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  1. I'd prefer Graziano over Neil based on personality but Neil might be put on older-lady duty since he's now the oldest male pro in the lineup. I was underwhelmed by Neil's work with Alex and Graziano seemed to improve his partnering and teaching with Chizzy in the Christmas Special, he also comes off as really humble and self-aware so I'd like to see him get a second chance maybe with a fun personality for a partner. I'm anxious to see if Nikita's been working on his ballroom, his partner on Let's Dance actually did quite decently on the Launch Show where she did the Tango with Andrzej who's also mainly a Latin specialist but has competed in some Standard Ballroom as well. When she did the Viennese Waltz with Nikita, she was a totally different dancer in a bad way, no elegance at all and very awkward. Nikita also didn't choreograph very much in hold and put in a lot of lifts likely to compensate for his own lack of ballroom experience which honestly showed in his technique; they got 4, 4, 1 compared to her Launch Show score of 5, 5, 5 . She was also a totally mess in their second and last dance together, the Cha-Cha, one of Nikita's specialized dances and only got 5, 5, 2. I just hope if he is getting a partner this year, he's had the self-awareness to work on his Standard Ballroom; it's not like he hasn't had opportunities, his competition partner has competed in both Latin and Standard so he's had like two years to learn from her. The British tabloids have already started in on Cameron, running a story about how he got kicked out of school for fighting which he said was in self-defense. If what he's said is true (FWIW it doesn't sound like a violent fight, just a weapon-free schoolboy fistfight by the sound of it), I hope it doesn't affect his future on Strictly or play a part in him not getting a celeb. The tabloids are also trying to claim "Strictly Curse" in the headlines of their stories on Kai's split from Giulia but don't mention in the headlines that the split happened months before Kai became a pro, just in the articles . ISTG if there's a talented woman in the cast and they give her the Alexandra Burke treatment .
  2. That would probably mean that Graziano and/or Neil will stay benched . I'd probably prefer Cameron to get a partner over Nikita though, I'm worried that Nikita will be a repeat of Graziano when he was a first year partner or repeat his past mistakes from Let's Dance Germany. I'd rather see Nikita do at least a year on the bench than take the place of a more experienced pro. I do think if Matilda ends up doing Strictly, she'll have one of those two guys since they're the closest to her age (19); Nikita is 23 and Cameron is supposedly 20 (the first pro born in the 21st century!) and the next two youngest are Kai (26 by the time it starts) and Graziano (27). Speaking of Kai, some sad news; he and Giulia split up about 9 months ago . Not surprising since they've been living apart for awhile (Giulia in Italy and Kai in the UK rooming with Giovanni) and haven't been posting about or commenting on each other's IG posts lately. I was really hoping to see Giulia on Strictly some day but hopefully she'll still be on DWTS Ireland when it comes back.
  3. You’re welcome! Yes, I think Amy and Neil’s heights might be a bit off, Neil especially since Alex Scott is apparently 5’ 4” and there didn’t seem to be much height difference when they danced together; Kevin is apparently only a little more than an inch taller than Gorka and he seemed to have around the same height difference with Alex that Neil had with her. Ugo is 6’ 2” so a possible Luba or Nadiya partner? Rugby players have had mixed results on Strictly but more good than bad. The best dancer by far was Austin Healey and others who were decent-to-good were Matt Dawson, Ben Cohen and Thom Evans. Then again, there was also Kenny Logan who overstayed his welcome and outlasted a few MUCH better dancers (including his wife Gabby). I hope Ugo falls into the better category because the whole always giving the tallest female pros the tall and awkward celebs is getting old and wasting Luba and Nadiya’s talents. We should start hearing some confirmed names in maybe a week or two; for series 17, the first celebs were officially announced on July 31st but aside from that, most of the recent series had their first celebs confirmed a week or two into August.
  4. So happy my predictions were correct! Kai was my favorite male pro on DWTS Ireland, he’s got a great personality and is a great teacher, choreographer and partner in both ballroom and Latin. I think he has a great shot at getting a partner on Strictly this year given his history. Jowita is a fantastic dancer and teaches both Latin and ballroom with her partner, Michael, plus she looks petite so she might get a partner if they cast the usual Janette-height partner who can’t work with medium height pros Amy, Karen, Katya, Nancy or Oti. Nikita I’m a bit apprehensive about after his flop season in Germany. He’s a purely Latin specialist and it really showed in the Viennese Waltz he did with his partner over there; there was no recognizable VW content, barely any dancing in hold and very heavy on lifts, plus Nikita’s own technique was quite poor. Hopefully he’s been studying up on ballroom these last two years, his current professional Latin partner has also competed in ballroom before so maybe (fingers crossed) she’s been helping him since then. His sister, Anastasia Kuzmina, is a pro on the Italian version and has done very well (one win and two runner-ups), she’s competed in both ballroom and Latin while Nikita has only competed in Latin. I think him getting a partner will probably depend on the heights of the celebs, he’s around 5’ 10” according to his Let’s Dance bio. Cameron I don’t know much about but he’s apparently won many Latin competition titles in South Africa. I also can’t find his height but I’m thinking he might be on the bench anyway given his lack of TV experience. Who knows though, Graziano got a celeb in his first year over Johannes (who had already partnered celebs in South Africa) and Neil (who had done Specials). Here’s heights that I gathered from the Internet and estimates from pros standing next to each other: Kai: 6’ 2” Aljaž: 6’ 0” Johannes: 6’ 0” Neil: 6’ 0” Graziano: 5’ 11” Nikita: 5’ 11” Giovanni: 5’ 10” Gorka: 5’ 6” Cameron: N/A Nadiya: 5’ 8” Luba: 5’ 7” Amy: 5’ 7” (doubtful though since Karim matched her) Katya: 5’ 6” Nancy: 5’ 6” Karen: 5’ 5” Oti: 5’ 4” Dianne: 5’ 3” Jowita: N/A (but clearly more than one inch shorter than Oti during The Greatest Dancer when both were wearing heels) The pros paired up with celebs will likely depend on height. Nancy was a late hire two years ago most likely due to Luba being needed to partner tall James Cracknell and Nadiya partnering other tall celeb David James so they needed a benched female dancer. Looks like Nancy getting a celeb will depend on whether two tall men are signed up again, if there’s only one then I think Nancy might get to have a partner with either Luba or Nadiya benched again. There’s also the possibility of a same-sex male partnership happening after Nicola & Katya so it’s harder to predict how many men and women will be benched. Series 13 had 16 pros (8 men, 8 women) with Joanne benched; Series 14 and 15 each had 17 pros (9 men, 8 women) with Chloe and Neil benched for both; Series 16 had 18 pros (10 men, 8 women) with Johannes, Luba and Neil benched; Series 17 had 18 pros (9 men, 9 women) with Gorka, Graziano and Nancy benched; Series 18 had 16 pros (7 men, 9 women with Katya in a same-sex partnership) with Graziano, Nadiya, Nancy and Neil benched. I think we’ll have a better idea of who might get a partner and who might be benched once the celebs are revealed.
