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  1. It's about the song Emily sang that led to her elimination - "Let's get loud". The viewers didn't get loud... so they stayed quiet xD. This is the only one that I got. Also while I spoke here, I love reading this thread even if I watched like 2 seasons of AI (9th, which I don't really remember and 16th). And I wanted to know your opinion, Crisis, on those eliminated at the Top 14 in seasons 16 & 17, because I came to realization that you're not including them in this ranking (which I understand, but I would include them if I could lol).
  2. Silent Killers... TESS BOYER Season 6 says hello? She got her BA montaged, then lost a battle with Bria and got stolen, then lost another battle with Jake W and got stolen again in Playoffs gave an amazing performance and advanced to top 12 (Ok, she was in Team Shakira which was flopping anyway, but whatever) ok, she got only to top 10, but she outlasted a guy, who had his BA shown in Top 12, which is very rare and I think that was a big accomplishment. Also if I remember that good, in season 7, Damien and Taylor John were much more pimped than Chris, but in the semifinals he won with both of them.
  3. I guess unpop opinion here... but for me all of these four are boring. Maybe it's just not my taste, but none of them made me rewatch their performances for thousands times.
  4. You made me check the wikipedia so it's my list of ppl who I was heartbroken to see eliminated: 7 - all the girls eliminated before Ryan Sill in the lives (like I rooted for Jessie, Sugar, Anita, Reagan and hated Ryan and then you eliminate all of the girls and keep him in wtf), I disagree with many of the battle and KO winners, but Beth hurts the most 8 - Kimberly and India, never recovered from their both landing in the BTM2, also Treeva without any steal available :(. 9 - Sydney then Lyndsey then Ellie then Korin then Amy then Madi 10 - Kristen Marie </3, also Angie, Caity, Emily, Bryan 11 - I wanted Ali, Christian, Brendan in the finale so... ROBBED I got bored but I will come back.
  5. 1. Joanna - Idc I just love her, maybe she will squeeze through. 2. Joei - She's basically dead in this team, but I just want to notice how great she is and I'm already upset she will be eliminated. 3. Toneisha - She is a powerhouse and so talented, but not that special as the girls above. 4. Todd - His energy is too much, I don't hate him, but I don't like him as well.
  6. Anaya's cover is really good and I don't think she gave a bad performance, but Mandi is much more experienced and her voice is so STRONG. I think Kelly made good decision there.
  7. But hating on someone is like part of the fun in The Voice <3. I'm joking. Kind of. I disagree tho, cause I definetly had some people that I hated this season. Good point about the song choices, although I didn't like some of them, there were some new songs thrown which was pleasant to see and hear. But it's my subjective point and it's cool to see someone really enjoying this season.
  8. 1. Joanna Serenko (Love her, tho I understand John picking Zan) 2. Megan Danielle 3. Cammwess 4. Roderick Chambers (I did not expect that from him and I'm so glad that he won) 5. Zan Fiskum (Maybe I'm biased but this left me underwhelmed) 6. Joei Fulco (She could do better with different song choice) 7. Darious Lyles (He should have won imo but his performance was a little bit meh) 8. Levi Watkins (I really enjoyed it, but c'mon he's too young to get to the lives) 9. Mike Jerel 10. Tate Brusa (Again, he's too young and I'm happy he's out) Todd and Cam are not my cup of tea so I don't know where to put them (for me both were boring, but Todd has good voice!)
  9. S17 - Shane, Hello Sunday, Will, Cali, Myracle (she was boring and not really that good ok?) S16 - All of them except Maelyn? S15 - Tyke, Reagan, Chris lol S14 - Rayshun S13 - Maybe Red, but I don't really remember him S12 - Mark Isaiah (Troy and TSoul also were boring, but they weren't bad and Lilli sucked in the live shows, but I love her) S11 - Team Blake S10 - Nick Hagelin (how he made through the playoffs omg) S09 - Braiden, Zach S08 - No one really, maybe Brian but he wasn't annoying S07 - RYAN SILL (my 1st hated contestant on The Voice and he is still one of the worst) I didn't watched the lives from the previous seasons so I'll end here.
  10. Kelly - Megan Nick - Allegra John - Zan/Joanna Blake - Toneisha is best, but I love Joei and Cedrice
  11. 1. Juliet 2. Terry 3. Jacquie 4. Addison 5. Matt 6. Michelle 7. Dia 8. Ricky 9. Britton Who cares about the rest XD
  12. Subjective, but: 1. Micah vs. Gigi - They sounded great together, it wasn't perfect, but I liked both of them. This song suits Micah more, so not shocking that he won. But Gigi was also good and her mistakes weren't unpleasant to hear tbh. 2. Darious vs. Nelson - It looked way better produced than rest of the battles. And this was a good battle, I love Come Together. Darious was amazing, but I can't get through Nelson's voice - it sounds too soft and husky for rock songs, and when he tries to rasp it sounds weak or too strained. He's not bad and deserved a save (where he may sing something different), but I'm so glad that Darious won. 3. Toneisha vs. Jacob - Jacob was such a fodder. But he wasn't bad, he just wasn't on Toneisha's level. Don't like the song choice, but Toneisha did great so I'm not mad. 4. Mandi vs. CammWess - I don't see anything special in Mandi that I didn't saw in other hispanic singers on this show. I liked Camm more, though he sounded like backup singer for Mandi, I'm blaming that on song choice. 5. Cam vs. Kailey - Again, wtf is this song. For me, Kailey was better and I'm upset that she's gone, but they both sounded so awkward in this song. 6. Tate vs. Anders - Lol, it was so boring, I can't even remember this battle.
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