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Knockouts night 1


The Voice Knockouts Night 1  

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  1. 1. Who gave the best performance

    • Joei Fulco - When Will I Be Loved
    • Levi Watkins - I Ain't Living Long Like This
    • Megan Danielle - Piece by Piece
    • CammWess - Say Something
    • Mike Jerel - Versace on the Floor
    • Darious Lyles - Me and Mrs Jones
    • Roderick Chambers - Redbone
    • Tate Brusa - The Scientist
    • Todd Tilghman - Anymore
    • Cam Spinks - Rumor
    • Zan Fiskum - The Story
    • Joanna Serenko - Angel From Montgomery
  2. 2. Who was robbed?

    • No One
    • Levi Watkins
    • Tate Brusa
    • Cam Spinks
    • Darious Lyles

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We're gonna go with this:


1.  Cammwess - Just can't get over the intensity of the performance.  It really drew me in.

2.  Megan - I like her and prolly would have her #1 if not for the excessive growls.

3.  Zan - There's no denying her tone and artistry.  She's everything I personally look for in a contestant.

4.  Todd - Great song + Great performance = Great result.  Todd has been super consistent and I see him as a lock for T8 if not finale.

5.  Joanna - Tone...range...artistry.  Yeah I'm onboard.

5.  Roddick - Pleasant surprise.


The rest didn't do it for me.

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1. CammWess - Zan is my snowflake for this season but this is the performance that impressed me the most. So perfect, so emotionally connected, and those runs... whew!


2. Zan Fiskum - She did a fantastic job! I'm not sure this was the perfect song choice for her as she did sound uncomfortable on certain belty spots, and from what I've heard pre-season her mystical head voice is her greatest asset, so I want to hear more laid-back songs from her in the future.


3. Megan Danielle - This was also a flawless performance. Her improvement from blinds to now is huge.


4. Todd Tilghman - If anyone's beating Thunderstorm, it's him. He's consistent, he has an amazing tone, and a pleasing personality to boot. Def one of the frontrunners.


5. Joanna Serenko - She has a very cool vibe and she has great artistry. There were parts that felt a bit too first, but overall, great job.


6. Joei Fulco - Eh, this wasn't a good song choice to showcase her vocals.


7. Roderick Chambers - This was decent but he's gone next round


8. Levi Watkins - Way too underdeveloped.


9. Darious Lyles - Didn't care for these two.

10. Mike Jerel - see Darious


11. Tate Brusa - Awful rendition. Byeee


12. Cam Spinks - Kailey should've been here.





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1. Roderick Chambers - "Redbone"
2. Zan Fiskum - "The Story"
3. Joanna Serenko - "Angel From Montgomery"
4. CammWess - "Say Something"
5. Darious Lyles - "Me and Mrs Jones"
6. Joei Fulco - "When Will I Be Loved"
7. Mike Jerel - "Versace on the Floor"
8. Megan Danielle - "Piece by Piece"
9. Todd Tilghman - "Anymore"
10. Cam Spinks - "Rumor"
11. Levi Watkins - "I Ain't Living Long Like This"
12. Tate Brusa - "The Scientist"

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1 - Megan Danielle - Piece by Piece - I love her voice, she improved so much from her blinds.
2 - Zan Fiskum - The Story - Beautiful tone. Best of her so far.
3 - CammWess - Say Something - Until his KO, he didn't convince me much. But it was a really good steal from Kelly.
4 - Todd Tilghman - Anymore - Very consistent in his performances.
5 - Joanna Serenko - Angel From Montgomery - I liked her, but I feel she's a little overrated... Idk, she still sings really well.
6 - Joei Fulco - When Will I Be Loved - Great vocal range, but the song wasn't the best.
7 - Roderick Chambers - Redbone - Very nasal to my taste, but good overall
8 - Darious Lyles - Me and Mrs Jones - I preferred him to win over Mike, but whatever, neither performance blew my mind. It was okay.
9 - Mike Jerel - Versace on the Floor - Tbh, his voice annoys me a little. He sings well, but it's not my cup of tea.
10 - Levi Watkins - I Ain't Living Long Like This - It wasn't as bad as everyone says it was for my taste, he definitely needs his voice to grow. His performance went nowhere.
11 - Tate Brusa - The Scientist - Very pitchy. The best from him at the show, but it wasn't good either, lol.
12 - Cam Spinks - Rumor - A big NO. I don't understand how Kailey left in his place in the battles.
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1. Todd Tilghman - He's got Josh Kaufman vibe and he puts a great spin on a Travis Tritt song. Definitely a lock for Top 9 or even the finale. 

