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  1. It's been said that Christina actually wanted to bring back Kristen Marie, who imo was underrated and deserved to win her battle. But the producers made her bring back Nick instead.
  2. Really? I always felt like Amy was the one who was supposed to be fodder in that battle considering the song "To Love Somebody" wasn't exactly in Amy's wheelhouse.
  3. Season 5 is full of these, heck, a majority of the entire Top 12 has at least one. These aren't songs that shouldn't not be done again, but they have only been done once so far. Austin Jenckes: It's A Great Day To Be Alive Your Love Jonny Gray: Another Day In Paradise Bittersweet Symphony Refugee All These Things That I've Done Kat Robichaud: She Keeps Me Warm Sail You Oughta Know Tessanne Chin: Underneath It All Caroline Pennell: The Way I Am Leaving On A Jet Plane Jacquie Lee: Stompa Cole Vosbury: Movin' On Up Africa James Wolpert: Love Interruption Fell In Love With A Girl Matthew Schuler: My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light Em' Up)
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