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What was your favorite team Legend blind audition this season?

Sachin Jain

Which was your favorite   

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    • Christine Cain- Watermelon sugar
    • Victor Solomon- Glory
    • Carolina Rial- Stay with me
    • Pia Renee- Jammin
    • Ciana Pelekai- Dance Monkey
    • Durrell Anthony- What’s going on
    • Deion Warren- Shallow
    • Rio Doyle- When we were young
    • Zania Aleke- Sweet love
    • Denisha Dalton- Pillowtalk

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I liked Team Legend this year, but I think a lot of them went a bit overboard in the auditions and were doing too much, if that makes any sense? My top 2, Zania and Denisha, both gave really subtle but still impressive performances, so that's why I ranked them so high. 



S Tier:

  • Denisha Dalton 
  • Zania Alake


A Tier:

  • Victor Solomon
  • Pia Renee
  • Deion Warren

B Tier:

  • Rio Doyle
  • Christine Cain

C Tier:

  • Durrell Anthony
  • Ciana Pelekai
  • Carolina Rial


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2 hours ago, Jordan Smith Fan said:

Victor didn't have a great run but man his BA was Amazing.


2 hours ago, Misirlou said:

We all know what happened with Victor`s run until he finally woke up with "Freedom", but "Glory" was great. He gets my vote.

:yes:  I agree with both of you




Zania was great too :wub:

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