2. Joanna Serenko - Not her best performance but I love her tone so much. I am hoping Blake will have to coach her on minimizing her runs so she'll showcase her vocals even more.

3. Zan Fiscum - Though she really did performed well, you can see her struggling to hit the high notes. Brandi Carlile songs are very hard to cover unless you're on a Janice Freeman (RIP) or Sarah Simmons level.

4. CammWess - I really think he won that round because his voice is so vulnerable and he puts emotion to the song.

5. Joei Fulco - I was expecting her to step up more in the Knockouts, not her best performance but she clearly won the knockout. I hope she sings Fleetwood Mac or Cher songs in the next round.

6. Megan Danielle - She improved a lot in this performance but I certainly don't like her growl, it sets her away from the emotion and the vulnerability of the song.

7. Roderick Chambers - Good tone but still boring to me.

8. Levi Watkins - I definitely think he really did a good job tonight. It's just that his voice is still on the process of developing and puberty has really hit him hard this time.

9. Darious Lyles - Also impressive vocally but I don't see him competing against the frontrunners although he won his knockout round with Mike.

10. Mike Jerel - Singing Bruno Mars' songs is a kiss of death. He struggled hitting some notes and he became an underwhelming artist from his blind audition.

11. Cam Spinks - He was pitchy the whole time.

12. Tate Brusa - His performance was not at all good. 

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1. Camm

2. Joanna

3. Zan

4. Megan

5. Roderick

6. Joei

7. Todd T.

8. Mike J.

9. Cam S

10. Darious

11. Levi

12. Tate



Darious deserved a steal. Surprised Kelly didn't save her steal (Turned in Blinds) there. Ten solid performances IMO. The teenage boys not ready/development per usual. Four-Way KO probably means 1 KO per coach next week with 2 montages. Tayler/Micah featured in closing clip. No double montage for Tayler thank goodness. 


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Really liked this episode. Besides a few (and all those few were eliminated), great performances all around.


1. Zan (Her best performance by far. I've heard people say it wasn't a good song choice but I thought she killed it)

2. Megan (Wish she controlled the growls, but besides that, perfect performance. Not sure if she has that much support by the voters but she deserves to make it far.)

3. CammWess (Blown away by this one. Perfect song choice. Think his runs are some of the best I've heard in the competition.)

4. Roderick (He really came out of nowhere! Hit some really impressive notes and had a lot more power than he had shown before.)


5. Todd (Gonna make the finale. Really like his tone.)

6. Joanna (Didn't live up to her audition and battle, but still a pretty good performance. She deserved the steal for sure.

7. Joei (Not a fan of the song choice, but she sounded pretty good nonetheless. If she picked something interested she'd probably be in my top tier.


8. Mike (He still hasn't lived up to his audition. He was better than Darious but too many pitch problems for it to be a truly enjoyable performance.)

9. Darious (Pretty boring. Mike was better, but I still would've picked Darious because he has much more potential for a future breakout performance than Mike does.)


10. Cam (Generic country. Nothing special about this. Wasn't a bad performance but I had no interest in this at all.)

11. Levi (He still needs a few more years. Once his voice develops, he'll probably be much better.)

12. Tate (Who told him it was a good idea to belt through The Scientist?)

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1. Zan Fiskum (9/10) - There are a LOT of different ways to cover this song and while it wasn't as big and flashy as Janice Freeman or Sarah Simmons or quirky like Jessie Pitts, she found a fantastically balanced version for her to do. It's exactly the kind of performance she needed and I hope she goes far!

2. Todd Tilghman (9/10) - Simply fantastic. He's emerged as a frontrunner in the competition and he's genuinely a guy with a personality you can root for. He's the biggest threat in the competition so far.

3. Megan Danielle (9/10) - The big shocker of the night for me. imo Megan's the contestant that's grown the most this season. I'm very glad that she was able to flip my opinion of her during blinds around. Hope she goes far with Kelly!

4. CammWess (8.5/10) - His best to date! Truly a great surprise and an example of why knockouts are my favorite round. Didn't agree with every choice he made in the vocals with this, but it was very strong.

