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Team Nick: Favorite Performance.


Team Nick: Favorite Performance  

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  1. 1. Choose

    • Dana Monique - Free your Mind
    • Andrew Marshall - Put Your Records On
    • Jose Figueroa Jr - Talking to the Moon
    • Devan Blake Jones - Shape of My Heart
    • Rachel Mac - Rainbow

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Just now, TheVoiceFan2 said:

Wasn’t expecting you to like Dana more than Rachel! Would you say you’re warming up to her even without a more slowed song? In all honesty Rachel and Dana were both phenomenal tonight 

Dana's performance tonight was by far her best, to me (and I preferred it to her studio). Rachel's performance here was great, but slightly shakier than her studio. 


I'm not confirmed on my rankings cause I like to relisten, but I think because Dana was vocally spot on the whole time, she'll likely remain on top for me. That being said, I voted for Rachel - I prefer her as an artist, though Dana's a vocal beast!

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1. Dana

Best of the night for me. Flawless vocal. Her distorted/gritty vocals are killer. Reminds me just a bit of kimberly nichole. 


2. Rachel

A few off moments vocally. But really well done.


3. Jose

He had some good vocal moments.


4. Andrew


5. Devan

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1. Dana: best of the night and of this team.  She literally doesn't miss.

2. Rachel: Still my favorite Team Nick artist but she did not beat Dana tonight.  Very strong performance though.

3. Devan: Low key liked this though it was pitchy and not that great, can't believe we lost Savanna for this.

4. Jose: Decent start, flopped at the end pretty hard enough to be a bad performance.

5. Andrew: Really bad

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