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Top 3: AI vs TV

Hamza Tufail

Choose Your Favorite  

45 members have voted

  1. 1. Favorite Winner

    • Iam Tongi
    • Gina Miles
  2. 2. Favorite Runner-Up

    • Megan Danielle
    • Grace West
  3. 3. Favorite 3rd Placer

    • Colin Stough
    • D. Smooth

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This is hard because I want to say Iam because he was more consistent, but if Gina had more performances because of this stupid format...


Honestly same with Grace vs Megan, I mean I guess I can for sure say D Smooth on the last one lmao


I think I'll go with


1. Gina

2. Megan

3. D Smooth

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Iam was definitely my favorite of the winners though Gina is good as well. for second place Grace in my opinion is better than Megan.for third place D Smooth in my opinion is much better than Colin and overall of the 6 options my favorite.

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This was easy for me honestly.


3. D. Smooth. He never had a bad performance and while Colin had his moments, I can't say the same for him.


2. Megan because she proved over a far larger number of performances her ability to perform at a consistently high level. Grace is one of my favourite country singers on either show though, and had the format been longer, she may have been my choice.


1. Iam for the same reason as 2. While I don't think Iam has performances as good as Gina's battle or playoffs, the majority of his run is better than anything else Gina did imo.

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1. Iam Tongi has IT. Gina Miles also has something special but Iam has IT.


2. I think Megan at her best was better than Grace at her best. Sad to say but Grace never wowed me but Megan did at least once or twice.


3. D. Smooth by a landslideeeeee lol

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On 5/23/2023 at 11:18 PM, erik g said:

1. Gina and it's not close

2. Megan i think

3. D Smooth and it's not close


1. i was like Gina 1000000000%.

2. hmm megan no wait... yeah megan

3. D. Smooth 10000000%

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