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  1. Oh no. I am in the U.S. LOL I just don't listen to CDs.
  2. You may want to reach Todd about that. I want to hear the recordings too. Maybe he can address streaming concerns (if he has) in his next Facebook live.
  3. Honestly, I never liked "Glory of Love" until Todd sang it. I think I just have a thing for deep, rapsy voices. Todd made the song a lot more listenable. But I think it was funny that he thought the song was supposed to be with TMH. Makes sense. I wonder how TMH would have performed "Glory of Love." It won't be better than Todd though.
  4. The instruments from The Voice really drowned out his voice.
  5. Given how their friendship blossomed from the show, I'm not that surprised lol. He will be a great guest performer.
  6. Only fully watched S6 to now, but my favorite ones were: Jake Hoot and Kelly Clarkson: "Wintersong" Ricky Duran and Blake Shelton: "Run Rudolph Run" CammWess and John Legend: "Rocket Man" Maelyn Jarmon and John Legend: "Unforgettable" Todd Tilghman and Blake Shelton: "Authority Song" Toneisha Harris and Blake Shelton: "Don't Stop" Christina Grimmie (RIP) and Adam Levine: "Somebody That I Used to Know" Kennedy Holmes and Jennifer Hudson: "Home" (This grew on me over time) And surprisingly: Sundance Head and Blake Shelton: "Treat Her Right" Honorable Mentions: Jordan Smith and Adam Levine: "God Only Knows" Jesse Larson and Adam Levine: "Let's Go Crazy"
  7. Sounds like it will be a fun concert.
  8. Memorable ones were: Maelyn Jarmon and Rod Stokes: "Yesterday" Chloe Kohanski and Noah Mac: "Wicked Game" I also had a soft spot for Chris Blue and Vanessa Ferguson: "If I Ain't Got You", Ricky Duran and Will Breman's "Your Love" (Yes, I am just as surprised as you are lol).
  9. More previews of the music video:
  10. How would it be impossible? I am no expert in this stuff, but I strongly believe in "innocent until proven guilty." That is why I am not going to believe her fully just yet.
  11. I knew people would call me out on my current stance. I took time to read Erica's statement. When she stated that she went to the ADA and get a rape kit completed right after the incident supports her story a bit. But then, like @TeamAudra said, she doesn't look like a very bright individual. I thought Erica herself made a bad decision that night trusting Adam. She put herself in that situation. If true, then Adam should have gotten charged. And I have to admit, he never defended himself that well when he said "I f****d up." I still have my doubts though.
  12. In regards to the Adam Wakefield situation, I won't believe her until it is absolutely proven that he did in fact rape her back in 2017. With "cancel culture" on the rise this year, I am not trusting anyone who makes these accusations unless there are irrefutable evidence supporting them. In all honestly, this drama may need to go to another thread.
  13. Anytime. Enjoy! And I agree, his vocals are so much more clearer in this performance. The Voice version sounded too much of a studio version.
  14. I noticed the pitch of the instrumentals for "I Can Only Imagine" were a bit lower than the version we got. The arrangement was strange at first because of the saxophones but it sounded really nice. Todd sounded amazing nonetheless on both performances. Btw, happy birthday @mjdolorico !!!
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