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  1. To bring us some joy on this Friday night - this happened last night & I watched it on Rita's live and I was LIVING:
  2. Week 1: Kahlen Week 2: Kahlen Week 3: Brittany Week 4: Kahlen Week 5: Kahlen Week 6:Brittany Week 7: Kahlen Week 8: Kahlen Week 9: Brittany Week 10: Brittany Week 11.1: Kahlen Week 11.2: Kahlen Final Runway: Kahlen Winner Pick: Kahlen
  3. Overall, I really love this Top 24!
  4. I would have had a meltdown when our favourite song didn’t win!
  5. That is correct; she also identifies as non-binary & 2 spirited.
  6. Last night's episode was my least favourite, so far - the challenge was just okay. And people saying Lemon's name? lol. Anyway, I am glad Rita won even though I thought Scarlett or Jimbo would have won based on their runway looks. And the lipsync once again delivered - they both showed how much they wanted it. Overall ranking: Rita Baga (=): A front runner, and still my favourite. I'm afraid if she falls that she will fall hard since they have high expectations from her. Jimbo (=): The runway look was flawless, and she did good in the challenge. Priyanka (=): She did decent in the challenge, and the runway left me wanting more. But still a front runner. Scarlett Bobo (+1): Slow & steady may win the race; hoping that she gets a win soon. Really loved her denim jacket. Lemon (-1 I do get what the judges were referring to; the runway look was meh. Ilona Verley (+1): One of the weakest link remaining - I enjoyed her runway look as I thought it was the best she looked outside of the pastel colors. BOA (+1): I do think BOA has some plus, and she is a star in ehr own way. I wasn't connecting with her as much & her runway look was my least favourite.
  7. HIRO HAMADA First of all, "Big Hero 6" is an excellent movie but it's not one that I am extremely attached to - this is primarily the reason why I felt comfortable cutting him. With that being said, Hiro Hamada is the protagonist of the movie - I remember him being a prodigy who is living in San Fransokyo, and he is obsessed with robotics. He also has a brother known as Tadashi who passes away in the movie at the hands of a villain. Following the passing of his brother, he becomes the founder and leader of Big Hero 6 with the help of the lovable Baymax. And now that he is the founder of Big Hero 6, he is starting to become more into an hero & inspirational leader. And when it comes to his super powers, his superpower is mainly his intelligence as he can create new inventions which can be very powerful - per example, he was able to upgrade his friend into a crime-fightin vigilante where him and his friends had suits with different powers and abilities. In other words, Hiro Hamada is a super genius who plays a huge role in the Big Hero 6 franchise but unfortunately, he's not an top favourite of mine. SAVING: ERNESTO DE LA CRUZ
  8. Updated these write-ups; just need to update Disgust & my cut for this round.
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