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Weekly Rank the Houseguests: BB22


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19 rankings for week one!


Week 1:

1. Janelle Pierzina (=) - 3.2

2. Kaysar Ridha (+3) - 3.7

3. Keesha Smith (=) - 4.8 (Higher than Da'Vonne 10/19 times)

4. Da'Vonne Rogers (-2) - 4.8 (Higher than Keesha 9/19 times)

5. Ian Terry (+3) - 5.3

6. Bayleigh Dayton (+4) - 7.7

7. Nicole Anthony (=) - 7.8

8. Dani Briones (-4) - 7.9

9. Kevin Campbell (-3) - 9.8

10. Tyler Crispen (+4) - 10.2

11. Memphis Garrett (-2) - 10.9

12. Cody Calafiore (-1) - 11.4

13. Enzo Palumbo (=) - 11.7

14. Christmas Abbott (+2) - 11.8

15. David Alexander (=) - 12.1

16. Nicole Franzel (-4) - 12.8


Week 2 ranking will go until Saturday, August 22nd at 8 pm (48 hours after the eviction)

-Please no "strategic ranking" (this isn't a game, no need to rank a popular contestant you like low just because you wanna see someone you like more rank higher overall)

-Please don't edit your posts. I like adding up the rankings as I get them. If you feel you have to change something, just rank again and let me know that you're ranking again. I'll use everyone's final rankings in the tally at the end of the week.

-Please include the remaining 15 houseguests in your rankings, including the houseguest evicted the past week, in your rankings

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1.  Janelle Pierzina

2.  Kaysar Ridha

3.  Bayleigh Dayton

4.  Memphis Garrett

5.  Da'Vonne Rogers

6.  Christmas Abbott

7.  Ian Terry

8.  Tyler Crispen

9.  Dani Briones

10.  Nicole Anthony

11.  Kevin Campbell

12.  Enzo Palumbo

13.  Cody Califiore

14.  Nicole Franzel

15.  David Alexander

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Week 2:

1. Janelle (+1) - A legend.

2. Kaysar (-1) - A legend.

3. Da'Vonne (+1) - Well I was waiting for Da'Vonne to bring me the entertainment and man did she deliver this week. I forgot how STRESSFUL being a Da'Vonne stan truly is.

4. Bayleigh (+6) - Outplaying all these fools. Lowkey just needs Da'Vonne gone 🙈 then she can take over the game.

5. Ian (=) - Adorable in his punishment outfit ❤️.

6. David (+9) - So bad at the game it circled back to hilarious. His campaigning to Da'Vonne was SENDING ME :dead:. This guy's not even human he's SO WEIRD!

7. Enzo (+4) - He's Fine. Weirdly playing the best game in the house so far...?

8. Memphis (+6) - I don't like him......but I don't like anyone below him either. I at least respect his "f*ck it" attitude where he made the nominations he wanted to make and not what his alliance wanted. We need more of that in the house.

9. Dani (-2) - Like I've been saying all along, she literally hasn't changed at all. This is ALWAYS who she's been. Everyone's up in arms now though because it's against our faves lol. She'll gain fans once Janelle and Kaysar are gone and she starts outwardly being a bitch to people like Tyler and Cody.

10. Nicole F (-2) - The second Nicole F owns her villainy...she's shooting up to like top three.

11. Kevin (-5) - Disappointing week 🙈. I've still got a lot of hope for him though!

12. Nicole A (-3) - What a sad storyline for this former fan favorite.

13. Christmas (-1) - The Christmas we remember from BB19 is starting to sneak through the cracks. Thanks for saving Ian though!

14. Tyler (-1) - No.

15. Cody (+1) - No.

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01. Janelle Pierzina

02. Kaysar Ridha

03. Ian Terry

04. Bayleigh Dayton

05. Memphis Garrett

06. Cody Calafiore

07. Dani Briones

08. Da’Vonne Rogers

09. Enzo Palumbo

10. Nicole Anthony

11. Tyler Crispen

12. Christmas Abbott

13. Nicole Franzel

14. David Alexander

15. Kevin Campbell

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6 minutes ago, Alex95 said:

9. Dani (-2) - Like I've been saying all along, she literally hasn't changed at all. This is ALWAYS who she's been. Everyone's up in arms now though because it's against our faves lol. She'll gain fans once Janelle and Kaysar are gone and she starts outwardly being a bitch to people like Tyler and Cody.

This is strangely accurate. :dead:

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1. Janelle (+1)

2. Kaysar (+1)

3. Da'Vonne (-2)

4. Ian (+2)

5. Bayleigh (-1)

6. Enzo (+4)

7. David (+4)

8. Tyler (+4)

9. Dani (=)

10. Nicole A. (-3)

11. Christmas (+3)

12. Cody (+4)

13. Kevin (-5)

14. Nicole F. (+1)

15. Memphis (-2)

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1. Janelle - Loyal, confident, and fearless. It’s such a shame she’s likely leaving this week if she doesn’t win the Veto. 😭

2. Kaysar - Kind and intelligent. It’s a shame he’s likely leaving if Janelle wins Veto.

3. Enzo - He’s funny. And anyone correct me if I’m wrong, but he hasn’t been personal about Janelle or Kaysar despite being against them, right?

