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  1. I’m still bummed she was first boot but I also love seeing her do so great at EoE
  2. Ugh I see why I took Ethan out to weaken Rob/Parvati, but I really wish they had gone for Adam. He’s super untrustworthy to have around. I was really excited to watch him get blindsided and then the votes changed. Regardless of that though, I’m really enjoying the Michele/Jeremy duo.
  3. Charlie White Charlie’s definitely a tough cut here, I do really like him, but in these noms unfortunately I settled on him being the right pick. Charlie was on Season 18 where he of course was pitted against his longtime ice dancing partner Meryl Davis. Early on, he seemed like the top front runner scoring an amazing 27 points for his first routine, a Contemporary. However over time Meryl delivered more standout routines, and Charlie’s scores seemed to have peaked a little bit. In his final two weeks, he delivered three amazing routines in the Quickstep, the Foxtrot and the Contemporary team-up with Candace. He definitely should have made the final but of course the show wanted their bottom 2 drama moment between him and Meryl. I always liked Charlie on the show and rooted for him and Meryl but it was primarily for their dancing and never really found myself to connect with them or their journeys/stories on the show, I think just because they were so technically good. He probably should make it further than this but these noms call for his elimination now. saving Rachel Stevens
  4. 1. Parvati (=) 2. Michele (=) 3. Ethan (+2) 4. Yul (-1) 5. Sandra (+1) 6. Sophie (+2) 7. Denise (+6) 8. Danni (-4) 9. Natalie (-2) 10. Jeremy (-1) 11. Tyson (+3) 12. Kim (-2) 13. Tony (+3) 14. Amber (-3) 15. Adam (+4) 16. Wendell (-4) 17. Rob (-2) 18. Sarah (-1) 19. Nick (-1) 20. Ben (=)
  5. I’ll join the draft but like Wally said..can’t promise I’ll stick with the season anymore
  6. (I also thought this was the case but wasn’t 100% so didn’t mention it in my writeup)
  7. I just added a video to my Colby writeup but deleted the entire writeup in the process lemme fix that
  8. Mystique Summers Madison Mystique Honestly one of the reasons I love the earlier seasons is for contestants like her. Mystique really was not polished at all and her S2 self would not make it onto the show now, lmao. The fact that she even made it to Drag Race is iconic. From the start Mystique was a mess, she should have been in the bottom two for her runway look but randomly did the splits and saved herself She then had her still memorable fight with Morgan in Untucked and helped birth one of the most memorable catchphrases from the show. Her team won the second challenge making her safe by default. And then she was not good in the acting challenge the next week, but then my fave moment of hers came from when she walked down the runway in her country couture - wearing the exact same outfit as from the challenge It didn’t look country at all. So, so bad that it’s good. She then spoke about how her skills were in lip-syncing and that she would pull off the lip-sync...and that did NOT happen, she barely knew the words Mystique somehow making it to 3 episodes is amazing. Even after being on the show, she delivered iconic moments - for example the ‘match the baby picture’ mini-challenge where Ru seriously said “unfortunately Mystique lost all of her baby photos in a fire” with this horrible photoshopped image...before carrying on as if nothing had happened Sad to cut Mystique but honestly, she had so many trainwreck moments that I’m glad I got to do her writeup. She’s lost lots of weight since the show and is still doing drag, and looks great! saving Scarlet Envy
  9. I like Colby but for me he stood next to no chance in these noms I think I must have posted my cut/save at the same time you posted this too
  10. As much as I would like to be messy and save Mystique, I like Scarlet more. So cut Mystique, save Scarlet
  11. Colby Donaldson Colby appeared on three seasons of Survivor, and is considered one of the greats particularly in that early era - and deservedly so! He had some great moments in his seasons, particularly in Australian Outback where he was an immunity beast. He of course could have won but went on to take Tina instead of an easy win against Keith. He had his famous relationship with Jerri that ran over all of his seasons, and made it fairly far in Hsroes vs Villains but wasn’t as successful as he started - to quote James Clement, ‘a superman in a fat suit’. Regardless, he’s a Survivor legend and I’d be down for him playing again! Saving Cydney Gillon
  12. I’ll claim my messy Real Housewives fave Lisa Rinna
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