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  1. Anyone else a little disappointed in the top 13, I personally wish Ariana chose Bella or Raquel instead (she uses her heart too much and not her head but no hate to her ).I also wish I could still see Samuel again but his downfall came because of his song choice.LiBianca too was robbed and honestly I don't get the hype about Lana, I'm not really a fan either but I did like her Wildest dreams performance
  2. I agree.Ngl my mind went back and forth on S17 and this season as to which season John has a stronger team and also wondered what people think.But I think this season's Team Legend is much stronger but S17 was more diverse genre-wise.It's gonna be a BLOODBATH once again since all of them are quite well received
  3. Just wanted to say I wasn't expecting Joshua to have a breakout moment as good as today.Ngl I guess I underestimated him a little, now I think David has got to fight real hard for his spot. I personally think he might have to rely on the CS, but knowing that every other member from team Legend has worked with John before the KO, I think John might use the CS on them.But you never really know so he needs to perform his best in the PO, to even gain John's CS if he does need it
  4. I thought y'all said Kelly stole Brittany and not Katie Rae. Was that a misunderstanding? Cause I was shocked when she was stolen lol
  5. Ariana seemed unsure whether to press her button during the auditions. I get that it's her first season and she'll probably be a little nervous or something but I wish she was a little confident in herself considering she obviously has a good ear for talent. The same thing could be said for Nick but atleast he turned first on some artists whereas Ari seemed to only turn after the other coaches pressed (especially Blake) Nonetheless, I have no doubt she'll be a great coach.Hope she can be more confident in her decision In the Playoffs. Thoughts? And sorry for making it so long lol
  6. Hey what did the sources and Kelly say about her battle.I'm not saying I can't believe she lost her battle to TCS but thought she would've at least won against them since I love her so much. But then again no hate to TCS,they are wonderful and probably deserving too.
  7. Will David being an original member of team Ari benefit him on John's team too.What do y'all think? I just thought even on a different team, he would still get the support from Ari's fans who started to like him. Or maybe not lol since John is obviously the least liked as a coach atm I guess. Anyway, hope he still gets PV tho
  8. Since ya'll talk about Joe, do you think it would be possible to have him as a coach, or he probably won't be since his brother has already been a coach. He would be so entertaining and fun to watch and have as a coach and I definitely wouldn't mind either.
  9. Is there actually going to be a 10th anniversary wildcard? Like losers from battles or knockouts coming back. 'Cause I saw someone mention it in the S20 spoilers thread or was it something else?
  10. S13 : Emily Luther (Idk why she didn't move on). The judges were completely mesmerised by her performance.Even if she didn't make it to the finale, she could have stuck around at least till the semis unlike Jon who was also robbed and eliminated immediately. Karli Webster : She had more potential than Ashland
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