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  1. Don't think it really implies saltiness .It's more saying something while legally can't say anything .Marissa on the other hand was saltiness because she has been going at it for days and tagging kelly into it .Anyway the only reason I watch nbc is for the voice That's it .They kinda don't have the best reputation behind the scenes .
  2. I think it's marissa's fans who were saying things about rigged and politics and kelly lol etc.
  3. I'm assuming the the recordings for the live shows were done sometime after the knockouts aired last week although they were all gathered together already when the battles and knockouts were still airing .I'm also assuming that they were being tested regularly from the time they arrived .So it would make zero sense recording with someone who breached protocol and it would make even less sense releasing the recording anyway when you know they won't continue on the show. Also I don't think ryan would promise to do a live before the show knowing he wouldn't be on and people would be asking questions .Don't think he would be posting about being on the show days leading up to the show if he knew he was not going to be there .
  4. I would get that but then why did he record his song with the others in the studio.Wouldnt make sense if he was endangering everybody.Would also make sense to pull the song if he wasn't going to be on the show in order not to cause any further confusion .
  5. Well I don't think covid isn't such a cool backstory especially with the stigma attached to it .The first thing people are going to think is if you had it or have it .It's not something you wear as a badge of honor like surving cancer or something .I'm sure that when he made that public he was tested and retested to make sure he had no exposure to it .Not sure that is cool.
  6. I meant it's strange since he volunteered info that nobody really wants the public to know these days for obvious reasons and probably raised suspicions of him having it himself.You would think that someone who experienced that with their family would be extra cautious .
  7. I think it's very strange that the one contestant who publicly admitted to his mother being very sick with covid although he didn't have to and could have pulled out of the show since his mother was sick and people would understand is now forced off the show for breaking covid protocols.It seems a bit strange but that just might be me .I mean if he was dishonest he could have let people think that his family is why he had to leave and nobody would question it further but he didn't do that.
  8. If they were protecting him I don't think it was smart to release his recorded version of the song he was going to sing if he got through the 4 way knock out like he was still on the show .Doesnt make much sense .Plus I don't think he would post about being on the show for the results if he knew he he wouldn't be there because he had posted 2 days before that he would understand if he wasn't voted through .If he knew he was not going to be there it would make more sense to post less about being on the show.
  9. Yup plus the events leading up to it also doesn't add up.If it was that straightforward and true the voice would have no problem putting out a statement because they would have been right to take that action but they haven't which leads to even more speculation .I don't think ryan can speak on it fully even if he wanted to just for obvious legal reasons .It's sad and unfortunate either way considering he stayed on the show when his mother and grandmother was very sick with covid which makes it strange since he was so publicly open about his family going through covid only to be kicked off the show for breaking covid protocols allegedly.
  10. I I think that it's deeper than that though because the day before he was preparing to be on the show and then he canceled a live he had planned for the next day last minute and then that happened. Don'tthink he would be preparing the day before or go live to thank fans if he knew he wasn't going to be on the show.I don't think the person releasing the live recordings even knew because his recordings came out his was included .I'm wondering how he was allowed to record in the studio if he had violated protocols as the rumor said .
  11. I think it was also something else because they have been quarantined in a hotel since the knock outs .If anyone had broken protocol the decision to take them off the show would have been made days ago and not at the last minute .It also wouldn't make sense posting their live playoff song since they were no longer on the show .So it looks like whatever happened was a last minute decision.
  12. The whole thing seems odd though because he performed the battles when his mother was in ICU with covid and didn't break protocol then and stayed for the knockouts when many would have walked away to be with family .Now a week after the knockouts air on the day of the lives he gets kicked off the show for breaking protocol ?Something is not adding up since he had made it public on the show that both his mother and grandmother had it .
  13. Don't think That's the case because it wouldn't make sense to drop his potential playoff song today knowing that he he was off the show.They would have notified him way in advance of tonight and he wouldn't have been picking out tuxes for a show he was no longer on .Whatever happened happened today .
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