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Ooh this is the first time I may actually watch BBUK 😃


Seems like a diverse cast full of characters so far!


Nokky (I think that’s her name?) is gorgeous. ❤️ And so is Paul 😍 even though I can hardly understand him. 🥲


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I think AJ could’ve done the presenting on her own. I don’t like AJ and Will together!


Based on the first episode -


01. Tom - He looks so awkward and I think he’s so adorable already. His awkward dancing was the best part of the first episode.

02. Hallie - Such a beautiful Queen. She just feels genuine.

03. Dylan - He’s a normal guy.

04. Jenkin - I feel as if he could be far too much but he had a good episode.

05. Chanelle - I really like her.

06. Noky - I think Noky will go further down my ranking each week but she seems nice so far.

07. Paul - He seems nice.

08. Matty - I like the dancing Doctor vibe.

09. Trish - She’s there.

10. Kerry - Same as above.

11. Yinrun - She’s going to be annoying. Katreya vibes.

12. Farida - Already irritating me.

13. Henry - Meh.

14. Zak - I don’t think swearing is a personality.

15. Jordan - Everything feels false.

16. Olivia - No thank you.

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Finally got to properly watch the launch. It was a bit rushed and it felt weird seeing it not live. But it's nice to see BBUK back and I think the cast has loads of potential. Obviously everyone puts the nice shtick on the first night, I hope it doesn't stick.


Really feeling Yinrun, Kerry, Trish, and Matty so far. Jordan has potential to be hilariously deadpan or a miserable monster. Obviously hoping for the former. Olivia will obviously bring the drama so I'm excited for more from her, but more likely than not I'd bet on her still being the first boot.


Hate Henry, but that's duh. Open to rooting for anyone else though!

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I got to watch the launch show last night. It was a really fun and enjoyable premiere show.


There's so many people that I can't keep track of them all. :dead: But excited to get to know and learn about them.


I do agree with those that said that Noky is really gorgeous. :wub: And oh Olivia stood out as she was certainly A LOT already. :dead: Looking forward to the drama she'll bring for the short less than a week stay she has in the house. :haha:I can also see Jenkin being a really big character in the house too, but not sure if it will be in a good way or a bad way. :haha:  

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I watched it this morning was a fun episode. I am definitely stanning Olivia and hopefully she wins immunity by not being voted the most boring houseguest. :dead:  I also liked Kerry, Noky, Yinrun as well. I was not a fan of Henry or Jenkins but otherwise the group seems pretty cool. 

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17 minutes ago, Erestor said:

No surprise that Olivia won the immunity, I mean she had 15 out of 16 chance :haha:

Lol yeah that is hardly surprising. :lmao: Big Brother should have made it harder on her to make her fight for a Top 3 spot for Most Entertaining. :haha: 

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It’s been really fun so far! No major arguments but obviously the nominations haven’t taken place yet (they will on Thursday with eviction episode on Friday).


It’s hard to say who will be nominated. My gut feeling is telling me it will be Farida, Jenkin and maybe Henry as he seems to be on the outs with Jordan. 

Is it me or does Chanelle resemble BBUS Janelle in some ways? :haha: 

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