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  1. Yeah, it went downhill after season 5, but this version is weird and unpredictable and i like it. Rooting for Jeremy, Meg/Craig (like them both ), Nathan and I guess Hannah, but I like Wura and Leah as well (don't kill me for writing that pls)
  2. I FORGOT ABOUT THIS. It was so unexpected and so good, I remember listening to this over and over again.
  3. Underrated: India Carney - Glory (idk if anyone remembers it but it was amazing and everyone needs to listen to it) Todd Michael Hall - Jukebox Hero Jules - Aint no rest for the wicked Arei Moon - Miss Independent Alex Guthrie - I'm not the only one Lynnea Moorer - Tattooed Heart (cant tell why but I loved it and I'm saying that as Ariana's hater) Mia Boostrom's and Christiana Danielle's entire runs (yes im just going through wikipedia at this point) Ellie Lawrence - Ex's and Oh's I think its enough for now... Overrated: "I want to
  4. I'm just gonna wait for the battles because in UK they are always a mess and I live for them.
  5. - John picking Bailey Rae over Sid, - Then picking Bailey Rae over Lauren F, - Van vs Tori and Kelsie vs Emmalyn battles montaged, - No steals for Ryan Berg, Kelsie, Lauren F - Sid and Payge not moving to Top 9
  6. Covers: 1. Jim (and I don't usually like that guy) 2. Desz 3. Ian 4. Carter (i really don't like this song) 5. John Originals: 1. Desz 2. Ian 3. the rest? My heart wants Desz to win but I think it's gonna be Carter .
  7. Im not hating on her team in S18 because I liked it in general. She didn't have any frontrunner (I thought Megan had a chance to win before the lives crushed her dreams), but she had many ppl that I liked: Megan, Mandi T, Jules, Tayler, Gigi, Anaya, Samantha and sometimes Micah.
  8. I always love her team, Gwen always brings those indie/alternative ppl to the table. 1. Season 12 - It's subjective but i loved it pre-lives. JChosen vs Kenny, Johnny vs Sammie, Brandon vs Davina and Stephanie Rice vs Troy Ramey, good work. 2. Season 7 - The battles were fire. The knockouts were fire. And she destroyed it by picking Ryan Sill every damn time xD. But I still liked Anita and Taylor. 3. Season 19 - Loved pre-lives, but I'm not that crazy about Carter so it's the middle. 4. Season 17 - for me besides Rose and Kyndal and maybe Jake it was meh. 5. Season 9 -
  9. Best - Season 15 - looking back I really like this four. Even Sarah and even Lynnea. And when they all did I Will Always Love You it was so pretty. All the battles were great and in the Playoffs every artist was so different. And she won. Worst - Season 17 - I cannot. She had so many good people after the blinds, I understand that she wanted to go for the stories and more vote-grabbing ppl, but her team looked like a joke xD. And she won. I also liked her teams in other seasons: in 14 she had Brynn and DR, in 18 I liked most of her battles, same for 19. 16 was weird, but I thi
  10. Sawyer is the best and by a large mile. I also think Levi sounded good sometimes and Carter have good performances, I just dislike his voice xD. The worst is Braiden because I disliked him so much, but he wasn't that bad actually so... sorry?
  11. S14: It was a hard one because no one were that good? Brynn and Spensha had some weak performances (still liked them but you know), Britton's stage presence is so awkward and cringy and I wasn't fan of Kyla at all and I usually root for the powerhouses (idk her lower register is so nasal and weird), so idk picked the last one xD. S15: Kirk because Chris wasn't that bad (he was bland af tho) S16: Gyth - because he's so hot I couldn't not vote for him.
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