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Justice! The REAL Finale for each season.


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I'm only going to be counting the people we heard perform live.






Kyla/Jackie F/Kelsea/Britton









I'm actually happy with the finale we got here. I thought Jake was deserving of the finale. (Not the win though)



Thunderstorm/Zan/Joanna/CammWess (Using old finale format)

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Winner- Thunderstorm

2nd- Allegra Miles

3rd- Toneisha Harris

4th- Micah Iverson

5th-Joanna Serenko/Todd Tilghman



Winner- Rose Short

2nd - Katie Kadan

3rd- Ricky Duran

4th - Khalea Lynee (Despite having Bad Song choices)



Winner- Obviously Maelyn

2nd-Jej Vinson

3rd- Celia Babini

4th- Gyth Rigdon



Winner - Kennedy Holmes

2nd - Mackenzie Thomas

3rd - Kymberli Joye

4th - Sandy Redd / Chevel



Winner - Christianna Danielle

2nd - Kyla Jade

3rd - Britton Buchanan

4th - Brynn Cartelli



Winner - Brooke Simpson

2nd- Janice Freeman

3rd- Chloe Kohanski

4th- Addison Agen



Winner- Chris Blue

2nd - Vanessa Ferguson

3rd - Lauren Duski

4th - Hunter Plake/ Aliyah Moulden



Winner - Ali Caldwell

2nd - We Mcdonald

3rd - Billy Gilman

4th - Darby Walker/ Sundance Head



Change The 4th to Shaiyah



I think this season is Ok



Winner-Koryn Hawthorne/Kimberly Nichole

2nd-Kimberly Nichole/Koryn Hawthorne

3rd- Joshua Davis

4th-India Carney



Winner - Chris Jamison

2nd- Toia Jones

3rd- Matt Mcandrew

4th- Anita Antoinette



Winner - Josh Kaufman

2nd-Christina Grimmie

3rd-Sisaundra Lewis

4th- Jake Whorthington



Top 3 is Perfect i will just add Matthew Schuler



Winner- Danielle Bradberry

2nd- Sasha Allen

3rd- Michelle Chamuel

4th- Judith Hill



Winner- Amanda Brown

2nd- Melanie Martines

3rd- Cassade Pope

4th-Terry Mcdermott



Did not watch this season



I think all finalist are perfect.

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From S4 onwards...



Winner: Michelle Chamuel

Runner-Up: Sasha Allen

3rd: Amber Carrington


Winner: Jacquie Lee

Runner-Up: Tessanne Chin

3rd: James Wolpert


Winner: Sisaundra Lewis

Runner-Up: Christina Grimmie

3rd: Kat Perkins


Winner: Matt McAndrew

Runner-Up: Taylor John Williams

3rd: DaNica Shirey 

4th: Anita Antoinette 


Winner: Sawyer Fredericks

Runner-Up: India Carney

3rd: Kimberly Nichole

4th: Koryn Hawthorne


Winner: Jordan Smith

Runner-Up: Amy Vachal

3rd: Jeffery Austin

4th: Madi Davis


Winner: Alisan Porter

Runner-Up: Hannah Huston

3rd: Shaylah Fearing

4th: Laith al-Saadi


Winner: Wé McDonald

Runner-Up: Ali Caldwell

3rd: Brendan Fletcher

4th: Sa'Rayah


Winner: Lauren Duski

Runner-Up: Chris Blue

3rd: Vanessa Ferguson

4th: Brennley Brown


Winner: Brooke Simpson

Runner-Up: Addison Agen

3rd: Noah Mac

4th: Keisha Renee


Winner: Kyla Jade

Runner-Up: Brynn Cartelli

3rd: Christiana Danielle

4th: Spensha Baker


Winner: Kennedy Holmes

Runner-Up: SandyRedd

3rd: MaKenzie Thomas

4th: Kymberli Joye



Winner: Maelyn Jarmon

Runner-Up: Kendra Checketts

3rd: Shawn Sounds

4th: Oliv Blu


Winner: Rose Short

Runner-Up: Katie Kadan

3rd: Marybeth Byrd

4th: Myracle Holloway


Winner: Zan Fiskum

Runner-Up: Toneisha Harris

3rd: Thunderstorm Artis

4th: Joanna Serenko

5th: Allegra Miles

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Winner: Amber Carrington

2nd: Michelle Chamuel

3rd: Sarah Simmons



Winner: Tessanne Chin

2nd: Matthew Schuler (He was my favorite in S5 but Tess was objectively better)

