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  1. I know this song so well, so I'm probably going to be picky here. GNT definitely does very well making the song their own, but I miss the strong male voice that I feel should go along with it...
  2. I respect the deep power of Hailey's voice and how it resonates in the room! It's too bad she wasn't stolen, but she's young enough to really use this as a stepping stone.
  3. Joshua definitely gave it everything he had, which I totally respect. However, I loved the falsetto parts he did, but he overwhelmingly powered that song instead of used more dynamic control. Sabrina was good too, but I think Joshua has the edge.
  4. Did anyone else laugh out loud when Kelly said "she's only 23"... sorry, Kels, 23 is not the new 15...
  5. Okay, I feel like Johnny boy is gonna steal Gymani if she doesn't get chosen...
  6. Katie had the connection in the performance, but I felt like she could've blown that up, but held back a bit. Love her tone!
  7. It was a pretty good performance from him, but he was singing "I Can See Clearly Now", and I don't think the choice was the best for in the sense of Blake seeing him as a modern artist to go forward with.
  8. Interesting note for this World Series match-up is that the Astros' hitting coach, Troy Snitker, who has been with the team since 2019, is the son of Brian Snitker, the manager of the Atlanta Braves! So it'll be a bit of a family affair for them. From the stats of the League Championship Series, the Astros lead or tie the Braves offensively in every single standard category, except stolen bases.
  9. ALCS 3-2 Astros NLCS 3-1 Braves Both teams currently ahead could potentially make the WS in their very next game
  10. I've certainly seen that before... heck, there are Yankees fans (that have no love for the Astros) that are only rooting for them because their opponent is the Red Sox, and they hate them even more! But others are just the opposite... they root for teams that come out of their division, and see any success of theirs as a bit of a compliment to the division's group or capabilities as a whole. It just depends on the person. As long as you don't have real money on the outcome, I think you'll be okay
  11. I genuinely think she believes she's dead in the game no matter what she does, so she plays for more of a "just in case things go our/my way" type strategy.
  12. Do you have money on the end result of the NLCS?
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