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  1. I know very little about this girl but I'm getting in on the ground floor cause she's either the next big superstar or an epic one hit wonder. Either way she deserves a thread after the monster week she's had. I mean she just obliterated Drake, Ariana and Taylor in like 3 days, that's astounding.
  2. This was really hard but tried to narrow it to a top 15 of my all time favorite albums through the years, plus just as many honorable mentions lol. Top 15 Linkin Park - Hybrid Theory (2000) Avril Lavigne - Let Go (2002) Christina Aguilera - Stripped (2002) Evanescence - Fallen (2003) Kelly Clarkson - Breakaway (2004) JoJo - The High Road (2006) P!nk - Im Not Dead (2006) Rihanna - Good Girl Gone Bad (2007) Lady Gaga - The Fame/ Fame Monster (2008/09) Katy Perry - Teenage Dream (2010) Adele - 21 (2011) Haley Reinhart - List
  3. New album in February???
  4. lol hard to believe its been 18 years ago Added
  5. Thanks for all the updates guys, great to see this thread get the attention it deserves and that i fail to give it. Her best performance of WDKY and SUBG in years. It was also really nice to hear her sing these again, it feels like its been forever after all the covers and holiday music we've gotten lately. Absolutely hate all the pain she's endured in her personal life this year but NGL I'm so happy to have angsty Kelly back. She's at her best musically when she's mad.
  6. Watched this tonight its really good
  7. Tori and JoJo sound incredible together
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