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  1. JULIE VU Julie Vu was a Houseguest on the most recent season of Big Brother Canada. She was the first transgender Houseguest for the Canadian version of the game, and she ultimately became the first person to be evicted too. Due to the team twist, she and the rest of Team Defender faced eviction for the first week of the game. Apparently Josh was the original target, but Julie was playing the game too hard too fast. This eventually caught up to her, and she was evicted by a landslide vote. Julie had a lot of personality and could've shaken up the house with power. She was clearly there to play, but I guess it just wasn't meant to be. BBCAN9 still ended up being an entertaining season, but it would've been interesting to see how Julie would've done had she lasted longer. But since she was a first boot, I think it's fair to eliminate her from the rankdown. Sorry to Julie and any fans, but out she goes from the rankdown. Saving Beth.
  2. AJ BURMAN AJ Burman competed on the first season of Big Brother Canada. This first season had some memorable Houseguests, but I don't believe AJ was one of them. He wasn't really featured much in the episodes. I can't recall anything suggesting he had any sort of agency in the game either. AJ was the "pawn star" of the season and had an alliance (or maybe just friendship?) with Andrew. Wasn't there a segment where AJ built some sort of obstacle course? That's all I can really remember from AJ. Perhaps his strategy was to fly under the radar, but AJ didn't really have any impact on the game. Maybe he was more entertaining on the live feeds, but I didn't watch them. In the end, AJ became the first member of the jury. He was one of the jury votes for Gary, but Jillian ended up winning the game. Anyway, sorry to AJ, but out he goes from the rankdown. Saving Emmett.
  3. NOMINATIONS Nick & Phil Paquette Maddy Pavle Dallas Cormier Kiera Wallace Eddie Lin Maki Moto
  4. Here’s a YouTube link. You’ll have to fast forward near the end since it’s the Top 5 show.
  5. MARK CHRYSLER Mark Chrysler was the first boot of Big Brother Canada 5. On any other season, Mark may have lasted longer than he did. However, after Karen won the first HoH competition of the season, she was determined to target an athletic guy. She set her sights on Mark and Demetres, and the two ended up on the block. Mark's performance in the Veto competition (he lost by seconds) and likability made other Housegusets views him as a physical and social threat. However, Mark still had people in his corner, and he nearly saved himself in the moments leading up to the eviction. Mark made up a lie about Cassandra, which spread around the house. The house was thrown into chaos and the votes to keep Mark were suddenly there. However, Mark unwisely chose to come clean and admit that what he said was a lie. It was still a close vote as Mark was evicted by a 6-7 vote. It would've been interesting to see how Mark would've played had he lasted longer. Anyway, since Mark was a first boot, it's fair to eliminate him from the rankdown. Saving Jesse Larson.
  6. The Edge of Seventeen - 4 (Alex, Chris, Victoria, Diana) Elle - 2 (Chris, Alex) Fences - 6 (Derek, Chris, Victoria, Diana, Rei, Steven) The Handmaiden - 2 (Megan, Rei) Lion - 2 (Alex, Steven) Loving - Moonlight - 4 (Derek, Elliott, Megan, Rei) Train to Busan - 6 (Derek, Elliott, Megan, Victoria, Diana, Steven) The Wailing - 1 (Elliott)
  7. S13 is one of my least favorite seasons of the show, so I can’t say I’m looking forward to watching some of these performances again.
  8. The next round is The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Sign up if you want to play. THE FRESH PRINCE OF BEL-AIR 1. Wallace 2. Victoria 3. Alex 4. Priscilla
  9. TOP 10 CHARACTERS Will Truman Grace Adler Karen Walker Jack McFarland Rosario Salazar Beverley Leslie Bobbi Adler Lorraine Finster Marilyn Truman Val Bassett @JC @*Chris @Solaris @FrogLenzen @Elliott @Deeee @sublymonal Rankers can now send me their rankings. Write-ups aren't required, but comments are appreciated. The deadline for rankings is by the end of the day Sunday, November 28.