5. Roderick Chambers (8/10) - Pleasant performance and a deserved victory, but he's a perplexing contestant because he hasn't done anything to stand out in the competition so far.

6. Joanna Serenko (8/10) - Not the right choice for her, but she did fine enough. Something's not working for her on the show, however. I used to think she was a real threat but now I'm not sure I can picture her in the top 9, even as a Team Blake contestant.

7. Joei Fulco (7.5/10) - Not the right choice for knockouts, but thankfully she did a solid job and she had a weak partner to let her look better.

8. Mike Jerel (7/10) - Weakest performance from him so far. He earned the win over Darious, but I didn't expect him to emerge as the weakest performance from a Team John contender going into lives (including CammWess). He's slipping.

9. Tate Brusa (7/10) - It was his best performance so far and you can tell he's improved, but sadly it wasn't going to be enough. He's got potential in the future though and I'm glad he got one decent performance out of the show.

10. Darious Lyles (6/10) - You can't be doing a song like this in KO's and expect to go through unless you do something to spice the song up.

11. Cam Spinks (6/10) - Simply just unimpressive and interesting.

12. Levi Watkins (4/10) - He sounded like he was trying to do an impression of someone else. Not a good fit for the show.




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Joei vs Levi - nothing too special. I enjoy Joei, but kinda expected more? Definitely great moments in the performance but was waiting for that one moment that didn't happen. Levi is impressive for a 14-year-old boy but not ready for a competition against adults. Joei won this easily even if it wasn't her best


Megan vs Cammwess - a great knockout! Without hearing the performances I would've definitely given it to Megan, the two previous rounds she outsold her component by a landslide. Listening to the leak, I was floored by how good CammWess is! Wow, those runs were spot on. The way he built the performance felt perfect. Many times in the prelives I feel like the contestants don't have enough time to execute the song in the short amount of time they are given but his execution was so good. Megan was great, as well. And as many pointed out, I could've done without the growling, but vocally she was excellent. Moving forward in the competition, Megan (and her body of work overall) is the better choice, I was just blown away by CammWess. Happy he was stolen and intrigued if he'll be able to live up to this performance again.


Darious vs Mike - definitely a surprise result. I thought it was an obvious call. Darious was good, smooth, perhaps just no too memorable. Mike disappointed once again. Thought his battle was just a one off, but starting to think the audition was the one on. Felt the song was way too big for his voice and he seemed to be trying way too hard thus not giving the swag this song calls for in execution.


Roderick vs Tate - yikes. Roderick was decent. Wrong song choice, though? Although his performance left me feeling more tense than satisfied, maybe he did one vocal trick too much, if not several. Tate was the opposite, kinda. I think the song choice was good for him, it was just his voice that faltered.


Todd vs Cam - the easiest decision of the night. There's just something about Todd that's infectious. His energy, smile, the #holyhop. He's consistently great. This wasn't a breakout performance of any sort but he didn't need one. Especially, going against Cam. Still not convinced he beat out Kailey. Fell flat one too many times in this performance alone. Plus there's just something about him that repels me. 


Joanna vs Zan - the knockout deserving of premiere pimp spot. Joanna's first line gave me chills. I felt sorry for everyone in the competition because it was hers to lose. Not the knockout, the competition. But as her performance went on, she went from having THE performance of the season to having a nice performance that's gonna get her to the next round. Adore her tone and this was the best song choice she had imo. This wasn't a bad performance by any means, I just didn't get every choice she made. And setting the bar unattainably high with that opening verse, the performance as a whole just fell down a bit. On the other hand, Zan started great and ended great. There was a moment during the biggest vocal moment that I felt she kinda faltered. In the end I was kinda surprised I would've given her the win, considering I went in certain John made a mistake there.

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Joanna Serenko - "Angel From Montgomery" (A)
Megan Danielle - "Piece by Piece" (A)
CammWess - "Say Something" (A-)
Joei Fulco - "When Will I Be Loved" (B+)
Zan Fiskum - "The Story"  (B+)
Todd Tilghman - "Anymore"  (B-)
Roderick Chambers - "Redbone" (C+)
Darious Lyles - "Me and Mrs Jones" (C)
Levi Watkins - "I Ain't Living Long Like This" (C)
Mike Jerel - "Versace on the Floor" (C-)
Tate Brusa - "The Scientist" (D)
Cam Spinks - "Rumor" (D-)


Thanks for the No One Was Robbed option.

