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  1. If there is comebacks and I’m kinda hoping not ONLY because team Blake is most like bringing back Carson. I need Samara back but I’m fine with her gone if that means no Carson.
  2. I think no matter what Kelly is saving Jeremy even tho she shouldn’t but I think that’s her Shane Q and I don’t like it I would rather Gymani or Brittany (whoever don’t get the second PV) be saved and I think Hailey is done GNT is a lock for PV.
  3. Umm it’s definitely not giving 50 he look like he’s in his late 30s.
  4. I’ve checked out Ryleigh and I just don’t really like her but that’s just me
  5. Ryleigh is kinda that basic pop girl for me like the amateur versions of Presley, Alisan, Rizzi, Lindsay Joan, and a few more
  6. We usually have common interest but not this time I’d rather Raquel than Ryleigh
  7. I still wish KCK3 won there performance on that band show really sold me. And I know the oldest girl got range and idk why she didn’t show Ryleigh how it’s supposed to be done
  8. Ngl Janora did sound better there but John knows Shadale’s potential and the power she has.
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