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  1. yes. im from the south and my mom likes country music so
  2. also under the same video “Brynn Cartelli is Clarkson’s first contestant, the youngest chick champion and Gwen’s best winner”
  3. under Brynn’s best of the voice “ happy 43rd birthday Blake Shelton’s nemesis and the robe girls coach” (its Adam’s birthday)
  4. Episode 5 Savanna Woods - Zombie 6.8 Rachel Mac - Let Him Fly 5.9 - unpopular but i didn’t like her audition Lindsay Joan - Nightmare 8.4 Rio Doyle - When We Were Young 7 Jordan Matthew Young - I'm No Stranger to the Rain 6.5 Zania Alake - Sweet Love 9.5 Savanna Chestnut - Hold Me Now 5.8 Anna Grace - my future 7.6
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