3rd: Will Champlin / Jacquie Lee



Winner: Josh Kaufman

2nd: Christina Grimmie

3rd: Sisaundra Lewis



Winner: Chris Jamison

2nd: Matt McAndrew

3rd: Taylor Phelan

4th: DaNica Shirey



Winner: Kimberly Nichole

2nd: Koryn Hawthorne

3rd: Mia Z

4th: Sawyer Fredericks



Winner: Jordan Smith

2nd: Jeffery Austin

3rd: Amy Vachal

4th: Madi Davis



Winner: Alisan Porter

2nd: Hannah Huston

3rd: Emily Keener

4th: Bryan Bautista



Winner: Ali Caldwell


I don’t care about the rest.



Winner: Vanessa Ferguson

2nd: Lauren Duski

3rd: Hunter Plake

4th: Chris Blue



Winner: Addison Agen

2nd: Keisha Renee

3rd: Chloe Kohanski

4th: Brooke Simpson



Winner: Kyla Jade

2nd: Britton Buchanan


The others didn’t deserve to make finale.


Winner: Kennedy Holmes

2nd: Makenzie Thomas

3rd: Kymberli Joye

Same as S14.



Winner: Maelyn Jarmon

2nd: Domenic Haynes

3rd: Shawn Sounds



Winner: Rose Short

2nd: Katie Kadan

3rd: Ricky Duran

4th: Myracle Holloway



Winner: Thunderstorm Artis

2nd: Zan Fiskum

3rd: Toneisha Harris

4th: Todd Tilghman

5th: Allegra Miles

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5th Place - Cammwess

4th Place - Joanna

3rd Place - Megan

Winner - Zan 

Runner-Up - Allegra



Marybeth/Kyndal/Gracee/Joana(Max would be here too, but only a Final 4 here)

4th Place - Joana 

3rd Place - Gracee

Winner - Marybeth

Runner-Up - Kyndal




4th Place - Mari

3rd Place - Kendra

Winner - Lol Queen Maelyn of course

Runner-Up - Beth




4th Place - DeAndre

3rd Place - Abby

Winner - Makenzie

Runner-Up - SandyRedd




4th Place - Sharane

3rd Place - Christiana

Winner - Kyla

Runner-Up - Spensha


Post more later, but recent finales seem to be garbage so these needed to be fixed.



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Going off a 4-in-the-finale format for everything (and skipping season 1, since it's the only one whose finalists made sense to me and had an order I agreed with):


Season 2:

  1. Juliet Simms
  2. Katrina Parker
  3. Jermaine Paul
  4. Chris Mann

Season 3:

  1. Cassadee Pope
  2. Amanda Brown
  3. Nicholas David/Trevin Hunte
  4. Trevin Hunte/Nicholas David

Season 4:

  1. Michelle Chamuel/Danielle Bradbery
  2. Danielle Bradbery/Michelle Chamuel
  3. Amber Carrington
  4. The Swon Brothers/Sasha Allen

Season 5 (the closest one to "got it right"):

  1. Tessanne Chin
  2. Jacquie Lee
  3. Will Champlin
  4. Matthew Schuler/Caroline Pennell/Cole Vosbury

Season 6:

  1. Sisaundra Lewis
  2. Christina Grimmie
  3. Josh Kaufman
  4. Kristen Merlin

Season 7:

