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  1. Danny Gokey (@dannygokey) • Instagram photos and videos Koryn Hawthorne is featured in Danny Gokey's new single, "We All Need Jesus." It releases this Friday.
  2. Ahh...I was wondering if someone is going mention Lauren's "Deja Vu" today considering the new release under the same name lol. Rodrigo's "Deja Vu...' I'll just say that the production is audibly bad.
  3. Not much on FB as far as I can tell. (Maybe on Ariana's FB page, I just checked The Voice's only.)
  4. That is evident when you look at the reactions on Facebook.
  5. True. From what I can tell, she has very hardcore stans. However, am I convinced that her base will come through with the voting? Not yet.
  6. Okay I just checked the announcement post on The Voice's Facebook page...this announcement is VERY polarizing there.
  7. I think I am the only one here who isn't a fan of Ariana Grande's music (especially her recent output lol). But I am interested to see her coaching style.
  8. Your right about that. Todd's fanbase is more of the audience that buys instead of streaming.
  9. True. Even Todd Tilghman's new song is charting higher than LWH. But it is probably because Blake tweeted out the song's link in his Twitter account.
  10. For a song that went viral on TikTok, I would expect it to chart higher than it currently is now.
  11. Blake Shelton on Twitter: "Incredible new music from @todd_tilghman everybody!!!!! https://t.co/inWGh481oY" / Twitter
  12. #178 on ITunes according to kworb.
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