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S21 KOs Premiere Poll (Rank them)


S21 KOs Premiere Poll (Rank them)  

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  1. 1. Favorite Performances

    • Jonathan Mouton - I Can See Clearly Now
    • Wendy Moten - Ain't No Way
    • Katie Rae - Hold On To Me
    • Raquel Trinidad - Valerie
    • Gymani - Pillowtalk
    • Kinsey Rose - Strawberry Wine
    • Joshua Vacanti - Falling
    • Sabrina Dias - Photograph
    • Hailey Green - God's Country
    • LiBianca - Everything I Wanted
    • Holly Forbes - Superstar
    • Girl Named Tom - Wichita Lineman
  2. 2. Which eliminated contestant deserved a steal the most?

    • Jonathan Mouton
    • Kinsey Rose
    • Sabrina Dias
    • Hailey Green

Recommended Posts

1. Girl Named Tom

2. Wendy Moten

3. Joshua Vacanti

4. Holly Forbes

5. Katie Rae

6. Hailey Green

7. LiBianca

8. Gymani

9. Raquel Trinidad

10. Jonathan Mouton
11. Sabrina Dias

12. Kinsey Rose

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I'll try lol.



1. GNT

2. Wendy


Excellent job!

3. Holly

4. Joshua


Deserved to move on as well

5. LiBianca

6. Hailey

7. Katie

8. Gymani


Not bad

9. Raquel

10. Jonathan

11. Sabrina 


Where's the autotune when you need it?

12. Kinsey

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Absolutely phenomenal

1. GNT

2. Wendy

3. Joshua

Excellent job

4. Holly

5. LiBianca

Great job

6. Katie

7. Hailey

8. Gymani

Good vocal, but she hasn't been giving it to me like I expected pre season 

9. Raquel

Didn't do it for me

10. Jonathan

11. Sabrina

12. Kinsey



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What a strong night! No bad ones, just some stronger than others.



1. Girl Named Tom (10) - CHILLS. Easily one of the best KO's of all time and if you don't agree, I'm sorry. You're wrong. That ending in particular was absolutely magical and while we can use all of these fun, dramatic words to describe really great performances, rarely have I actually physically stood up, gasped, and almost actually cried :haha:

2. Wendy Moten (9.5) - Kicking butt on Ain't No Way earns a minimum of a 9 for me. Wendy is just absolutely stunning and it's embarrassing that she was supposed to be receiving feedback from Blake Shelton and Ed Sheeran... I have people on this show that I enjoy more than her, but damn if this woman wins I will be over the moon. She's overdue for big success.

3. Libianca (9) - What a lovely take on the song by someone who's flown almost completely under the radar! Glad this performance has given her the attention that she's needed so far. Would absolutely love to see Blake take her far!

4. Gymani (9) - Gymani finally got me on her side! An unusual pick for her voice but her rasp and enthusiasm carried it beyond what I could've wanted!


Fantastic Growth!

5. Hailey Green (8.5) - Insane to see she's 15. Favorite performance of hers for sure! You can see the few weak moments in her vocals but as a whole, she's insane and certainly deserved a steal.

6. Joshua Vacanti (8.5) - What a pleasant surprise! He got one of the tougher picks of the night and did rather well with it! It's at least the best version I've heard on the show so far. He seems to be slowly climbing up my ranking on John's team now...

7. Raquel Trinidad (8.5) - Finally got to see her more in her element and she did excellent! Each performance has been better than the last and I'd love to see her snag a PV from Ari now!

8. Holly Forbes (8.5) - She's got a hell of a voice for sure! Not a fan of the song choice but she delivered. Ari stealing her definitely shakes up that whole team!


Good, but could've been better. 

9. Sabrina Dias (8) - Putting my Ed Sheeran slander to the side for this one. I actually enjoyed her version for the most part! You could tell which parts of the performance needed some work, but as a whole it flowed and packed just enough emotion and performance quality to warrant a steal/save in my eyes.

10. Kinsey Rose (8) - Kinsey's probably my favorite female country singer of the last 5 seasons and I enjoyed her take here. I do actually really love this song but I found it just a tad bit weaker than the previous versions on this show by Summer and Jackie. With a stronger performance, she would've been a serious contender. But oh well, I did enjoy her run on the show.



11. Jonathan Mouton (7.5) - Never liked this song, it's too cheesy. I do enjoy Jonathan's take on it overall. Not perfect and obviously he had the misfortune of going up against Ms. Moten, but he did an overall decent job.

12. Katie Rae (7.5) - Each time I say her name I feel like I gotta apologize now because we on the spoiler crew did her WRONG lol. But anyways, her KO was pretty average. Nothing bad, but very bland for what this round needs.  I don't think she was really a wise steal choice for Kelly - she was one of the weakest of the night.

