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  1. Swift albums, moreover, have spent a cumulative 46 weeks atop the Billboard 200 chart. She ties Whitney Houston for most weeks at #1 among female artists. “folklore” also becomes the fifth Swift album to spend at least six weeks at #1. Only The Beatles spent at least six weeks at #1 with more than five separate albums (twelve, in fact). In addition to celebrating the US success, Republic Records notes that the album is nearing 3 million worldwide consumption units (album sales or equivalent units from track sales or track streams) and 2 billion streams. It has not even been available for two months.
  2. Performed Rain On Me with Gaga on the VMAs
  3. #1 for yet another week with 98K copies sold. Also now just one week away from tying Whitney Houston for the most weeks spent at #1 by a female artist.
  4. Top 5 exile cardigan my tears ricochet the 1 august I really didn't expect to love this album as much as I do as I'm not normally into the indie/folk genre but, Taylor blended in her brilliant pop melodies and its fantastic.
  5. Man Cruel Summer was robbed. It should've been the lead single over Me but, I get that they were likely saving it for this summer then covid hit, folklore happened and it just got overshadowed. Miss Americana is great as well.
  6. Welp B1G has now officially cancelled all fall sports and will try to play football in the spring. Pac12 is expected to follow with the B12, SEC and ACC continuing forward to play this fall.
  7. Well now they're saying there was no vote. I get the feeling the B1G floated that out there in hopes the rest of the conferences would just fall in line and cancel as well. Instead it was crickets from the SEC, ACC and Big12 who were like well cya later but we're still planning on trying to play. Will be interesting to see what happens in the next 24-48 hrs but I certainly hope they don't cancel. The SEC states may riot if they do.
  8. I'll gladly take it. As long as we're back to live studio performances I don't care what the format is. I can't take anymore recorded performances from people's homes.
  9. Scooter and Scott are such petty idiots. I mean I know at the time Scott was selling Big Machine, Taylor's catalog was likely the sole enticing aspect and probably one of the few if not only things keeping that label afloat so he knew he had to try and keep them at all costs. However the minute Taylor tried to buy them back it was going to be nothing but a losing battle for Scott and Scooter. At that point Taylor held all the power as she has an army of support backing her (her fans) who are ironically the very people that make her catalog valuable. Scooter pretty much has two options now, sell the masters back to Taylor and at least get something out of them while he can or watch them drop like a rock in value if and when she re-records all of them. I would love to have heard Scott and Scooter's logic behind how they handled this whole situation. Like did they really think this wouldn't end poorly for them? Taylor might be the most powerful artist in the industry right now (as she showcased this week) and they really thought they were going to strong-arm her and keep her down? Please.
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