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  1. Kelly won an Emmy last night for Best Entertainment Talk Show Host.
  2. She's killing it with these covers lately. Not that she hasn't always.
  3. Great video and still absolutely love the song. Hope it does well for her as a single but we all know how country radio operates.
  4. That was absolutely shocking. I saw that trending on twitter last night and thought it was fake. I wonder what happened cause even up until recently they seemed happy together and she's always talked glowingly of him.
  5. Wow I think this quarantine has given Kelly the rest she needed, she looks and sounds 10 years younger. Someone on another form said this and I agree that she might be trying to do too much between The Voice twice a year, plus her talk show and music career. All on top of raising multiple kids, its just too much and wears you down.
  6. Miracle is still annoying to me so she'll probably pick it
  7. This one is better too albeit a completely different song lol
  8. This one is definitely better
  9. Uping the tempo really helped that one
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