  1. Matt McAndrew
  2. Chris Jamison
  3. Toia Jones
  4. Craig Wayne Boyd

Season 8:

  1. Kimberly Nichole 
  2. Koryn Hawthorne
  3. Meghan Linsey
  4. Mia Z

Season 9:

  1. Jordan Smith
  2. Jeffrey Austin
  3. Amy Vachal
  4. Madi Davis

Season 10:

  1. Alisan Porter
  2. Hannah Huston
  3. Laith Al-Saadi
  4. Tamar Davis/Ryan Quinn

Season 11:

  1. Ali Caldwell
  2. Billy Gilman
  3. Wé McDonald
  4. Sundance Head

Season 12:

  1. Lauren Duski
  2. Chris Blue
  3. Hunter Plake
  4. Vanessa Ferguson/Stephanie Rice

Season 13:

  1. Addison Agen
  2. Chloe Kohanski
  3. Noah Mac
  4. Brooke Simpson/Janice Freeman

Season 14:

  1. Kyla Jade
  2. Jackie Foster
  3. Christiana Danielle
  4. Brynn Cartelli/Britton Buchanan

Season 15:

  1. Kymberli Joye/MaKenzie Thomas
  2. MaKenzie Thomas/Kymberli Joye
  3. Michael Lee
  4. Chevel Shepherd

Season 16:

  1. Maelyn Jarmon
  2. Rod Stokes/Shawn Sounds
  3. Shawn Sounds/Rod Stokes
  4. Mari/Kalvin Jarvis/LB Crew

Season 17 (tbh if they'd flipped the order of the contestants, it would've been perfect):

  1. Rose Short
  2. Katie Kadan
  3. Ricky Duran
  4. Jake Hoot

Season 18:

  1. Thunderstorm Artis
  2. Toneisha Harris
  3. Todd Tilghman
  4. CammWess/Joanna Serenko/Allegra Miles
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S6 : Sisaundra/Josh/Christina

S7: Matt/Chris/DaNica/Anita or Craig

S8: Kimberly/Mia Z/Koryn/India or Sawyer

S9: Jordan/Amy/Madi/Jeffrey

S10: Alisan/Hannah/Laith/Emily or Bryan

S11: Ali/Wé/Sa'Rayah or Brendan or Billy/Sundance

S12: Chris/Lauren/Hunter/Brennley or Vanessa (honestly, the last three are interchangeable)

S13: Brooke/Addison/Noah/Janice

S14: Kyla/Spensha/Jackie F/Christiana

S15: Makenzie/Kymberli/DeAndre/Sarah or Michael (last three are interchangeable)

S16: Maelyn/Rod/Shawn/Mari or LB

S17: Same finale, but just flip the order of the contestants 

S18: Joana/Zan/Allegra/Megan/CammWess or Thunderstorm 

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The seasons I have to go off on because like how did the rightful winners not win?


Season 4:

Amber/Michelle/Sasha(the nerve of eliminating Sasha and Amber for Snoozebros and Flopielle)

3rd Place - Michelle

Winner - Amber

Runner-Up - Sasha


Season 6:


3rd Place - Kristen(underrated tbh)

Winner - Christina

Runner-Up - Sissaundra


Season 11:


4th Place - Darby

3rd Place - Simone

Winner - Ali

Runner-Up - We


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2 minutes ago, QueenMae16 said:

Season 4:

Amber/Michelle/Sasha(the nerve of eliminating Sasha and Amber for Snoozebros and Flopielle)

3rd Place - Michelle

Winner - Amber

Runner-Up - Sasha


Oh yeah Amber and Sasha were the robbed queens. Amber really caught my eye ever since her blind audition, she really impressed me more when she sang Skyfall, ooh chills! Sasha was also really good, especially her Oh Darling! a guilty pleasure. Still can't believe neither of them went to the finale.


3 minutes ago, QueenMae16 said:

Season 6:


3rd Place - Kristen(underrated tbh)

Winner - Christina

Runner-Up - Sissaundra


THIS! Kristen was super underrated, she's like the best country singer for me that season, I really love her tone. Her Two Black Cadillacs was really the best cover of that song I've ever heard. Her moment with Stay is also a pro move.


