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  1. I was waiting for them to post this on Facebook because I wanna see their response but I don’t think they’re gonna post it.
  2. Oh I forgot to say that Carolina changed her arrangement for “Anyone” the hype guy told us she did it way different but on stage she sang it the original way the song is supposed to be so I wonder what was she trying to do.
  3. The way I have “If I were your woman” on repeat cuz Zania SLAYYYED that much but I have a feeling they gonna Khalea her and give her a bad song for playoffs.
  4. Look how we thought Pia and Zania was gonna be out in battles/KOs and Deion and Denisha was gonna prevail... and they both lost in the battles.
  5. Dana obviously Rio was really good she deserved a steal and Cam Cam was scatting and his runs was near perfect it’s that tone of his he’s really good.
  6. The way Zania almost had me in tears she was so powerful and it was just so amazing to see this black women sing her heart out. Definitely the best version done on this show.
  7. Connor flopped as well he was flat and had no real grit the entire song
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