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  1. https://forms.gle/Yms2tpnctvyH99116 Voting is open for the Top 9 Semifinals!
  2. Fix You wasn’t awful, none of these performances are. I think the fundamental problem is that John Legend completely gave up on John H’s jazz roots from the beginning to turn him into a pop diva, and that just… doesn’t really work for him? Sure, “All By Myself” was phenomenal, but riding the wave of one genre-breaking performance, one that might’ve been a fluke, was always gonna lead to a less optimal run on the show. The chorus of Fix You felt like John H. was struggling to make his voice work and hit all of these highs that just didn’t really flesh out, same with Halo. Having a big range doesn’t mean he’s cut out sing Beyonce; he was always more comfortable with slower jazz, that’s why Misty worked. These three performances were fine, I guess, but they were built on the foundation of really bad decisions on his coach’s part.
  3. An absolute disaster on every account. I've never seen a contestant get more screwed over by their coach's song choice.
  4. https://forms.gle/wNLry333xaM3uYwM7 Voting is OPEN for the Top 11!
  5. Bit of a thread revival, but I'd like to add a few from Seasons 19 and 20 to the mix! – Jus Jon - "Finesse" – Connor Christian - "Youngblood" – Andrew Marshall - "Put Your Records On"
  6. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeGvMUHIGHslMWPVY9fCFQqTUpaFiSpq8UF4tr-3KGZ61bZPQ/viewform Voting is OPEN for the Top 13!
  7. Hi, sorry! Totally forgot to make it accessible. Will change it immediately, thanks for letting me know!
  8. Hi hello it's been a minute! The Live Shows have started for our second season, which is largely made up of the singers of Season 19 (with a few guest artists from other competition shows filling out the teams)! The Live Playoffs have commenced and we're looking for voters–anyone with the time and energy to do so would be greatly appreciated! https://forms.gle/djtRXJjo6yERasYm9 Voting is open at the moment! @Teraginn @Sachin Jain @Leekleekington @Jaffy
  9. From TVLine's Charlie Mason's recap of the Season 13 premiere... "Thanks to [Dave Crosby], famous for his duet of “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” with 4-year-old daughter Claire, I now know what it would sound like if Wonder Bread sang." Come on, that's kind of funny.
  10. Oh yeah, Owen Danoff and Emily Keener’s auditions. Also, like, most of Christiana Danielle’s performances.
  11. Noah Mac on Electric Love and River?
  12. I consider it more of a revelation in how much of an amazing, high-energy performance it was, even if it wasn't perfect vocally. So entertaining, so exciting, and I loved the little changes to the arrangement near the end. It's one of my favorites for the same reason Will Breman's "My Body" is one of my favorites, if that helps contextualize things a bit.
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