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  1. Yeah Keesha definitely would be the safe route Holding out for some hope that some of those in the middle can maybe be pulled over. Who knows, ideal situation is Keesha getting pulled off of course!
  2. Also Day really wasn’t expecting this, hoping this wakes her up a little and pushes the possibility of an alliance with Janelle, Kaysar, Memphis, Nicole A, Keesha, Bayleigh etc.!
  3. Even if noms stay the same I’m holding out hope that Keesha could get the votes. Very early days but I feel like she’s on a lot of people’s good side and they could possibly get the numbers together. Obviously don’t want Kevin to go either though but if I had to choose between them rn...give me Keesha the underdog!
  4. As expected, Cody nom'd Keesha and Kevin.
  5. At this point, I'm just happy Da'Vonne is bonding with pretty much everyone as far as I can tell. I need her to stay off everyone's hit list for now.
  6. Bayleigh makes good TV, honestly. I was iffy on her over the season but she's a big personality (I still love her exit interview) and brings the drama. I think she's a memorable face from a recent memorable season so she makes sense as an All-Star for me now, even if she's not as big an All-Star as others. I think both Bayleigh and David fit well with the 'something to prove' tagline they seem to be going for. Bayleigh said yesterday on feeds that she originally got scouted for Survivor but ended up doing BB instead, not knowing much about the game. She made a mess of her HOH but was playing ok before then so I think she definitely has the potential to prove to be a better player! As for David... perhaps not an All-Star but I think with the tagline it's a nice touch to have a night 1 boot come back (I mean should've been Jodi but it's fine). Lots of people said David showed potential last season after his boot, so now he gets the chance to prove himself in a strong group of players!
  7. Day and Bayleigh making a Black Girl Magic alliance, it’s all I’ve needed
  8. Absolute dream scenario would be Keesha getting vetoed, then one of that side wins HOH next week and puts up Cody/Nicole. We can dream (Although secretly I’m living for messy Nicole and if that happened I’d rather we lost Cody just because he’s a bore!)
  9. Day, queen of working the feeds and giving the fans what they want with her allies
  10. Yeah Paulie’s close with both Da’Vonne and Bayleigh and I think he probably spoke to him about working with them both. Just hoping he sticks to it!
  11. Trying not to manifest it for IDF’s sake.
  12. She would be such an easy safe choice to put up! Cody has no excuses for anyone so could just roll with the fact that she won some money (and also tbh that she’s one of the least connected/popular All-Stars but I’d imagine he’s not too clued up on that).
  13. Tyler, Enzo, David, Cody, Memphis just feels like an alliance waiting to happen, there seems to be a lot of mutual respect/willingness to work with each other between them, so I almost feel like something like that could come together..
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