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  1. Is it hard to find a version that isn't blocked? Because I searched up one thing on YouTube and found it easily. Although, that may be because I live in Canada, meaning I could watch videos that are blocked in the US.
  2. Another performance I really like that isn't really talked about is Sarah Grace's performance of "Dog Days Are Over", I especially love the part where her voice goes really soft and she uses a bit of falsetto. The studio of it is great too.
  3. You know? I know everyone had the perception that all of Darby's performances weren't great, but honestly, I always find myself enjoying this one.
  4. Oh, yeah, that happens quite a bit here, doesn't it?
  5. Why is the thread still getting replies? No offense, but it's been made clear that nobody knows, and we likely will never know.
  6. I never noticed this until now but, there was a forgettable guy from Season 6 named Caleb Elder who actually has an error on his studio recording picture, one side on the part of his shirt is missing and you can see the backround behind him.
  7. I remember Ghost being done twice in season 9. Once by Cassandra Robertson (robbed, and sad we didn't get more of her or Andi & Alex when they both RIGHT THERE for the pick as Adam's comeback artist) in the blind auditions, which was montaged, and then.....it was done again by Barrett Baber in the Semifinals.
  8. I like how IDF doesn't hold onto the past, like no one believes or says that the older seasons of The Voice were better than the newer ones. Like how some performances from newer seasons have outclassed previously beloved performances of songs done before.
  9. Eh, no one, everyone mostly agreed that no one was robbed last round, so that should mean that everyone that advanced deserved to make finale, so yeah, no one was robbed.
  10. Ah, Season 9, the season of robbed female singers in the pre-live rounds and Live Playoffs. In my ideal Season 9, 5/6 of the Top 24 were women with a few exceptions of course, although that is just personal taste.
  11. Sam Behymer, I liked her, but I always thought that she was Irish, because to me she sounded like she had an Irish accent when she sang. So I looked up an interview and imagine my surprise when she has a very much American speaking voice.
  12. And here is where I bring some of my own trash taste, I liked Alex Kandel's cover of Bright, although it may only be because I like that song. Actually, I've only really ever listened to the studio version of it, and I liked that, admittedly, not so much her actual performance of it.
  13. Continuing on my trend of hating Nick Hagelin, I always find it odd how his blind never comes up when it comes to bad blind auditions that shouldn't have turned a chair. Like, Pharrell actually grimaced and looked like he regretted turning when he got to a certain part of it, and I always found the "I thought I saw you out there crying," part to be awful, it's even worse in his blind studio.
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