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23 minutes ago, Someone648 said:

1. Girl Named Tom (10) - CHILLS. Easily one of the best KO's of all time and if you don't agree, I'm sorry. You're wrong. That ending in particular was absolutely magical and while we can use all of these fun, dramatic words to describe really great performances, rarely have I actually physically stood up, gasped, and almost actually cried :haha:


There hasn't been a performance like that in a while where I was genuinely shaken and had to take a couple of minutes to process what I just heard.

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5 minutes ago, FloorWax said:


There hasn't been a performance like that in a while where I was genuinely shaken and had to take a couple of minutes to process what I just heard.

Right? Last season's KOs were insanely strong but GNT blew all of them out of the water. GNT and DeSz have the two strongest KO's in recent memory (imo)

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12. Kinsey Rose - the song suits her but it's just average, not memorable, i'd say some parts were messy too

11. Sabrina Dias - i felt the multiple instruments took away from the artistry we saw in her battle, vocal was decent but again not memorable

10. Jonathan Mouten - wrong song, still adore his tone but truly he is someone we see every season

9. Hailey Green - some off moments, nice start and interesting throughout but didn't go as big/powerful i'd have liked

8. Katie Rae - i finally liked her performance, still not huge on her but this was good, her tone didn't bother me as much and worked with this song, i just don't think this was very interesting

7. Raquel Trinidad - i really expected more from her, inventive runs but too many of them, showed less energy than usual, also lacked the artistic approach  i expected from her, love her tone tho

6. Gymani - her audition really grew on me but i feel like she didn't do vocally as good or stylistically as interesting here, nice moments towards the end

5. Libianca - this grew on me since the leak but i still think some choices were bizzare, still the tone and vocals are there

4. Holly Forbes - the song showed off her tone and vocals, it was stunning but lacked a moment for me

3. Joshua Vacanti - yes, finally! this is the joshua i expected, he showed up (unlike raquel rip), great changes and in the right amount, amazing delivery

2. Wendy Moten - ngl, this was an epic vocal, maybe a tad much for me but epic 

1. GNT - wow. absolutely gorgeous, nothing else to add

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Another great KO premiere!



1. GNT - I knew it would be great, but holy f*** (that ending :omg:)

2. Holly - This was exactly what I wanted from her. Phenomenal.



3. LiBianca - She simply has the whole package. 

4. Wendy - She delivered some of the best vocals this show has ever seen (again), but some parts in the second half were a bit hard to listen to.

5. Hailey - Yes, it has its issues but the good parts were so. damn. good. Sucks to see her go.

6. Joshua - He recovered nicely from his battle (Falling suits him better than I expected)

7. Raquel - Her tone doesn't get old and it was super fun, but I still think she can do better than this.

8. Katie - She's a bit on the generic side, but great performance nonetheless.



9. Sabrina - Some issues towards the end but overall it was a really unique performance! 


Mixed feelings (still good/ok though)

10. Gymani - Surprisingly messy :stealth: she ended on a high note though. Didn't care for the song choice either.

11. Jonathan - Not perfect, and the song choice doesn't make this particularly memorable.

12. Kinsey - It's not that bad but out of these it was the weakest. About half of the performance was slightly off.

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*yeets an entire shoe store at them*

1. GNT - I mean this in the absolute best way possible: what. The. F***. did I just watch?

2. Wendy - Sisaundra Lewis levels of slayage on the song, y’all.

3. Holly - that opening gave me full body chills and she killed it. Had she been against anyone else on her team, that would’ve been a winning performance.


Enthusiastic applause

4. Joshua - genuinely was not expecting to dig this as much as I ended up liking it. Good 4 u on getting a redemption arc, mate. 
5. LiBianca - crazy control, lower register warmth, delicate high notes, and a strong emotional connection.

6. Hailey - this deserved a steal, considering how much potential she has and the fact there’s not a single person doing what she’s doing on the show right now. At least she got to end her run on a high note.

7. Raquel - fabulous stage presence and some really cool vocal choices, just not quite the version I’d anticipated; she still killed it, though. 


Thumbs up
8. Katie - strong emotional connection and good vocal throughout, just wasn’t quite as much of a blown-away moment for me as her battle.

9. Gymani - messy in a couple spots, but a creative flip and arrangement that worked out.

10. Jonathan - great song, stellar opening, but didn’t quite stick the landing and not the choice I would’ve done in his shoes given his KO competitor.

Enjoyed it

11. Sabrina - cool to see someone work multiple instruments, just not enough to move the needle in her favor.

12. Kinsey - great song choice for her tone, but there was enough messy stuff here that kinda overtook it (and TPTB did her dirty by not even bothering to clean up her performance vocals in post-production).

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amazing i'm shook i was not ready


















not horrible but i'm never watching it again lol




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4 hours ago, VoiceFan! said:

Did you totally forget about Cam/GihAnna's KO? They killed it!

I think I’ll base my tens on whether they gave me chills and made me yell “damn!”

Cam made me say damn but no chills, Gihanna was great but just that (for me).

DeSz and GNT - both ;)


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