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  1. This is also another logistics issue to sort out nearer the time, but the next challenge is the ball, and we'll have at least one queen appear who wasn't in the original challenge, because Rebecca is gone. I'm not quite sure how to go about this yet, seeing as it was 2009 and the queens didn't post their alternate looks on IG etc. I guess I can try and search for some possible looks online? But I'm open to any other ideas people may have on how to deal with this.
  2. Season 1 Round 5: Drag School of Charm Challenge: Transforming a female fighter in their own image Makeovers All makeovers can be viewed at the start of this video. As Jade did not appear in this challenge, she will be paired with Rebecca's partner, Tempele. Please judge accordingly as to how you feel Jade would perform in this challenge! Vote Rank the queens based on their performance in the challenge from 1 (favorite) to 5 (least favorite). There is no separate runway vote this week because of how the runway factored into the main challenge. VOTE HERE
  3. Season 1 Round 4: Mac Viva Glam Challenge Lip-Sync Results Ladies. IDF has made their decision. Jade... shantay you stay. Rebecca Glasscock, sashay away. For the first time in this redo, we lose a queen before her original time, as third placer Rebecca Glasscock bows out in sixth, leaving a space for Jade in the top five. Breakdown of results:
  4. I’ll be sitting out as I don’t have too much Challenge knowledge but will still be following!
  5. I was trying to avoid spoilers for this (Sequester) until I could watch the summary videos but then I accidentally opened a pic showing the top 6 and I am OBSESSED already. What a messy/iconic group
  6. Apologies all - had a bit of a hectic few weeks working around things in lockdown, but I don't want to leave this abandoned! So aim is for the game to be back up and running, with results, tomorrow!
  7. “We were 13 queens competing all together” ”Well technically only 12” JAIDA
  8. Jane, Tessa and Ricky Sarah Hyland also looked great in the trailer!
  9. Jennifer Hawkins Jennifer, a former Miss Universe, was on Season 4 of Dancing with the Stars Australia, dancing with Sergei Bolgarschii. I watched her Rumba which Stephy linked and I thought it was a pretty number. She had really nice lines and looked gorgeous - something about her kinda reminds me of Stacy Keibler, not as good a dancer but just how she looks when she dances. This seemed to be one of her stronger numbers, as otherwise, her scores were mostly in the 20s range. Alongside the Rumba, she also danced the Paso Doble which scored 31. She lasted six weeks in the competition and placed sixth, although she did have better average scores than the fourth and fifth placers of the season, so maybe should have gone a little further. I think she's a fair cut at this point, though. Saving Melody Thornton
  10. Have you seen her Beyoncé interview?
  11. Alison I love her, such an angel. But also a fair cut. Putting this here to remind me of who’s left: Lesley Garrett Tamsyn Lewis Jennifer Hawkins Melody Thornton Since I can’t cut/save Tamsyn or Lesley..I will sabe Melody and cut Jennifer. And will aim to get this up soon.
  12. Agreed, I think she will come back from this, but her next steps will be very important.
  13. Cancel culture realistically has not had much impact outside of the social media bubble. With the exception of the most serious of examples. Particularly in music where someone gets cancelled every single day but it doesn’t really dent their career. Camila Cabello was cancelled by Twitter just the other month and she’s gonna be just fine.
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