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  1. Views will change over the next 12 hours. I predict OTR will garner lots more views than what it is on now. Besides, there's far more likes on the video tha GNT's second performance which makes me think most of the GNT views are just people hitting play over and over again. Doesn't make sense to have 1k+ more likes on a video but only 3k more views. Besides not sure why you felt the need to point out the overall views when my post related to the views on Wendy's second performance. People usually remember the later performances in the show more than the earlier ones (at least from my experience of watching Idol, X factor etc).
  2. My bad, I discounted Hailey. To be honest though I don't see her winning. It's GNT vs Wendy.
  3. Who will win? I don't know, but I think GNT. Who should win? Wendy
  4. Wendy's final performance is easily the most popular final performance in likes and youtube views. The question is... how much impact will the performance alone have on the final vote?
  5. I'm not sure Jershika and Paris making the final will help Wendy's chances of winning. However, if they open voting after each elimination, Wendy may benefit greatly in the voting. Does anyone know - do they just announce the winner at the end of the finale, or do they eliminate one by one and re-open voting?
  6. While I am thrilled for Jershika, her going to the final means Wendy won’t win. She and Wendy are going to vote split and sadly, after 21 seasons we’d still won’t have a black female winner
  7. I'm not really sure how a black female will ever win this show if Wendy cannot. She's so above above the rest vocally, GNT included. Does anyone here think she's got a chance to win or do GNT have it all sewn up already?
  8. It’s sad that we are heading into season 22 and no black female singer will have won. Very difficult to see whether who can if Wendy can’t
  9. Any links available? im from Australia and totally cannot wait to hear this
  10. New poster here. Wendy in my opinion was a league above the rest. Such a beautiful tone and not a wrong note. Paris was good but he went off quite a bit in the middle of the song. Same as GNT. Holly was... err... anyway. My rankings: 1. Wendy 2. Paris 3. Lana 4. GNT 5. Jershika 6. Joshua - The rest
  11. This contestant's performance brought me to IDF. I've been reading the general discussion thread and I cannot help but think the posters are biased against Wendy. There was one performer who did not sing one wrong note tonight, and that is Wendy.
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