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  1. I am Still confused about how the top 24 is gonna work. The public choose all the top 16 contestants?
  2. Zania Alaké could have turned 3 chairs also from what I read. She is good, I compared her with Desz in this video. https://www.instagram.com/tv/B-Q7y5zlQwm/?igshid=3338lei4a9q7
  3. Probably It Will be wrong but my guesses would be Tem Kelly Kenzie x JD Casper Gean x Ainae STEAL Halley x Ryleigh Savanna x Corey Anna Grace x Gihanna STEAL Team Nick Dana x Jose Figueroa STEAL Zae x Andrew Marshall Bradley x Rachel Awari x Devon Blake Lindsay x Raine Team John Denisha x Christine Ciana x Rio Carolina Rial x Durell Pia x Zania Victor x Deion STEAL Team Blake Emma x Savanna C Ethan x Avery Pete x Connor Jordan Matthew x Aaron K Keegan x Cam
  4. Isn't your fave a big Voice? It was so easy for Jordan Smith to Win. We could consider him a screamer too.
  5. Can someone add me on this chat too? I'm huge fan of the show and I come here for spoilers since season 7 and I'm from Brazil
  6. But I also want to thank you for the work you all put on it
  7. I agree on not sharing the names, but at the end of the week, If you just share the song choices and chair turns, I think everybody Will be happy and Will not cause problem with the contestants as we won't know who they are.
  8. We could say that after many Seasons we know how It works.
  9. I think Cami and Taryn are on Tuesday Episodes based on Instagram stories
  10. I don't think so yet, because the others Will close the battles and Knockouts, for instance Desz, John H, Cami... So they would not leak any of their auditions
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