3 minutes ago, QueenMae16 said:

Season 11:


4th Place - Darby

3rd Place - Simone

Winner - Ali

Runner-Up - We


THIS IS SO PERFECT. Queen Ali is always robbed on the singing shows, it really frustrates me lmao

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What is the “Justice?” Getting mentioned in thread that will get read by a few dozen people, most of whom probably don’t care that much about it? What is the “REAL finale?” The one an anonymous person on the internet says it should be vs. actual results decided by millions of viewers? LOL, only on IDF. 

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I will start with Season 3, since I haven't payed much attention to the earlier seasons.




Winner- Cassadee Poppe 

Runner-Up- Amanda Brown

3rd- Trevin Hunte


As much as I love Amanda, I think Cassadee was obviously the most marketable out of the two, she's like that type of artist that you will like to hear more, she had a flop pre-live rounds though, but she did well in the lives, especially the finale.




Winner- Amber Carrington

Runner-Up- Sasha Allen

3rd- Michelle Samuel


I honestly love Danielle, but after Cassadee, I felt like I preferred the latter more, atleast when on the show, but both of them really had a good off the show performances.




Winner- Jacquie Lee

Runner-Up- Tessanee Chin

3rd- Matthew Schuler


If Matthew just did not screwed up after his Hallelujah performance, he would've easily been in the finale, his song choices were a flop lmao, his When a Man performance was really pitchy, but I still prefer him over Will for some reasons. Jacquie's Grand Finale was honestly a flop if I'm being honest, her AIATYIG is screamy, but I still think she should've won against Tessannee, who can be boring sometimes with her song choices.




Winner- Christina Grimmie (RIP QUEEN)

Runner-Up- Sisuandra Lewis

3rd- Kristen Merlin/Josh Kaufman


Still can't believe Christina is already gone and did not won the show, I am a fan of hers even before her The Voice days. Sisaundra was just purely robbed, Jake Not-Worthington was just that ordinary country dude for me, nothing special lmao. Kirsten and Josh is neck to neck, as I really like Josh's distinctive tone, but Kirsten had more performances that I really liked, but if it were up to it, I really understand why Josh got a really massive fan base behind him.




Winner- Matt McAndrew

Runner-Up- Chris Jamison

3rd- Anita Antoinette

4th- Taylor John Williams


IDK but I really love Anita, she's a breathe of fresh air for me, I love her reggae style. Taylor John's got a really stunning tone, his performances were may be bore at times, but he really captured me on his Mad World performance. Matt should've easily won this season.




Winner- Kimberly Nichole

Runner-Up- Koryn Hawthorne

3rd- Sawyer Fredricks

4th- Mia Z


Kim is just one of those robbed queens. She's had a really consistent live show performances, the judges are giving her standing ovation every single week lol. Her Dirty Diana performance was spot on, I really don't get it why she was placed at the bottom, and even lost to India, who had been really inconsistent all throughout. Sawyer was actually an understandable winner, he has this really cool tone that is so fresh. Mia was also eliminated too early.




Winner- Jordan Smith

Runner-Up- Jeffrey Austin

3rd- Amy Vachal

4th- Barrett Baber


This is a no brainer for me, Amy were way better than Emily for me. Jeffrey should not have sang in the instant save on the semis lmao.




Winner- Alisan Porter

Runner-Up- Adam Wakefield

3rd- Hannah Huston

4th- Bryan Bautista/Shalyah Fearing


Can't believe that neither of Bryan nor Shalyah entered the finale. Laith shouldn't have entered the finale, this is THE VOICE NOT THE MUSICIAN lmao. Alisan was like the Jordan Smith this season, but Adam was like a competition too.




