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Who’s your favorite from team Nick

Sachin Jain

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Not a bad team at all! Still struggling to find a clear frontrunner since they're all so close within ranking imo.


Dana Monique

Raine Stern

Jose Figueroa, Jr.

Andrew Marshall

Zae Romeo

Bradley Sinclair

Devan Blake Jones

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This team has some big standouts in my Top 3 but the rest feels like fodder.


1/2. Zae/Raine (can't decide)




3. Dana




4. Jose

5. Andrew

6. Devan

7. Bradley



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Nick’s team is my favourite so far. I really like 6/7 😄


1. Reine Stern (my #1 this season I hope she at least made it to the lives) 

2. Zae Romeo 

3. Devan 

4. Andrew 

5. Dana

6. Bradley 



7. Jose




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