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  1. Kat Hammock released "Long & Winding" last week. https://music.apple.com/us/album/forgive-me-single/1533032591 https://music.apple.com/us/album/octobers-queen-single/1535192789 Britton Buchanan's new single, "October's Queen." Now available. https://music.apple.com/us/album/forgive-me-single/1533032591 Toniesha Harris's new single, "Forgive Me" is also now available (this was released a month ago...don't know if someone else posted about that new song already).
  2. I just happened to notice this new song when I was looking through the Itunes Top 1500 chart on Kworb. I really like the sound and production. BTW, I just noticed I never asked to be added yet haha. So could you please add me?
  3. Wow time flies really fast doesn't it?
  4. Sometimes I forget that Micah was part white. I initially thought of him as full-Japanese.
  5. I honestly thought that FB was going to be onboard with Megan over Micah. Looking at the views and likes, she never seem to grab the attention that I expected after "Piece By Piece."
  6. That style is really offputting for me lol. Not my thing, but if Will is happy with it. Fine by me!
  7. TikTok yes. But that song has been gaining in streams and sales for the past month or so from what I heard.
  8. Andrew Jannakos' "Gone Too Soon" and VEDO's "You Got It" debuts in the Billboard Hot 100 at #65 and #95 respectively.
  9. It's going to only chart this one upcoming week and fall off after. Unless radio somehow picks it up. I don't see that happening since Andrew isn't even in a label.
  10. This guy is pretty accurate with his Billboard Hot 100 weekly predictions. VEDO's "You Got It" and Andrew Jannakos' "Gone Too Soon" could debut on Tuesday's chart. At least, charting in the "Bubbling Under."
  11. Jon Mullins from Season 18 released a new single called "Better Man." Apparently, it is going viral on TikTok.
  12. I was literally about to post it LOL @Archanium Thanks though.
  13. Ah I see...that's a shame. Hopefully the covers will transfer to the actual album. I don't buy hard copied albums thats why lol. I prefer streaming. Thanks MJ.
  14. So will it be available on digital platforms as well? Or not?
  15. Todd's finale cover of "I Can Only Imagine" by MercyMe just hit 1 million views this week! It is the first "live" performance of Season 18 to do so on YouTube.
  16. Late reply, but yeah...his chart run on the Billboard Hot 100 has been incredible these past two years. Wallen currently has three songs charting: "Chasin' You" (#36), "7 Summers" (#6), and "More Than My Hometown." (#62). His first solo hit, "Whiskey Glasses" made the 2019 year end charts both in the U.S. and Canada.
  17. Morgan Wallen becomes the first "The Voice" alumnus to hit the Billboard Hot 100 Top 10
  18. He was good...but unfortunately, that wasn't one of his stronger performances. That song was too big for him to be honest. The studio version is extremely good though.
  19. Zach Seabaugh covered it during top 10 week back in Season 9.
  20. I do not know if this topic has already been done before. But there are some hit songs that haven't been performed on "The Voice USA" before. Curious on what songs you would like to hear that no artist has ever covered on The Voice before. Here is my list: "The Middle" by Jimmy Eat World "My Immortal" by Evansecene "Home" / "Feels Like Tonight" / "September" by Daughtry "Come And Get Higher" by Matt Nathanson "The World I Know" by Collective Soul "Gone Gone Gone" by Phillip Phillips "Black or White" / "Billie Jean" by Michael Jackson "
  21. Here are the few performances that stood out for all of the wrong reasons. This is as far as I can remember. Joshua Davis - "Hold Back The River" Barrett Baber - "Delta Dawn" (Somehow, the studio version was a lot better) Barrett Baber - "Ghost" (This pertains to the studio version mostly) Paxton Ingram - "Hands to Myself" Daniel Passino - "I Don't Want to Miss A Thing" Hannah Huston - "I Call The Shots" (Welp...this was her lowest point for sure -- solidified her third place spot) Aaron Gibson - "Everything I Do (I Do It For You)" Stephanie Rice
  22. Jej was very, very polarizing on FB and Twitter...so I was not surprised he was in the bottom three.
  23. Todd's one minute cover of "Country Roads, Take Me Home" by John Denver
  24. I know some of those believers said that he didn't have that same growl in the "lives" as he did during the audition and knockouts. BUT, Mandi Thomas posted a video on IG of him rehearsing his audition song and his voice in that video is less raspy with even less growls than in the audition. I guess it becomes different depending on the recording and the environment. But that just confirms that it is still the same Todd LOL And that ear lobe thing? Shadows made it different. At one point during the Huckabee show, the camera angle to his "I Can Only Imagine" performance is the same
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