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  1. Season 1: A vast majority of the battle decisions, with exceptions being the finalists, and a few others. Season 2: YT Comment Opinion - Lindsey Pavao over Lee Koch YT Comment Opinion - Charlotte Sometimes over Lex Land YT Comment Opinion - Sera Hill over Geoff McBride RaeLynn over Adley Stump Season 3: Adriana Louise over Jordan Pruitt Sam James over Benji Daniel Rosa over Alexis Marceaux YT Comment Opinion - Mackenzie Bourg over Daniel Rosa Julio Cesar Castillo over MarissaAnn Season 5: Destinee Quinn over Lina Gaudenzi Preston Pohl over Lina Gaudenzi James Irwin over Matt Cermanski George Horga Jr. over Juhi Nic Hawk over Holly Henry (Fun Fact - Holly was originally going to do an acoustic version of Creep rather than trying to sing it straight.) Season 6: Ryan Whyte Maloney over Kaleigh Glanton Jake Barker over Brittnee Camelle Deja Hall over Ddendyl Dani Moz over Clarissa Serna YT Comment Opinion - Stevie Jo over Morgan Wallen Pairing Patrick Thomson and Josh Murley together, forcing one of them to take a spot in the Playoffs. Only going to do the early seasons.....for now.
  2. That 10-second clip of Alexa Cappelli singing "Pray". I wanted to like her, I thought her blind audition was okay, but her later performances just didn't hold a candle to it. But this, just sounded great, even if we got so little of it, and listening to the studio, I honestly believe it could've been the best battle of the season if Hannah Goebel didn't drop out, and we got to hear it Live, and it sounded anything like the studio did.
  3. Chris Jamison being picked over Taylor Phelan is a WTF moment? Taylor could've sung that other extreme toothache-inducing Echosmith song (The one Alex Kandel sang.), and IDF would still say he should've advanced.
  4. Damali deserved to be in the Top 13? Everyone DOES remember that she had an incredibly poor song choice for that round, and was also more than likely the lowest overall vote getter, right?
  5. Any Song by Kate Vogel (Like Rain or The Cycle.) Any Song by Jasmine Thompson (Like Drop Your Guard or Willow.) Leave A Light On - Tom Walker Starlight - Ayon High Hopes - Kodaline Heart Full of Scars - Rebecca Black The Great Divide - Rebecca Black Carnival Hearts - Kayla Diamond
  6. Here's one I'm surprised has never been mentioned. Does IDF have an unpopular opinion on it, or was it so bad that everyone deliberately forgot about it? Anyway, I give to you, Jeremiah Miller's Knockout Performance: https://youtu.be/U65K3SlYMRQ To this day, I don't understand why it couldn't have been Alexandra Joyce foddering it up for Noah, at least from the Studio Recordings, her voice sounds far more pleasant than Jeremiah's.
  7. Here's a simple one that's probably gonna get hated even on here. I liked Alex Kandel's Blind Audition.
  8. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=l6Qp8qPSX6o They got 4 chairs. Repeat. They Got 4 Chairs.
  9. Kristen Marie. The girl who should've beaten Daniel in the battles, if only to spare him from all the horrible performances he gave us after the Playoffs.
  10. Jack Cassidy - Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me Daniel Passino - Uptown Funk Nic Hawk - Blurred Lines James Wolpert/Paxton Ingram - I'd Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That) Anthony Paul - The Other Side Whatever it was that died on the stage in the Season 13 Playoffs (Lucas Holliday) - The Beautiful Ones
  11. Can I say Sarah Simmons? She failed to get the PV in the Playoffs despite being painted as a frontrunner, and if you really look at it, her elimination really wasn't as shocking as it was said to be. Look at all those in the Top 12 who were eliminated before her: Garrett Gardner, VEDO, Josiah Hawley, and Kris Thomas. Of these four, all of them suffered from either one, or a few weeks of bad song choices, which was enough for her to scrape by and survive, but once there was no more inconsistent performers, it was clear as day her time was up unless she had a moment like her Blind Audition, but she didn't, and at that point the writing was on the wall for her elimination.
  12. I always thought this site loved Jamai and Sharane's battle, given the immense love it got on YouTube, and also because that one Youtube channel called "Brother" did a reaction to it. But then, I realized that those two reactors are just easily impressed, heck they actually liked Felicia Temple's Playoffs performance. You could probably have them react to Kota Wade's horrible "Barracuda" cover and they would still act as if it was the greatest performance ever.
  13. Aaron Gibson and Sa'Rayah? Other ones I would've said have already been said.
  14. I honestly don't understand where all the love for Amber Carrington's Blind Audition is coming from, If I recall correctly, Amber's BA got a "she's fodder in the battles" reaction from everyone when the season was being covered as it was airing on this website, it wasn't until her battle itself that people started liking her.
  15. Really? Because, looking at the montaged 1 chair turns, we have Gina Castanzo, Lacy Mandigo, Jonathan Bach, Trey O'Dell, Lily Green, and Chelsea Gann. Haven't listened to Lily or Chelsea yet, but of the other 4, the only ones I like from the studio version of their blinds are Gina and Jonathan, the latter of whom might be an unpopular opinion considering you couldn't really go anywhere on this forum before while the season was airing and NOT find a thread relating to the blinds where Jonathan WASN'T being crapped on.
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