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  1. Gus Kenworthy... what are you doing
  2. Ok but who said we were done with you
  3. I’m conflicted about giving him this platform because of his actions which came to light in the past year or so. But at the same time I feel like it is an important discussion to have to allow LGBT+ people to share their truths and not feel silenced about their identity. Especially when we already know of the toxicity of a lot of core fans of the Bachelor franchise. So I’m happy for him and glad he can now accept who he is but yeah, also thinking of Cassie throughout all this and hope she is surrounded by support because that was a really jarring period to read about what she went
  4. Patsy Palmer Patsy Palmer is an actress best known for her role in EastEnders, which she has starred in on-and-off for over 25 years. Interestingly she has had many of her 'EastEnders family' compete on the show since, such as her on-screen husband Sid Owen in 2012, and on-screen daughter Maisie Smith in 2020. Patsy was paired with Anton and was probably one of his more capable partners. As is understandably the case as one of his partners, her strengths resided more in the ballroom performances, where her best routine was the Tango which scored 34 out of 40. Eventually, she m
  5. Priscilla is an interesting choice! I liked her on Love Island but don’t have a huge memory of her - however I’d probably put that more down to the show having issues with underediting their black contestants. I do remember liking her though and she’s gorgeous, so I hope she gets on and we get to see her!
  6. I should really get caught up with this but now I’m thinking it’s a lucky charm for my drafts whenever I fall behind on watching. As opposed to when I do watch in real time and my drafts usually suck
  7. I only recently heard about her through stuff I read on social media, and I wish I didn’t.
  8. Will have my cut/save up later, but cutting Patsy/saving Jason.
  9. Nothing has made sense to me more than this career move.
  10. Kate Silverton This was a tough call, as I liked all four of the remaining - however I think I just about prefer Ranvir to the remaining, and Kate would be my least favorite. That being said, I really enjoyed Kate’s journey! It was great watching her transform from being quite a serious personality in the newsroom to being a really fun figure on the show. Kate was paired up with Aljaz in Strictly series 16. Her strongest routines were mostly in ballroom, because she had a few misses particularly in the Latin. I thought she did a great job often getting into character, p
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