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Favorite Studio of the Season (Top 13-Finale)

erik g

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  • erik g changed the title to Favorite Studio of the Season (Top 13-Finale)

My Top 15 Favourites:


15. Jershika- Gods Only Knows

14. Joshua- Ashes

13. GNT- Baby, now that's what I've found you

12. Hailey- Peter Pan

11. GNT- More Hearts Than Mine

10. Wendy- Freeway of Love

09. Gymani- Diamonds

08. Hailey- Someone you loved

07. Wendy- Over the rainbow

06. Jershika- Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me


04. Wendy- Jolene

03. Hailey- Elastic Heart

02. GNT- Viva la Vida

01. GNT- The Chain

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15 hours ago, erik g said:

This is my first thread please answer im so scared

😂😂😂 i’m always scared to make a thread because i’d be so ashamed if no one responded… i’d have to delete my account💀


my favorite studio is probably Wendy’s version of Jolene or You’re All I Need To Get By! (i’m not listening to her two new ones until after the finale)


edit: ooooh i forgot Made A Way from Gymani, that’s definitely one of my favorites


edit #2: nvm it’s Over The Rainbow…

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I haven’t listened fully to any of tonight’s, but so far my favorite is GNT’s More Hearts Than Mine and Dust in the Wind, Wendy’s You’re All I Need to Get By, Jershika’s God Only Knows and DLTSGDOM, and Gymani’s Made a Way.


More Hearts than Mine is my overall favorite.

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Oh my gosh so many.....

Wendy's "Over The Rainbow", Jershika's "Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me" and Lana's "The One That Got Away" are the first that come to mind tho!


edit: GNT's "Dust in the Wind" and (unpop maybe) but their "Viva la Vida" was great as a studio as well (live tho....kinda not)

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Week by week bc I’m not picking just one.


Top 13: GNT - Dust in the Wind

Top 11: Hailey - Elastic Heart

Top 10: GNT - Viva la Vida/Paris - Amazed (I kid you not when I say I spent almost an hour flip-flopping between the two when I ranked them on my own)

Top 8: Joshua - Ashes

Top 5: Wendy - Over the Rainbow

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