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1 minute ago, Rodney said:

Is Blake some kind of special snowflake who gets to rehearse on the stage all the time, while the other coaches get the actual rehearsal room?

lol, no. Due to time constraints, until the final episode, one of the coaches has to do rehearsal Tuesday night, and the other 3 go on Wednesday. Because camera, set-up, moving people around etc, the coach that films Tuesday night does it on the voice stage, while the Weds filming sessions are in the rehearsal space.


Over the years it has evolved that Blake is almost always the one who films Tuesday night. Adam used to want more time for song selection, so he always went last, and it also allows Blake to head back to OK more easily, the weeks he goes back. But if a coach needs to go on Tueday for some reason, it moves around, when Kelly was hosting Billboards, she went Tuesday night that week, and Blake flipped to Weds.

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