Winner- Ali Caldwell

Runner-Up- Wé McDonald

3rd- Sundance Head

4th- Michael Sanchez


Michael was robbed af, but Sa'Rayah deserved the win though. Ali should've easily entered the finale, and even won against Josh boring Gallagher. Both Sundance and Wé were actually the risk takers for this season, with most of them really working out, Sundance had a moment with The Climb and No One, Wé with Don't Rain On My Parade. 




Winner- Chris Blue

Runner-Up- Lauren Duski

3rd- Vanessa Ferguson

4th- Hunter Plake


Honestly, it was neck to neck between Chris and Lauren, but Chris just captured my heart right away ever since his BA, even more when he sang Superstition (he crashed Quizz lmao). Vanessa should've atleast made it to the Instant Save after her Superstar performance, it was spot on, and her duet with Chris is just a masterpiece. Hunter and Brennley were my choice for 4th, but I preferred Hunter's tone more.




Winner- Brooke Simpson

Runner-Up- Janice Freeman

3rd- Addison Agen

4th- Noah Mac


This is like the season where I couldn't care less about the final placements, as I've felt like any of them could be a winner, I would've just preferred Janice to be in the finale as I felt like she really deserves it, her live performances was really good.




Winner- Kyla Jade

Runner-Up- Brynn Cartelli

3rd- Christiana Danielle

4th- Jackie Foster


I honestly love Britton, but for me, he was the weakest (for me) among Team Alicia members, I admire more about Jackie and Christiana's out of the box songs than Britton's. Brynn was an understandable winner, but Kyla had been more consistent on giving good performances.




Winner- Kennedy Holmes

Runner-Up- MaKenzie Thomas

3rd- Sandyredd

4th- Sarah Grace


Kennedy nor MaKenzie not winning this season was pure robbery for me. Team JHUD was really strong to the point where I think any of them winning is not shocking, but what shocked me is only one made it. I prefer Sarah over Chevel though. 




Winner- Maelyn Jarmon

Runner-Up- Presley Tennant

3rd- Rod Stokes

4th- Rizzi Myers


It's honestly hard to say in this category as I've stopped watching this season ever since after the disastrous cross battles. I've only watched Maelyn's performances on yt and twitter, and did not watch any more on tv.




Winner- Rose Short

Runner-Up- Jake Hoot

3rd- Katie Kadan

4th- Myracle Holloway


Honestly, Myracle deserved better, her You Are So Beautiful performance was spot on and really emotional. Rose was miles better than Katie, Katie had a bigger range, but Rose had a way more interesting aura in her. Jake was actually a really good country dude, I was skeptical about him at first but I find his performances enjoyable.




Winner- Todd Tilghman

Runner-Up- Allegra Miles

3rd- Micah Iverson

4th- Megan Danielle

5th- CammWess


Todd really deserved the win, he impressed me a lot on the voting rounds, especially in his finale performances. Allegra and Megan deserved better, Zan was another favorite of mine, but she had a boring song choices on the voting rounds.





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I honestly don't understand where all the love for Amber Carrington's Blind Audition is coming from, If I recall correctly, Amber's BA got a "she's fodder in the battles" reaction from everyone when the season was being covered as it was airing on this website, it wasn't until her battle itself that people started liking her.

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S13: Chloe, Addison, Noah & Janice 

S14: Kyla, Brynn, Britton, Christiana 

S15: MaKenzie, Chevel, Kirk, Kymberli/Kennedy

S16: Rod, Maelyn, Mari, Domenic 

S17: Katie, Rose, Jake, Myracle 

S18: Joanna, Camwess, Micah, Thunderstorm/Toneisha 

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1. Zan Fiskum

2. Thunderstorm Artis

3. Todd Tilghman

4. Toneisha Harris

Thunderstorm, Todd, and Toneisha all deserved their finale spots - Camm and Micah were inconsistent their whole ride. With the exception of her semifinals performance, I think Zan had the strongest run of everyone else - and had Toneisha not nailed her IS performance, Zan should've crept into the finale. She was the only other singer in that IS with a solid performance.



