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IDF's Drag Race: The Redo (Season 2 Round 5 Vote Open!)

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Ooh I'm watching Season 1 right now (since so many IDFers want me to watch Drag Race). So I can actually vote in this.  

You can just stop there and your life will be better for it.

Who is voting for Rebecca Glasscock and why are you like this????

Apologies for the delay! Life kinda caught up these past few days so I haven’t been able to do this just yet.


Fear not...we’ll be back on track as soon as possible! As I’m excited to get to our first Snatch Game redo. :shiftywave:

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Season 2

Round 3Country Queens

Lip-Sync Results


Ladies. IDF has made their decision.


Sahara Davenport... shantay you stay.


Mystique Summers Madison, sashay away.


Once again, IDF remain in agreement with the show's eliminations.


Breakdown of results:




Round 4 coming up!

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   Season 2

Round 4Snatch Game


ChallengeCelebrity impersonations in a Match Game setting







Category is... Personal Style.






Rank the queens based on their performance in the challenge and runways from 1 (favorite) to 9 (least favorite). The runway vote will factor into the main vote to decide the final results.




@taylorkat @Zoey @~*8Kay8*~ @*Chris @Elliott @FrogLenzen @YeahRite @Deeee @totes4totes @~Tom~ @Kier @.Rei @JC @jarmon @IAN27TAY @*Wallace @sublymonal @DorisAnn




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  • *Lily changed the title to IDF's Drag Race: The Redo (Season 2 Round 5 Vote Open!)

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