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1. Joanna Serenko (Love her, tho I understand John picking Zan)
2. Megan Danielle

3. Cammwess

4. Roderick Chambers (I did not expect that from him and I'm so glad that he won)

5. Zan Fiskum (Maybe I'm biased but this left me underwhelmed)

6. Joei Fulco (She could do better with different song choice)

7. Darious Lyles (He should have won imo but his performance was a little bit meh)

8. Levi Watkins (I really enjoyed it, but c'mon he's too young to get to the lives)
9. Mike Jerel
10. Tate Brusa (Again, he's too young and I'm happy he's out)

Todd and Cam are not my cup of tea so I don't know where to put them (for me both were boring, but Todd has good voice!)

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1. Joanna - Performance of the night by far, even though it wasn't as flashy as people usually like.


2. Megan - Best rendition of "Piece by Piece" on the show, iirc. 


3. CammWess - Less is more sometimes. Not the best version of "Say Something" that I've heard, and I was expecting him to be among the best. 


4. Todd - Solid as expected. 


5. Zan - She made the song too 'indie' for my taste and it also felt too big for her. I prefer Sarah Simons and Janice's versions on this song. 


I either wasn't a fan of the other contestants song choices, or simply didn't care enough about their performances. 


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1. Zan Fiskum (A-): I went in expecting this to be fine, but underwhelming, Janice made this song untouchable. She did a good job of making it her own however and proved that she had a much bigger voice than I thought. Favorite on Team John, save Thunderstorm

2. Roderick Chambers (A-): Shock of the season, bad blind, good battle, amazing knockout. He for the first time this season stood out to me

3. Megan Danielle (A-): So good at connecting emotionally, I agree with losing some of the growl, but I can't help but feel something while she sings

4. Todd Tilghman (B+): Gosh I just love Todd so much. He has such an earnest presence while performing and his tone is bonkers good, one of the frontrunners too

5. CammWess (B+): Great tone, totally deserved the steal and while the runs were well done, I thought he oversang. If he held back like 10%, it could've been the performance of the night

6. Joei Fulco (B): Love her tone and when she puts on the rasp, it's pretty rad. Personally don't love this song, but she did great with it

7. Joana Seranko (B): Least favorite performance of Joana, her delivery seemed really scattered and the mike shaking has to stop, it makes her voice sound wobbly 

8. Mike Jerel (C+): Strained his voice left and right for what was just an ok performance. Jon Mero outsold

9. Darius Lyles (C): Nothing done wrong, just incredibly boring

10. Levi Watkins (C+): Sweet kid with a good personality, but just an ok voice and this song was to mature for him

11. Tate Brusa (D): Yelled his way through the song and was it just me or did the rasp in his voice feel forced not natural? His voice has some natural rasp, but it sounded like his voice was damaged

12. Cam Spinks (D-): I'm not sure he hit a single note in that performance and he has such an off putting personality that anytime I see him, I get annoyed which is bad if you want to move on

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1. Joanna Serenko - Angel From Montgomery

2. Megan Danielle - Piece by Piece

3. CammWess - Say Something

4. Zan Fiskum - The Story

5. Roderick Chambers - Redbone

6. Joei Fulco - When Will I Be Loved

7. Todd Tilghman - Anymore

8. Darious Lyles - Me and Mrs Jones

9. Levi Watkins - I Ain't Living Long Like This

10. Cam Spinks - Rumor

11. Mike Jerel - Versace on the Floor

12. Tate Brusa - The Scientist

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Based on my personal preference 

1. Megan Danielle: “Piece by Piece”

2. CammWess: “Say Something”

3. Zan Fiskum: “The Story” 

4. Tate Brusa: “The Scientist”

5. Joanna Serenko: “Angel From Montgomery”
6. Levi Watkins: “I Ain’t Living Long Like This”

7. Joei Fulco: “When Will I Be Loved”

8. Cam Spinks: “Rumor”

9.Roderick Chambers: "Redbone"

10. Todd Tilghman: “Anymore"
11. Mike Jerel: "Versace on the Floor"
12. Darious Lyles: “Me and Mrs Jones"


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