1. Katie Kadan

2. Ricky Duran

3. Rose Short

4. Myracle Holloway

Katie should've won based on overall vocal ability. Ricky and Rose rightfully earned their spots in the finale. Even though Will's my favorite - he wasn't consistent the whole way through with the songs he was given, so I'm fine with him not making it. In fact, the entire top 13 was inconsistent with the exception of the 3 I mentioned and Myracle, who was sent home waaaaay too early.



1. Maelyn Jarmon

2. Shawn Sounds

3. Dexter Roberts

4. Domenic Haynes

No question on who deserved first place here. Shawn was the second best in the top 12 and deserved that finale spot over Andrew. Of the absurd amount of country guys, Dexter was the only one who I didn't think was completely mediocre. I would've placed Domenic higher up had we seen him perform an extra time or two.



1. Kennedy Holmes

2. MaKenzie Thomas

3. Chevel Shepherd

4. SandyRedd

The ladies all KILLED IT this season and yet so many average guys made it farther. Kennedy's one-of-a-kind, MaKenzie nailed every performance she was given, Chevel became one of the few country artists that I didn't mind, and SandyRedd was one of the most robbed contestants in The Voice history. Period.



1. Kyla Jade

2. Britton Buchanan

3. Brynn Cartelli

4. Jackie Foster

This top 12 was super inconsistent. The top 3 (which ended up being the right top 3 from the top 12... just the wrong order...) were the most consistent of the bunch, and Kyla definitely deserved to win. Jackie was maybe a notch below them but as a whole, I enjoyed her more than most of the others in the top 12.



1. Chloe Kohanski

2. Noah Mac

3. Addison Agen

4. Janice Freeman

THIS SEASON >>>> the rest. The right person won, Noah and Addison had fantastic runs on the show... in fact this top 3 had fantastic song choices all the way through with the exception of Noah getting Ordinary World, and god Janice was robbed. You could replace her with Davon, Keisha, or Brooke and it would still be a phenomenal top 4. 



1. Lauren Duski

2. Hunter Plake

3. Vanessa Ferguson

4. Chris Blue

Hunter's in my all-time top 3 favorites and his absence in the finale was ABSURD, but overall - Lauren completely nailed every performance she was given. Same goes for Ms. Ferguson - an absolute goddess. I had several complaints about Chris, but you can't really deny his showmanship and ultimately, he deserved to be in the finale (just not with the crown)



1. Wé McDonald

2. Brendan Fletcher

3. Sundance Head

4. Ali Caldwell

I know I'm not alone in saying this is the worst top 12 of the whole show... but it was really hard putting this one together. I didn't "like" any of them a whole lot, but this is probably the order in which I felt it was appropriate to rank them.



1. Alisan Porter

2. Laith Al-Saadi

3. Hannah Huston

4. Adam Wakefield

Oh wow, a finale that got all 4 right? It's true that each team this season had one member who was miles above the rest, and I'm glad they all made it to the end. Personally just preferred Laith over Adam.



1. Jordan Smith

2. Amy Vachal

3. Emily Ann Roberts

4. Madi Davis

This was a hard one. Jordan wasn't my favorite of the season but he was undeniably the correct winner. Amy was robbed. Madi was robbed. Emily Ann was the only Team Blake member that deserved to make it to semifinals.



1. Kimberly Nichole

2. Meghan Linsey

3. Koryn Hawthorne

4. India Carney

Yeah I'm sorry - Sawyer lost me very quickly. Kimberly was probably the most deserving contestant of the season and she still got eliminated. Meghan had a very consistent run and she landed where she needed to be. Koryn improved greatly and is absolutely one of the few contestants I can say fought her way to the finale with everything she had (and I'm glad she's having a ton of success right now in her genre!). India was my default 4th.



