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  1. I'm more than halfway done, but I'll take advantage of the extension and finish the rest of my write-ups tomorrow.
  2. CONGRATS TO THE TOP 50! American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace American Horror Story: Asylum American Idol Avatar: The Last Airbender Big Little Lies Black Mirror Black-ish BoJack Horseman Boy Meets World Breaking Bad Broadchurch Buffy The Vampire Slayer Dancing With The Stars Dark Matter Élite Fargo Firefly Fleabag Friday Night Lights House, M.D. How To Get Away With Murder Jane The Virgin Killing Eve Las chicas del cable Lost Mad Men Modern Family Orphan Black Please Like Me Pose Pretty Little Liars Schitt's Creek Sense8 Six Feet Under SMASH South of Nowhere Southland Survivor That's So Raven The Americans The Comeback The Crown The Man in the High Castle The OC The Office (US) The Sopranos This Is Us Veronica Mars Waking The Dead Weeds
  3. @Elliott is free to post his nominations when he's ready. There are still write-ups from the last cycle needed, but I'm trusting you all to post them as soon as you can.
  4. CYCLE 9 After some speculation, I can now confirm that this cycle will indeed be battle rounds. However, there is a small twist. Instead of one vs. one match-ups, three shows will be battling for survival. Here's how it will work: The rules are simple. At the beginning of each round, one ranker will nominate three shows for elimination. The other fourteen rankers will each publicly VOTE TO ELIMINATE one of the three nominees. Rankers are allowed to switch their votes, but the decision is final once there is a majority. There is also no need to wait for every ranker to cast a vote. Once a show has received enough votes to be eliminated, we can move onto the next round. If there is a tie, then the nominator breaks the tie. Nominators have 24 hours to post their nominations. However, RANKERS HAVE A 15 HOUR DEADLINE TO POST THEIR VOTES! Since you all won't have to do write-ups when posting your decisions, the time limit is shorter to help make the cycle go by faster. If you miss the deadline, then you simply won't get a say in the vote. In addition, a new round can start immediately after one round ends. There's no need to wait for the write-ups, but I do hope nominators will post write-ups as soon as possible. No shows have immunity. In addition, shows are allowed to be nominated in back-to-back rounds for the duration of the rankdown. So theoretically, there could be some television shows that are nominated in every round of this cycle. The nominator is responsible for the write-up of the eliminated show, but other rankers can step in and volunteer to do write-ups if they wish. NOMINATION ORDER The randomizer decided that Elliott is nominating first. Then it'll be Diana's turn, then Anne's turn, and so on and so forth until Sola closes out the cycle. By the end of this cycle, 15 shows will be eliminated and we will be down to our Top 35. If you have any questions, then let me know. Good luck to your favorites!
  5. Sorry for the delay but I don't think anyone was waiting lol Posting now!
  6. Looks like we have a majority, so randomizer it is. Stay tuned for the details of the next cycle. I’ll be posting now.
  7. Thanks for the extension. I’ll still try to have all my write-ups submitted tonight.
  8. If anyone else prefers randomizing, then let me know. I’ll go with the majority.
  9. Due to the format, 15 rankers, and the fact we’re at Top 50 now, I think it’s fairer to have people sign up.
  10. Likely around 7 hours from now.
  11. Everyone will have to sign up for something for the next cycle, so be online tonight and have your notifications turned on if you want to be one of the first few to claim a spot.
  12. The IT Crowd Joe Millionaire Case Closed And maybe more, but I stopped keeping track a while ago.
  13. The Legend Of Korra Archer
  14. Eliminated: Downton Abbey Veep Why Women Kill Elliott is responsible for these write-ups (unless anyone else volunteers). The cycle is now over! The next details will be posted tomorrow night (technically later tonight since it's past midnight). Hopefully all the missing write-ups will be posted before then.
  15. Remaining for Kaley: Big Little Lies Downton Abbey Veep Why Women Kill
  16. Remaining: Big Little Lies Please Like Me Downton Abbey Veep Why Women Kill
  17. Remaining: Big Little Lies Modern Family Please Like Me Downton Abbey This Is Us Veep Why Women Kill
  18. That’s fine. Changes can be made as long as it’s before the three eliminated shows are determined (so before everyone else already made a pick).
  19. Remaining: Big Little Lies Modern Family Please Like Me The Office (US) This Is Us Veep Why Women Kill
  20. Remaining: American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace Big Little Lies Downton Abbey Friday Night Lights Killing Eve Las chicas del cable Modern Family Please Like Me The Office (US) This Is Us Veep Why Women Kill
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