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Rank the Top 3


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1. Megan Danielle


She's been my number 1 since Kaeyra's elimination, glad to see her make it this far.


2. Iam.


Will probably win, while not my favourite, can't argue with his consistency and unique voice.


3. Colin


He has his moments but the majority of his run has been too mediocre for my tastes. If he had more performances on the level of DOMO I'd like him much more.

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Megan (is the best singer left after We, and she is SO GOOD)

Iam (OVERRATED he is a fine singer but so boring)

Colin (Should have been eliminated a LONG time ago. I could list so many contestants better than him.


I AM STILL FURIOUS We is out. SO DUMB. Her performances were top 2 of the night.

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only like Iam.

1 Iam

2 Colin

3 Megan

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