1. Matt McAndrew

2. Luke Wade

3. Craig Wayne Boyd

4. Taylor Phelan

I was disappointed with this top 12, and the finale was dreadful. I had high expectations for the season and everyone just flopped. Taylor Phelan, a playoffs elimination, is as far back as I'm going to go on any of these - nobody in the top 12 was more deserving than him. Adam saving Chris over him was pathetic. This top 12 had so much potential but fizzled out so badly.



1. Kat Perkins

2. Kristen Merlin

3. Christina Grimmie

4. Josh Kaufman

Meh season. I liked Kat, even though she wasn't consistent. Didn't particularly care for Kristen, Christina, or Josh - but for all the crap they put Kristen through, she earned a spot at the end.



1. Tessanne Chin

2. Jacquie Lee

3. Matthew Schuler

4. Caroline Pennell

Clear top 2 that America got right. Surpised Matthew didn't make it to the end, Caroline's just a placeholder essentially.



1. Michelle Chamuel

2. Sarah Simmons

3. Judith Hill

4. Danielle Bradbery

4 women who excelled in their genres. I don't think Danielle was a bad winner or particularly undeserving, but compared to the other women on the season - she had so many above her, even if she did earn a finale spot in my book.



1. Cassadee Pope

2. Amanda Brown

3. Nicholas David

4. Trevin Hunte

Over You won it for her, Amanda deserved so much better, Nicholas and Trevin placed appropriately.



1. Juliet Simms

2. Jamar Rogers

3. Chris Mann

4. Katrina Parker (for being *literally* robbed)

Fair enough.



1. Casey Weston

2. Dia Frampton

3. Vicci Martinez

4. Beverly McClellan

ooooh I just genuinely preferred Casey to Javier. Javier did nothing for me. Everyone else placed fine as I recall it.

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On 8/2/2020 at 9:39 AM, QueenMae16 said:




5th Place - Cammwess

4th Place - Joanna

3rd Place - Megan

Winner - Zan 

Runner-Up - Allegra



Marybeth/Kyndal/Gracee/Joana(Max would be here too, but only a Final 4 here)

4th Place - Joana 

3rd Place - Gracee

Winner - Marybeth

Runner-Up - Kyndal




4th Place - Mari

3rd Place - Kendra

Winner - Lol Queen Maelyn of course

Runner-Up - Beth




4th Place - DeAndre

3rd Place - Abby

Winner - Makenzie

Runner-Up - SandyRedd




4th Place - Sharane

3rd Place - Christiana

Winner - Kyla

Runner-Up - Spensha


Post more later, but recent finales seem to be garbage so these needed to be fixed.



okay but taste tho 😳

I knew we both liked Maelyn but these finals are almost all what I'd say (although placing might be switched around). we are like the same person 👀

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  • 1 month later...

[S4 and forward]


S4 --

(1) Amber 

(2) Judith

(3) Michelle

(4) Danielle


S5 --

(1) Tessanne

(2) Jacquie

(3) Will

~Actually nailed it. If I had to add a #4~

(4) Cole 


S6 --

(1) Josh

(2) Sisaundra

(3) Christina

~Very good as well, but bleh runner up. If I were to add a fourth person, it would be~

(4) Bria


S7 --

(1) Matt

(2) Chris

(3) Anita 

(4) Luke


S8 --

(1) Kimberly

(2) Mia

(3) Sawyer

(4) Koryn


S9 -- 

(1) Jordan

(2) Madi

(3) Jeffery

(4) Amy


S10 --

(1) Alisan

(2) Hannah

(3) Adam

(4) Laith

~Another "got it right" one~


S11 --

(1) Sundance

(2) Ali

(3) Wé

(4) Billy


S12 -- 

(1) Hunter

(2) Chris

(3) Lauren

(4) Vanessa

~Hardest for me to decide (who to put in 2-4, that is)~


S13 --

(1) Chloe

(2) Addison

(3) Noah

(4) Brooke


S14 --

(1) Brynn

(2) Kyla


(4) Spensha

~You heard it here, WILKES. Also I think Brynn was deserving but Kyla definitely got 2nd~


