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  1. Great write-up, Denise! I used to watch it but it went downhill quickly. Plus I know the ending and it just doesn't sit well with me
  2. Shannon Elizabeth is best known for her work as a model, acting notably in American Pie & That's 70's show, and poker. And what about her dancing? That's one thing that she is not known for. She appeared on the 6th season of Dancing With The Stars where she was partnered with a baby Derek Hough - can we talk about his hair for a moment? Because his hairstyle was never cool. Anyway, back onto Shannon, her journey can be best described as Meh! I really never cared for her on the show - I just rewatched some of her routines and they were mediocre at best - she always seemed stiff during most of them. And truly, finishing in 6th place was quite generous but that season didn't really have anyone that was spectacular beside the front runners. And at this point, she's fodder so she deserves to be cut from this rankdown. SAVING: KELLIE PICKLER
  3. Probably will be the case - I have both so not an issue for me
  4. I think OutTV will still have the rights to it. Crave/OutTV signed an agreement regarding RPDR, a while back, ahead of the Canadian version.
  5. Love Kenny & Kelly too. Cameron & Kenny are def. my eye candies
  6. I am obsessed. Love Cameron & Lauren - not up to date, though
  7. Sarah Hyland because of: Red roses - they seem to think she was on bachelorette but Sarah's fiance was on bachelorette. And she had been in a terrible relationship in thepast Broadway - she's been on broadway notably in Grey garden Her parents are actors She was in the disney's version of Annie But I need more clues!
  8. Sure but you still nominated one of my all-time favourite who got cut so yeah.
  9. Excellent write-ups, everyone! Need to start working on some tribute one, myself.
  10. ^^ That's a good point. Another one that came to mind for Kitty is Sarah Hyland.
  11. All Stars to premiere on June, 5th, and it will be airing on Showtime.
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