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  1. 1. Ryan Sill 2. Nick Hagelin 3. Braiden Sunshine 4. Mark Isiah
  2. Yeah, I feel like this is a unpopular opinion, but I really liked Rod. His T13 performance was great, his duet with Maelyn was flawless as well. I also liked his T8 performance. Queen Mari should of at least made it to the T8 instead of Kim Cherry like what the hell. I would have really liked a finale with Shawn, Mari, Rod and Maelyn.
  3. S6 : Sisaundra/Josh/Christina S7: Matt/Chris/DaNica/Anita or Craig S8: Kimberly/Mia Z/Koryn/India or Sawyer S9: Jordan/Amy/Madi/Jeffrey S10: Alisan/Hannah/Laith/Emily or Bryan S11: Ali/Wé/Sa'Rayah or Brendan or Billy/Sundance S12: Chris/Lauren/Hunter/Brennley or Vanessa (honestly, the last three are interchangeable) S13: Brooke/Addison/Noah/Janice S14: Kyla/Spensha/Jackie F/Christiana S15: Makenzie/Kymberli/DeAndre/Sarah or Michael (last three are interchangeable) S16: Maelyn/Rod/Shawn/Mari or LB S17: Same finale, but just flip the order of the contestants S18: Joana/Zan/Allegra/Megan/CammWess or Thunderstorm
  4. 1. Amanda Brown: DREAM ON! Iconic! 2. Maelyn Jarmon: Mad World. I loved it as well, but maybe not so much as Amanda's.
  5. What would have been your finale for each season?
  6. Favorite contestant from each team. Discuss.
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