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  1. I wanna say Wendy did a good blind audition performance tonight and I'm am interested in hearing her sing and I would love too hear her stay in the R&b lang on the voice show and I was surprised to see blake used his blocked on john legend to get her and I would like too see a Wendy and team legend fit at some point in the voice show
  2. I wanna say this I think Ben Allen did a better job with the song and brought more energy than kenzie
  3. 1 PV Ryleigh modig 2 Cs Victor Solomon 3 Ws pia Renee
  4. 1 Ghianna zoe 2 Zae romeo 3 Kenzie wheeler he could of choose a better song too showcase 4 Corey ward
  5. 1 Rachel Mac 2 Dana monique 3 Jose figueroa jr 4 Andrew marshall 5 Devan blake jones
  6. 1 ryleigh modig 2victor solomon 3 peta Renee 4 zania
  7. 1 cam anthony 2 Anna grace 3 Jordan Matthew young 4 Pete mroz I thought these were the best performances of team blake and I like all genres of music
  8. My votes tonight are team kelly ghianna zoe zae romeo team nick rachel mac team legend ryleigh modig team blake Anna grace cam anthony Pete mroz but I wanna say this everyone on the voice show this season is a winner for sure
  9. Pv gihanna zoe Cs corey ward Wc Zae romeo
  10. I wanna say this emma caroline did really good tonight and I think she will be america pick too win this but I wanna say carolina rial did really good tonight with her song during this 4 way knockout round
  11. I wanna say I think ghianna zoe should be included in this and I think she could be a huge dark horse too reach the voice show finale and I hope america see how good of a artist and singer she is and this should be the definition of the voice show a artist u can groom and pushed up and mentor too help her reach her full potential
  12. Gianna zoe blind audition was good tonight and I wanna say she has a lot of potential and upside potential to get better and be a threat in this competition
  13. Avery Roberson has a lot of potential and has a great country sound and is going too do really well in this competition and has potential to be a superstar in country music
  14. She has a interesting tone and sound and I think she has potential to surprise some people in this competition
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