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S21 KOs Premiere Poll (Rank them)


S21 KOs Premiere Poll (Rank them)  

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  1. 1. Favorite Performances

    • Jonathan Mouton - I Can See Clearly Now
    • Wendy Moten - Ain't No Way
    • Katie Rae - Hold On To Me
    • Raquel Trinidad - Valerie
    • Gymani - Pillowtalk
    • Kinsey Rose - Strawberry Wine
    • Joshua Vacanti - Falling
    • Sabrina Dias - Photograph
    • Hailey Green - God's Country
    • LiBianca - Everything I Wanted
    • Holly Forbes - Superstar
    • Girl Named Tom - Wichita Lineman
  2. 2. Which eliminated contestant deserved a steal the most?

    • Jonathan Mouton
    • Kinsey Rose
    • Sabrina Dias
    • Hailey Green

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2. LiBianca: The first one to make me enjoy this song, loved the way she builds the song slowly to that climax at the end

3. Katie: A little held back, but she's got probably my favorite tone out of everyone left

4. Wendy: The lungs of this woman, damn, and she made it seem like she didn't even break a sweat (sidenote: absolutely loving the capes too)


5. Joshua: Really good and emotional performance, not to take away from him but the only thing is that I've heard this song done better before

6. Hailey: Not vocally perfect but damn her tone and power is incredible for someone so young, would prefer if she moved around the stage a little more though

7. Sabrina: The multi instruments were cool but did detract from her vocal performance, still it was something fresh

8. Holly: She wasn't bad by any means, I just wasn't really impressed with the song choice

9. Gymani: Not a fan of the song, she did the best she could but I felt she oversang towards the end


10. Jonathan: I like the a capella opening, a few off notes though

11. Raquel: I'm still yet to understand the hype for her, some of the runs and licks were great but overall it was just lackluster? Also her diction really bothers me

12. Kinsey: Much as I adore this song, this was a little snoozy, not to mention the pitch problems

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