4. Nicole A. - I was going to rank her lower, but she finally realized the error of her ways and seems truly sorry. It’s a shame how her time on the show played out this year.

5. Memphis - He’s kind of a jerk, but at least he didn’t nominate Janelle and Kaysar despite pressure from his alliance.

6. Bayleigh - I like her when she has Janelle’s back, but she sadly doesn’t seem to be 100% loyal to her.

7. David - He’s fine enough so far.

8. Ian - He’s okay.

9. Da’Vonne - I want to root for her, but her gameplay is so frustrating to watch. When it seems like she finally figured out what the right move will be, she overthinks, overplays, and just ends up making decisions I’m not a fan of.

10. Dani - I’m not a fan at the moment.

11. Kevin - He is constantly talking trash about Janelle and Kaysar. Did he forget it was Cody who put him on the block?

12. Christmas - Hypocrite.

13. Tyler - Yikes, the arrogance jumped out this week. His “new school is better than old school” and how BB10 was in the 1940s comments were ridiculous.

14. Cody - Boring.

15. Nicole F. -

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  1. Cody Calafiore
  2. Da’Vonne Rogers
  3. Ian Terry
  4. Memphis Garrett
  5. Bayleigh Dalton
  6. Kaysar Ridha
  7. Dani Briones
  8. Janelle Pierzna - Everyone else is annoying me so much that she lands here by default. :dead:
  9. Enzo Palumbo
  10. Kevin Campbell
  11. David Alexander
  12. Nicole Anthony
  13. Tyler Crispin
  14. Nicole Franzel
  15. Christmas Abbott
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1. Cody - Eh, he’s hot and everyone else hates him so naturally he’s my favourite.

2. Da’Vonne - She’s scaring me but I love her.

3. Bayleigh - Agree with @Alex95 that Da’Vonne may be her downfall but I do love seeing them talk

4. Nicole A. - I really did feel sorry for her. She was so defeated.

5. Enzo - I don’t really like him so much as he’s playing smart so far.

6. Ian - His punishment scenes were funny this week.

7. Dani - She hasn’t done much.

8. Kevin - Good on him for sticking with Nicole but now he’s got to find a new spot in this game. 

9. Tyler - I saw more action from him this week but he’s also a non entity

10. Nicole F. - Kind of just there right now. I need more from her.

11. Memphis - While I respect his decision, I think he just offended both sides of the house. Not a smart move, imo.

12. Janelle - She really did try to help Nicole A. so I give her credit for that.

13. David - He managed to save himself this week but he seems like he’ll have a hard time working with people going forward

14. Kaysar  - He felt very entitled this week.

15. Christmas - Annoying tbh

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1. Janelle duh

2. Kaysar duh

3. Cody - ugh I can't hate him for doing pretty well with gameplay but him being against Janelle is making me not happy with him!

4. Bayleigh - i feel like she's the only one other than Kaysar that may help Janelle, please Bay help her!

5. Tyler - rooting for him because he's in my draft lol

6. Memphis - he's actually doing a good job playing the game keeping Janelle and Kaysar on one side against the rest of the house. no one will go against him other than david and let's be honest, david won't win anything

7. Da'Vonne - girl is all over the place, I never know if she's on Janelle's side or not, but she needs to go on Janelle's side!

8. Christmas - who?

9. Nicole A - so dumb unless she was trying to use the strategy I hate Janelle to get the other side to keep her

10. Enzo - he's been pretty nonexistent

11. Kevin - you literally do not know anything and just confuse yourself and everyone else. hated you on your original season and this week i'm reminded why

12. Daniele - also who? I like literally have not seen her on the actual show, just in youtube feed videos

13. Ian - too close to Ahole Frankenstein. literally can't.

14. David - dude you really are such fodder in every sense of the word it's embarrassing. i don't hate ya, but you're so useless that you're below some people that i am rooting hard against.

15. Nicole F - Absolute trash. I know I already had her last in the past week but she belongs way lower than here.

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1. Janelle Pierzina (=)

2. Da'Vonne Rogers (=)

3. Kaysar Ridha (=)

4. Bayleigh Dayton (=)

5. Ian Terry (+1)

6. Memphis Garrett (+5) - this high for not going after Jaysar tbh. :giggle: Thank you Memphis.

7. Enzo Palumbo (+5)

8. Tyler Crispen (=)

9. David Alexander (+5)

10. Dani Briones (-1)

11. Kevin Campbell (-4)

12. Christmas Abbott (+3)

13. Cody Calafiore (=)

14. Nicole Anthony (-4)

15. Nicole Franzel (+1)

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8 hours ago, 1234567890 said:

@Elliott's and @sublymonal's ranking of Janelle. And even more yikes of Andrew's ranking of King Kaysar. 👑

Disgusted Cringe GIF

You calling them out like this. :dead: 


Also, the idea that Kaysar is entitled when he’s been genuinely kind to these people who obsessively hate him and his #1 ally. :wacko: Unless I missed something...

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