  10. REMAINING CHARACTERS Will Truman Grace Adler Karen Walker Jack McFarland Rosario Salazar Beverley Leslie Bobbi Adler Lorraine Finster Marilyn Truman Dr. Marvin 'Leo" Markus Val Bassett Eleven characters remain, meaning one more will have to go to complete the Top 10. The next step is for each ranker to publicly cast an elimination vote for one of the remaining characters. The character with the most votes will be eliminated. You can switch your vote, but the decision is final once there's a majority. We'll go to a tiebreaker if necessary. Please post your vote ASAP. @JC @*Chris @Solaris @FrogLenzen @Elliott @Deeee @sublymonal
  11. 6 spots remaining in the top 20. You now have the chance to vote for the four performances you'd most like to see move on. The six with the most votes will join our top 20 while everything else will be eliminated. You can change your votes at any time. Voting will end in 48 hours, when everyone has voted, or when it's mathematically impossible for anything to catch the top 20, whatever comes first. You must vote for all four performances at once or else none of your votes will count. Sam Woolf "Babylon" - 9 (JORDAN_FAN, Zoey, Derek, Priscilla, Hayden, Kevin, Chris, Victoria, Steven) Alex Preston "Volcano" - Jena Irene "Unbreakable Me" - 8 (sublymonal, JORDAN_FAN, Sola, Gigi, Diana, Akshar, Victoria, Wallace) Jena Irene "The Scientist" - Caleb Johnson "Skyfall" - 9 (Diana, Kevin, Zoey, Derek, Hayden, Chris, Victoria, Wallace, Steven) Jena Irene "Rolling In The Deep" - 3 (Gigi, Elliott, Priscilla) Jena Irene & Caleb Johnson "It's Only Love" - Jena Irene & Caleb Johnson "Gimme Shelter" - 3 (Alex, sublymonal, Priscilla) Alex Preston "The A Team" - Jena Irene "Barracuda" - 7 (sublymonal, Alex, Diana, Sola, Gigi, Akshar, Wallace) Jena Irene "My Body" - 6 (Sola, Elliott, Akshar, Priscilla, Hayden, Alex) Alex Preston "Say Something" - 4 (JORDAN_FAN, Derek, Chris, Steven) Jena Irene "Valerie" - 1 (Zoey) Alex Preston "Too Close" - 1 (Kevin) Jena Irene "Heartbreaker" - Caleb Johnson "Maybe I'm Amazed" - 6 (Kevin, Zoey, Derek, Chris, Wallace, Steven) Alex Preston "Yellow" - Jena Irene "Creep" (Reprise) - 10 (Alex, Diana, JORDAN_FAN, Sola, sublymonal, Gigi, Elliott, Akshar, Hayden, Victoria) Jena Irene "We Are One" - 1 (Elliott)
  12. I would’ve agreed to advancing Manchester by the Sea.
  13. REMAINING CHARACTERS Will Truman Grace Adler Karen Walker Jack McFarland Rosario Salazar Beverley Leslie Bobbi Adler Elliott Lorraine Finster Marilyn Truman Dr. Marvin 'Leo" Markus McCoy Whitman Val Bassett Zandra GROUPS GROUP 1: Andrew, Derek, & Sola GROUP 2: Elliott & Dee GROUP 3: Chris & JC The next step will require each group to cut ONE character of their choice. You must agree on your choice. Please post your cuts ASAP. @sublymonal @FrogLenzen @Solaris @Elliott @Deeee @*Chris @JC
  14. The next step will divide the rankers into groups. Since there is an odd number of rankers, there will be one group of three and two pairs. Someone say 123, 345, or 567 to determine the group of three.
  15. @Elliott still needs to make his two cuts.
  16. Zoey and I are advancing Jessica’s “Human.” And we’re cutting Jena’s “So Small” and “Heart Attack.”
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