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  1. I truly believe that you can hold him accountable for his past actions, and still being happy that he's able to accept who he is.
  2. Incredibly proud and happy for Colton to finally be able to live his truth. And very happy to hear that he is finding comfort since coming to term with his sexuality - his story is far too common and I hope it inspires more people to follow in his footsteps
  3. As a newly dated couple, Mika & Canaan competed on the 15th season of The Amazing Race where one would think they would have been a favourite to win which was not the case; In fact, they were unable to even win a leg or finish within the Top 5 during a leg. When we think of their time on The Amazing Race, we mainly remember Canaan doing the majority of tasks during the detour & roadblock. But the highlight of their time on the race, for better or worst, is the iconic water slide task where Mika was unable to do so regarding her fear of heights & water which led to anxiety; Canaan
  4. Diana, Victoria, Crisis, and myself have agreed on this performance for our final cut:
  5. Oh the choices. I'll have to think about this one, for a bit.
  6. Diana, Victoria, Crisis, and myself have agreed on these four performances - we are still working on deciding our last one.
  7. RUPAUL'S DRAG RACE - SEASON 7 ----------------------- 15. PEARL VS. MISS FAME - "I REALLY DON'T CARE" AVERAGE SCORE : 12.70 @JC - 2 @.Rei - 10 @*Wallace - 12 @Elliott - 14 @FrogLenzen - 14 @#jeah - 15 @*Chris - 15 @*Lily - 15 @Solaris - 15 @~Tom~ - 15 JC WALLY DEREK ELLIOTT ANDY ----------------------- 14. KANDY HO & TEMPEST DUJOUR - "GERONIMO" AVERAGE SCORE : 12.40
  8. Wally, you shouldn't make fun of Vicky as you missed a full round of the Kelsea round in the discography rankdown
  9. 1 Season 2 Will Kirby - 3 (Moved On) Nicole Nilson Schaffrich - 3 (Moved On) Monica Bailey - 3 (Moved On) Hardy Ames-Hill - 3 (Moved On) Season 3 Lisa Donahue - 3 (Moved On) Danielle Reyes - 3 (Moved On) Jason Guy - 3 (Moved On) Amy Crews - 3 (Moved On) Marcellas Reynolds - 3 (Moved On) Season 4 Jun Song - 3 (Moved On) Alison Irwin - 3 (Moved On) Season 5 Drew Daniel - 3 (Moved On) Diane Henry - 3 (Moved On) Jennifer “Nakomis” Dedmon - 3 (Moved On) Karen O’Neil Ganci - 3 (
  10. A newly dated couple at the time of the 25th season of The Amazing Race, Dennis & Isabelle were ready to make a splash as a super fans of the show. Unfortunately, they were unable to make a splash as they only lasted a total of 2 legs. They started off supper competitive but it didn't mean anything in the grand scheme of things as they struggled during their first leg but not as much as they struggled during their 2nd leg. They're only contribution to the race was them getting eliminated before Shelley & Nici. And they're just another example that the race is unpredictable, no matter
  11. I am going to watch it but Jason Aldean's wife, really?! #no
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