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  1. Also unrelated but how did I not know that Candace Cameron Bure had a social media feud with Bianca Del Rio
  2. Unrelated but I saw Candace Cameron Bure was speaking the other day on social media about how she’d received backlash from people about some of the figures she followed on social media and I’m just like...were some of y’all REALLY surprised?
  3. Ty Murray Ty has done a great job making it this far in the rankdown. I was surprised to still see him here. He was cast alongside his then-wife Jewel (the first married couple casting), who unfortunately had to drop out prior to the show to a nasty injury. I’m sad we never got to see Jewel do the show and same for Nancy O’Dell as I would have liked to see how that went, but in Nancy’s case we did get Melissa so not all was lost. Anyway Ty was a not great dancer, but someone who definitely appealed to the show demographic as an all-American bull rider who seemed out of hi
  4. DeMarcus’ random journey of being saved every round and somehow making it to the top 20 is iconic
  5. I vaguely remember hearing about that with Kenny but didn’t really know enough to comment. Just from hearing about it I can see both sides - I can understand why someone may use that as a strategy however it is also a shame someone would have to resort to that especially when these castings can be important opportunities for LGBTQ+ representation.
  6. Kenny Brain My lesser knowledge of BBCAN will not stop me calling justice for Ika Wong! Kenny appeared on BBCAN2, where my knowledge of him goes straight to the video of Ika shredding the letters and him just having an embarrassing meltdown about it. I mean I guess maybe there’s more context and I get that if you were in the house that’d be frustrating, but the way that some of them were melting down, you’d think she had done way worse. Any time I see that clip it just makes me cringe watching the other houseguests and Kenny is just one I happen to remember from that. He last
  7. Memphis Garrett I cut Flag Day so I may as well go ahead and complete the lovebirds’ demise. Memphis the ‘mixologist’ first appeared on BB10, where he teamed up with Dan for The Renegades alliance. The pair ran a great game but being teamed up with Dan came at its cost in the final two, when he became the first person to receive 0 jury votes in the end. Memphis returned to BB22, and while on occasions I enjoyed him, the majority of the time I was not a fan. Between the way it felt like he talked down to David, to his comments of Ian, he just came across mostly unlikeable
  8. I was so tempted to save Lolo but felt that my one save for her was probably enough on top of all of Alex’s.
  9. Nev Schulman Nev is a great dancer so objectively is this the fairest of cuts? Perhaps not. But also the general opinion of Nev on IDF is fairly well-known so, taking one for the team here I guess. Nev has a pretty problematic past which I didn’t know the extent of prior to him joining. But then it’s all out there when you search for it - some abusive and racist controversies. Nev also has a fairly extensive background in dance which conveniently got covered up week to week. Over time he gradually talked about it more but never to its full extent. So much so that e
  10. Ahh I came close to it too I hope she gets saved!
  11. 1. Symone - I only believe in Symone supremacy. Understandable that she’ll be compared to Gigi but I’m getting much more of a wow factor from Symone so far. 2. Tamisha Iman - I also believe in Tamisha supremacy. So lucky to have such a legendary queen. On another note, I love seeing the love she is getting online. As we know that black pageant queens in particular have struggled to really get the respect they deserve in the past. 3. Denali - sad to see her in the bottom 2, but absolutely BODIED the lipsync 4. Olivia Lux - a saving grace in her dumpster fire of a team 5. Rose -
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