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  1. Detox Kim Chi Milk Phi Phi O'Hara
  2. Darren Gough I think Darren really goes down as Strictly's first big underdog story. The past two seasons were won by the frontrunner contestants, and so Darren really represented the every-man that Strictly viewers seem to love. His transformation from what I remember was pretty good! He started off not so great, seeming a little out of place and being one of the lower scorers of the first week. And from then on, he seemed to really step it up. Lilia was a great pro, and they formed a great bond, which helped him really excel especially in the ballroom. While he was never at
  3. +/- from pre-season. 1. Da'Vonne (=) - I said pre-season that I think she might be my all-time favorite HG and this season cemented it for me. Did she have some messy moments? Sure. But did she have even more amazing moments? Yes. That's part of the ride with Da'Vonne, she's such an entertaining and rootable player. I'm beyond happy she won AFP. 2. Kaysar (+4) - Such a kind spirit and we were so blessed to have him back this year. 3. Bayleigh (+2) - Was a little divided on her last season but loved her this time around. Think she really held her own well and while I'm sad
  4. Ugh I’m still just so happy. BB17 was the first US season I followed live and Da’Vonne was the first HG I ever really loved and rooted for. It was crushing when she went home so early. To think that five years later she would be on an All-Stars season AND be America’s Favorite...so amazing!!!
  5. Yeah I was thinking the third slot was probably a pre-juror (I.e one of Jaysar) for exactly this. It would have felt a little bit doing the reveal of the top 3 and then cutting to the virtual feed. Sad we’ll probably never know for sure though
  6. She didn’t win the season but she IS winning a Daytime Emmy
  7. Lol yeah I did think this would be a super predictable round and would end with us targeting Kennedy/Milk again.
  8. you’re right! maybe I’ll use this advice when I nominate Milk.
  9. Saying that my decision is actually easy here, although I like all 4
  10. I...can’t believe I went from hating Sola’s noms to almost appreciating them in the space of one round
  11. The Davenports? I did not see this coming.
  12. I actually was a little surprised when Da’Vonne won AFH to see that Kevin didn’t really have much of a reaction, considering how close they became in the house...so this’ll be interesting.
  13. This would make sense with how when Day won AFP it cut to the prejurors celebrating and Nicole just holding a hello sign?
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