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  1. Jake Hoot released a new EP featuring new recording of "Better Off Without You" and other singles he released during 2020. Two new originals are also on here as well.
  2. Ehh I was likely less shocked than you were when Trump eventually did run for President. Maybe due to the fact that he was involved with politics for quite some time before the 2016 campaigns. I recall him endorsing Mitt Romney during the 2012 elections. As for what you said about supporting DeSantis...maybe Trump doesn't want to run and wants to support him, maybe he does want to have a rematch against Biden. We will have to see because he caves on multiple things to the point where I do not know what his next actions are.
  3. True. But him selling out to the vax and boosters probably added to those insecurities. And yeah...I want a DeSantis type now.
  4. Trump's outspoken and continuous push for the vax in the last month probably never helped him besides maybe his die hard supporters...
  5. Even this too: Biden leaves Democrats hanging as midterms burst into full swing - CNNPolitics Joe Biden's appproval rating just hit a new low point of his presidency (msn.com) <-- embedded from CNN as well
  6. Honestly, I rather have DeSantis ignore Trump at this point.
  7. https://www.instagram.com/p/CYuCXlmF_Im/ Nine songs total in his CD. Tracklist: 1. Shine *2. Star *3. Selfish Love *4. Waiting On You 5. She's Like Whiskey 6. As the Sun Goes Down 7. Circles *8. She Closed Her Eyes 9. A Woman Like Her (Acoustic) * = Already released as singles
  8. Okay honestly, I never expected Peedy to release another single so soon lol Peedy Chavis' new single, "Baby You Got It."
  9. "Love, Me" by Collin Raye. Such a beautiful song.
  10. Todd Tilghman (@todd_tilghman) • Instagram photos and videos Looks like Collin Raye and Todd are now recording "Love, Me." Excited to hear it.
  11. Todd's duet with Jake Hoot of their "In The Garden" cover is now available!!!
  12. Jake Hoot & Todd Tilghman (Winners of S17 and S18 respectively) have collaborated with a cover of hymn "In The Garden."
  13. A bit shift in topic: https://www.youtube.com/c/LetsTalkElections/videos For anyone who happen to stumble one of his videos...is he good to watch?
  14. May I remind you that he tested positive just three weeks ago lol And he already got the booster. Kahele tests positive for COVID, says he’s experiencing mild symptoms (hawaiinewsnow.com)
  15. Can't say I'm surprised. Hopefully it translates to the midterms.
  16. I have a feeling "myocarditis from the vaccines" are next to be admitted by CDC and such. If not, one of the next. They won't admit about the boosters until later on tho.
  17. Yup more financial incentives incoming for them.
  18. Government's solution: Boosters every two months.
  19. Via Paris in his IG Live: Girl Named Tom's upbeat finale song, "The Chain" was also their instant save song. Same goes for Wendy Moten's "How Will I Know."
  20. 3 Songs on the EP as confirmed by Paris on his IG Live...2 originals + cover of "Tennessee Whiskey"
  21. Biden touts low unemployment rate after US adds fewer jobs in December than expected - CNNPolitics Fewer jobs than expected...but let's just forget that along with, the record inflation, the COVID mandates and crime. And apparently he has created more jobs than any other President in the first year of office...yet very low approval ratings going into midterms.
  22. When midterms are around the corner...better to maintain your base and try to win independents at this point.
  23. Once again, DeSantis is on point.
  24. Rogan has got a lot of explaining to do. Knowing his guests and what he went through, this is VERY odd and contradictory.
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