’t hate him at all - just preferred other contestants over him.
  3. I am fine with 3 days or so. Lately, I’ve been away, here and there, for a few days with limited access to internet / computer. And I’ll be getting busier in the coming weeks with work, but I can generally make it work within three days.
  4. Tiffany (=) : My queen. Kyland (=) : My king. Claire (+1) : Also a queen. Derek X (+6) : We stan Derek X. Sarah Beth (+8) : I am enjoying her, and I am loving her x Kyland relationship Hannah (=) : I like her and enjoying how UTR she is Azah (-4) : Alex said it best with regard to Azah. Xavier (-1) : I like him well enough. Whitney (-4) : Wanting more from her. Christian (+4) : Fine. Alyssa (-2) : Fine. Britini (=) : Not a terrible player but just not connecting her. Frenchie (+2) : Thank god that he's gone, but he gave us some entertainment. Brent (-6) : Can't wait for him to leave some time soon. He was getting on my nerves, this week. Derek F (-4) : Biggest disappointment.
  5. Out of the nominated series, I have a feeling that this series might be the one getting less of a reaction from the rankers - I actually struggled which shows to cut so I landed on this one. This series was, obviously, a science fiction television series that was created by Gene Roddenberry and part of the Start Trek franchise - a franchise that I am not that fond of, it's just not my kind of show. However, I do know that this series was very well received - airing from 1987 to 1994 for 7 seasons and 178 episodes; It actually reached a total of 12 million viewers at one point and their series finale brought in a massive 30 million viewers. And this series features Patrick Stewart for his iconic role of Jean-Luc Picard - a role that he portrayed in the movies of the series as well; He became a household name because of the series. Overall, fans of the science fiction and the Star Trek series certainly would appreciate this television series but unfortunately I am not one - I've seen episodes here and there on re-run as a kid while my dad was watching it, and it never really peaked my interest. SAVING: THE WEST WING
  6. Compare to the majority of you all, I actually enjoyed the episode - I thought it was one of the better acting challenge in a long time. I haven't really shared my thoughts of the season, but I am still a fan of Jan and probably in the minority regarding that around here. Kylie Sonique Love : She's a queen and my pick as the winner. Ra'Jah : She's giving me so much life, although this week was not her week. Jan : I'll forever going to be a fan of Jan - it was her week and she nailed it. Ginger : She really been impressing me lately; I finally see what people see in her. Trinity K. Bonet : She's having a good run at it. Pandora : I love Pandora but she's invisible. A'Keria : I know her time was coming - I feel there was something that wasn't connecting this time around Eureka : I don't mind Eureka like most of the users around here, but she was the weakest of the week - both on the runway and challenge.
  7. I am fine with Xavier winning!
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