  5. 2 Harry Judd & Aliona Vilani - “I'm Just Wild About Harry” (Charleston): 9 Chelsee Healey & Pasha Kovalev - “Time After Time” (American Smooth): 9 Holly Valance & Artem Chigvintsev - “Por una Cabeza” (Argentine Tango): 20 Harry Judd & Aliona Vilani - “This Year's Love” (Viennese Waltz): 41 Chelsee Healey & Pasha Kovalev - “Malagueña” (Paso Doble): 10 Holly Valance & Artem Chigvintsev - “We No Speak Americano” (Charleston): 1 Jason Donovan & Kristina Rihanoff - “Assassin's Tango” (Argentine Tango): 10 + Harry & Aliona Viennese Waltz - Holly & Artem Charleston
  6. 1 Kate & Aljaž: Week 2: “No Roots” (Tango) - 5 Week 3: “Why Don’t You Do Right” (Foxtrot) - 81 Week 8: “I Want You To Want Me” (Quickstep) - 4 + Foxtrot - Tango
  7. 1 Harry Judd & Aliona Vilani - “I'm Just Wild About Harry” (Charleston): 10 Chelsee Healey & Pasha Kovalev - “Time After Time” (American Smooth): 10 Holly Valance & Artem Chigvintsev - “Por una Cabeza” (Argentine Tango): 20 Jason Donovan & Kristina Rihanoff - “Blame It on the Boogie” (Samba): 3 Harry Judd & Aliona Vilani - “This Year's Love” (Viennese Waltz): 35 Chelsee Healey & Pasha Kovalev - “Malagueña” (Paso Doble): 10 Holly Valance & Artem Chigvintsev - “We No Speak Americano” (Charleston): 2 Jason Donovan & Kristina Rihanoff - “Assassin's Tango” (Argentine Tango): 10 + Harry & Aliona Viennese Waltz - Holly & Artem Charleston
  8. Haven’t been on in a while but thought I’d share some speculations about possible new pros. A producer of Strictly, Richard Curwen, recently followed dancers Jowita Przystał, Nikita Kuzmin and Cameron Lombard on IG. As I’ve mentioned before, Jowita won “The Greatest Dancer” with her partner Michael and Oti as their mentor and she and Michael performed on Strictly last year. Nikita was a pro on Let’s Dance Germany last year but he’s mainly a Latin dancer and his standard ballroom choreography and dancing was very weak so hopefully if he’s a Strictly pro, his ballroom will have improved since 2019; he also recently followed Strictly and Oti on IG. I haven’t heard of Cameron but he’s a Latin champion in South Africa and seems to know Johannes, Oti and Motsi; he also recently moved to London and is quite good looking . I’m still sure that Kai will be another new pro if they go back to having 9 males and 9 females; Cameron, Kai and Nikita will be needed to replace AJ, Anton and Kevin and Jowita will be needed to replace Janette.
  9. Glad there’s a ballroom judge on the panel now, Shirley and Motsi are Latin specialists and there’s been some overscored ballroom dances since Len’s exit. Anton’s absence as a pro also means we might be getting three new male dancers instead of two. Hopefully Kai, Michael and Stephen with either Giulia Dotta/Jowita/Kylee/Ksenia replacing Janette! Kevin Clifton has been vocal in wanting to see Graziano and his fiancée Giada Lini with partners; Giada has danced in pro numbers and Blackpool/Musical Week dances but she’s never been an official cast member like Chloe or Nancy. Speaking of, I hope Nancy finally gets a partner this year, Chloe was on the bench for two years before getting the boot and this will be Nancy’s third year with no partner in the main series or Christmas Special.
  10. 1. Fatima 2. Catherine 3. Chantelle 4. Eugena 5. Amanda 6. Isis
  11. 1 Vick & Graziano: Week 2: “Somewhere” (Waltz) - 10 Week 3: “Take A Chance On Me” (Salsa) - 7 Week 4: “Can’t Hurry Love” (Quickstep) - 32 Week 5: “More Than Friends” (Cha-Cha) - 1 + Quickstep - Cha-Cha
  12. 1 Harry Judd & Aliona Vilani - “Asi se Baila el Tango” (Argentine Tango): 61 Chelsee Healey & Pasha Kovalev - “Doesn't Mean Anything” (Foxtrot): 26 Holly Valance & Brendan Cole - “Leave Right Now” (Rumba): 4 + Harry & Aliona - Holly & Brendan
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