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  1. Don't know too much about Ugo but interested to find out more! Another name to keep an eye out for would be Tilly Ramsay, daughter of Gordon Ramsay and TV personality. She was rumored to be in the cast last year but got injured so this will be interesting to see. https://www.list.co.uk/article/128228-tilly-ramsay-signs-up-for-strictly-come-dancing/ Excited to hear names for sure. With this year being planned to go back to more of a 'normal' it'll be nice to see those August reveals again.
  2. Ok yeah I'm fine with that winner. Probably would be in the middle of my personal rankings of all the winners so far.
  3. Me when I see Lil Rounds misses top 10 and decide to force a recount
  4. I know we all enjoy meme-ing Lil and obviously her journey kinda took a downturn later on but "Be Without You" is honestly a pretty great performance and honestly made a nice change to re-listen to in this top 20! I'm not shocked to see it land it here by any means but let it be known if we wanted to bring Lil in the top 20 for fun we could have chosen like, any of her other performances lmao, I think it was a deserving spot in top 20!
  5. Fine with these first five, I do like “Tracks of my Tears” but not outraged at it showing up here seeing as I ranked it #12. I have a few of my higher rankings which I’m expecting will show up soon.
  6. The way I didn’t realise this was an abbreviation at first and I went back to watch like “stop it he was wearing CROCS?!”
  7. 1. Tiffany (=) 2. Hannah (=) 3. Claire (+1) 4. Xavier (+2) 5. Azah (-2) 6. Sarah Beth (+2) 7. Derek X (=) 8. Kyland (-3) 9. Alyssa (=) 10. Whitney (+5) 11. Christian (-1) 12. Britini (=) 13. Brent (+1) 14. Derek F (-1) 15. Frenchie (+1)
  8. I do not have the energy to get strategic in mini-rankdowns I don't know how y'all do but kudos to you I guess
  9. Damn I was hoping for an Eva/Yaya win but Amanda absolutely bodied those rankings so I can’t be mad!
  10. I- Guess I’ll be watching with Tamar there!
  11. I love Amanda's shot but team spider all day going into this top 3.
  12. Interesting episode, that acting challenge went on forever oh my god. Obviously very sad to see the eliminated queen go, but I think now was her time. Especially be in the bottom with someone who's been consistently stronger. I'm glad we got 6 episodes of her at least. 1. Ra'Jah - She is still the moment. Probably her worst week so far but I didn't think she was that bad. She looked so stunning tonight on the runway. 2. Kylie - Her performance didn't wow me but like Ru said, she's got a captivating presence about her which still made me really enjoy it? Looked beyond stun in that lip-sync too. 3. Trinity - I lost her a little this week but I'm still really liking her. 4. Ginger - She probably had my favourite performance this week in a role which I initially wasn't sure would fit her, but it did. 5. A'Keria - She left with her head held high and rightly so. Maybe she didn't have that big moment this season but she's consistently brought strong runways and confessionals. I'll miss her next week! 6. Jan - Lmao I'm sorry I feel bad for Jan but this kinda delusional villain arc she's getting is iconic! This was the perfect week for her to Jan it up. She's absolutely the Lea Michele of drag, and it worked. 7. Pandora - Her definitely being sick of Jan She is honestly doing pretty well this season but hasn't had a standout moment either, she's middling for me. 8. Eureka - Didn't enjoy the performance this week and would have put her in the bottom, but still open to seeing what else she can bring. I also enjoy Manila but I did not notice her ONCE in that lip-sync lmaooo
  13. My numbers are 1, 3, 4, 5 and 9, so very satisfied with this top 10!
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