S15 -- 

(1) MacKenzie 

(2) Kennedy

(3) Chevel

(4) Patrique

~Hard to place in lineup, realizing S15 isn't actually so bad. HM's out to Michael Lee~


S16 --

(1) Maelyn

(2) Domenic

(3) Mari

(4) Rod

S17 --

(1) Rose

(2) Ricky

(3) Mendeleyev

(4) Katie


S18 --

(1) Thunderstorm

(2) Toneisha

(3) Todd

(4) Todd 

~I'll let you decide on Todd spots~



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I like this thread, I'm reviving it


Only including people who made it past the playoffs


Season 3


1- Amanda Brown

2- Cassadee Pope

3- Trevin Hunte

4- Terry McDermott


Season 4


1- Sasha Allen

2- Amber Carrington

3- Michelle Chamuel

4- Judith Hill


Season 5


1- Tessanne Chin

2- Jacquie Lee

3- Will Champlin

4- Matthew Schuler


Season 6


1- Sisaundra Lewis

2- Christina Grimmie

3- Kat Perkins

4- Kristen Merlin


Season 7


1- Matt McAndrew

2- Craig Wayne Boyd

3- Chris Jamison

4- Taylor John Williams


Season 8


1- India Carney

2- Mia Z

3- Kimberly Nichole

4- Koryn Hawthorne


Season 9


1- Jordan Smith

2- Madi Davis

3- Jeffrey Austin

4- Amy Vachal


Season 10


1- Alisan Porter

2- Adam Wakefield

3- Hannah Huston

4- Laith Al-Saadi


Season 11


1- Sundance Head

2- Ali Caldwell

3- Billy Gilman

4- Wé McDonald


Season 12


1- Chris Blue

2- Lauren Duski

3- Vanessa Fergueson

4- Hunter Plake


Season 13


1- Brooke Simpson/Chloe Kohanski (I'm not choosing)

3- Noah Mac

4- Addison Agen


Season 14


1- Kyla Jade

2- Jackie Foster

3- Sharane Calister

4- Brynn Cartelli


Season 15


1- MaKenzie Thomas

2- Kennedy Holmes

3- Chevel Shepherd

4- Kymberli Joye


Season 16


1- Maelyn Jarmon

2- Dexter Roberts

3- Shawn Sounds

4- Mari Jones


Season 17


1- Rose Short

2- Katie Kadan

3- Ricky Duran

4- Jake Hoot


Season 18


1- Toneisha Harris

2- Thunderstorm Artis

3- Todd Tilghman

4- Allegra Miles

5- Zan Fiskum


Season 19


1- Cami Clune

2- Carter Rubin

3- Desz

4- Jim Ranger

5- John Holliday


Season 20


1- Cam Anthony

2- Rachel Mac

3- Gihanna Zoe

4- Corey Ward

5- Dana Monqiue


Season 21's finale was perfect as is

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Updating with S19-S21:



1. DeSz

2. Cami Clune

3. Jim Ranger

4. Ian Flanigan

5. (Carter Rubin)

DeSz deserved this whole thing. Cami was a bit inconsistent, but compared to the rest of the top 9, I would've liked her there. I did like Jim and Ian on and off throughout as well. Was tempted to move up Payge and Sid, but that would be too far up based on where they finished.



1. Cam Anthony

2. Dana Monique

3. Corey Ward

4. Kenzie Wheeler

(5. Gihanna Zoe)

Cam wasn't my #1 the whole season but obviously that was a deserving winner. Dana and Corey deserved the finale more than their teammate that did make it (Team Kelly was STRONG). Kenzie wasn't particularly my thing, but he seemed consistently good and I didn't mind him too much looking back. I did like Gihanna as well so that was my 50/50 for 4th place.



1. Girl Named Tom

2. Jershika Maple

3. Wendy Moten

4. Paris Winningham

(5. Joshua Vacanti)

What a season. Can't complain too much about the finale, but would've preferred this order for the finale placements.

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