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  1. And apparently, he "messed up" singing a George Strait song. Kenzie sang "Heartland" during last season's finale and he had a bit of criticism on FB if I can recall. No shade towards the both of them, just an observation.
  2. Honestly, a new thread should be made just for the "who's getting montaged" on Monday fiasco.
  3. I don't either honestly...given the history of the show for female AAs. She also needs to be consistent with good song choices from here on out.
  4. True.. And I just checked FB, Wendy's/Jonathan's KO video is getting the most likes so far. Although GNT and Holly can surpass them at some point.
  5. I see...how well do those comments contribute to the actual voting during the recent seasons then? (From S15 and on) Do they tell a more accurate picture now than in the past?
  6. I imagine that all three got a decent amount of dislikes under their "victory" videos on that platform.
  7. Can we just say that most of the FB audience despises belters in this show? (Or in general)
  8. She (along with Holly and GNT) crushed it. How is minivan's reception for her this week? Is it a bit better than the battles at least?
  9. I ain't complaining. I would like for that trend to continue. Corey sounds great in it too!
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