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  1. The contestants would probably come here and mention idfs more if we didn’t talk about who’s a montaging. Think about that I think so
  2. What tha he’ll is Zeea wearing They will not montoge Denisha she is too beautiful I’m excited to see Gihanna battle
  3. I’m back after you put me in jail I live how wrong most of you are this season. and maybe TPTB Read here and make choices because of your spoiler everything you want they do opposites - can wait to see more maltdowns
  4. It’s a 2 hour showing. No one is being montage
  5. Lindsay Dana Zae Devan Andrew Raine Jose Bradley
  6. 1) Can Anthony (hopefully he tries something new soon. Can see him doing same things) but best by far for this group wow 2) Kenzie Wheeler - I hate to say but he was good 3) Dana Monique - Amazing. Need to see if she keep this momentum going whole show. Very nice voice experienced 4) Raine Stern - so good at end. Kind of Michael Jackson sound 5) Victor Solomon (sounds good much like a John. Need his own sound but good still) 6) Devan Blake Jones (Did very well. I think he is no liked on IDF too much for save but he sang better than
  7. I hope a 1 or two chair turn win so you all wrong.
  8. Is annoying. This should be positive but so many rude comment here is so child like
  9. They are all deserving of they would not be in the show. I hope they don not read these comments because some of you are bullying some of the contestsants to me already
  10. It’s not about what covers they had online or if they are four chair turn but how they do on tv. I will save my judgment for next week shows and then decide who I like the bests
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