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¿Who sang "I Put a Spell on You" better?


Who sang it the best?  

45 members have voted

  1. 1. Choose:

    • Jacquie Lee
    • Rob Taylor
    • Joe Maye
    • Chris Weaver
    • Beth Griffith Manley
    • Cami Clune

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This is actually hard.


Jacquie is one of my favorite contestants of all time, while Cami is becoming one of it. But, in terms of who brought the song down for me, it will have to be Jacquie, but I'll surely listen to Cami's more. It's just that Jacquie had a powerful performance on that and she even was sick during that performance, from what I've seen in a social media platform, so it was really impressive.

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Jacquie, by a country mile. I usually hate the typical  “He/She’s only 16?” comments most teens on the show recieve, but I have to admit everytime I watch her rendition I ask myself that same question :haha:

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While she may not necessarily have given the best performance of this song, I was so sad when Beth was sent home in the Cross Battles😥 I thought she gave one of the best performances in the Cross Battles (though the bar was very low), and the fact that she was not voted through, saved, stolen, or chosen for the Comeback Stage thing was shocking to me😡

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1. Jacquie (No words except DAMN)

2. Chris (I loved Chris his whole run and on such a dramatic song, big and showy is the way I prefer to hear it and Chris served a kickbutt vocal with a heaping plate of DRAMA)

3. Beth (Beth just has one of those magical tones for me, I was so sad when she was eliminated when she gave my fave performance of the Cross Battles aside from Maelyn)

4. Joe (Anger and passion Joe had in spades, but if I'm being honest it's his duet with Xtina for me. Hot damn that was legendary to watch and the fact he held his own with her, I have to give credit to)

5. Rob (I didn't love Rob, I often felt he did too much with songs, but as I mentioned this is a big, showy song so his peacocky, bombastic style worked for me on this song)

6. Cami (I know people loved the arrangement but for my taste it was a snooze fest. Emotionally SPOT ON, I will never argue it wasn't, but I just thought the arrangement killed what could have been a home run)


I was actually surprised to find that I liked all of the versions though!

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Cami and Chris are my top picks. Originality and interpretation are some of the things I value the most in a performance so Cami is easily and by far my favorite here. Everyone else did a pretty decent job though. 


Btw, Jacquie Lee is living proof that even a very young, marketable screamer doesn't stand a chance on this show, at least not with the wrong coach. 

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My top 2 favorite versions are of Cami and Jaquie. I love Cami a bit more than Jaquie but I voted for Jaquie because the poll asked for who was better not who was your favorite.

Btw Jaquie blew the roof off with that performance and don't forget Mathew Shular was heading into the PO after singing COSMIC LOVE in the KO(Definitely one of the best KO's ever) and in the PO he did a wonderful Job on WRECKING BALL, but still Jaquie got the PV #1(Purely based only on that particular performance aka IPASOY). It says a lot about how AMAZING her performance was.

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  1. Jacquie Lee: she nailed the power, raw emotiveness, and was a total shock factor vocal given she gave off the "I'm 16, giggly, and adorable" vibes offstage. Considering she had to go after the widely-favored Matthew Schuler in the performance lineup, she had to be memorable - mission accomplished.
  2. Cami Clune: the spookier, haunting twist put serious emphasis on the darker undertones of the lyrics was interesting and worked really well for Cami's style (which is less about the vocal bam-bam of a song and more about packing a wallop with the lyrics).
  3. Chris Weaver: this was powerful, full of drama, and fit Chris' voice perfectly.
  4. Beth Griffith-Manley: her tone is perfection on this song, and she didn't deserve to go home after that - it was one of the stronger Cross-Battles performances (up there with Maelyn, Shawn, and LB for me).
  5. Joe Maye: he got the anger and passion on lock, but the Christina duet was more iconic than his actual performance (side note: kudos to Joe for keeping his cool and holding his own while having to sing with an absolute beast/icon like Xtina).
  6. Rob Taylor: It fit his peacocky/show-boaty vibes well, but he'd done better at this point so it was just okay.
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