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  1. Roxxxy’s verse is iconic so this point does not stand.
  2. Starting soon! Have some health insurance forms to fill out. But results today!
  3. Emily Bailey (Road Rules: USA - The Second Adventure) A legend that deserved endgame? Absolutely. There are very few reality television villains quite as iconically evil and delicious to watch as Emily Bailey, who wreaked havoc on Battle of the Sexes and created an environment that was so toxic...LOL. I love her so much. I am disgusted that she is eliminated, but what would the finals be without the legend that is Beth. Let's take it back to the very beginning, with. her debut on the second season of Road Rules back in 1996. Emily was very clearly a small-t
  4. MacArthur Park is iconic. I will not hear otherwise.
  5. Alton Williams (The Real World: Las Vegas) My heart was broken by the elimination of Coral Smith, one of the pioneers of reality television and the actual reason this series became of such notoriety back in the day. I could write about Coral forever. Instead, I have to write about Alton. SIGH. I have disliked Alton since his premiere on the infamously chaotic The Real World: Las Vegas. Alton is f*cking sexy, but his personality is quite yikes. His first major storyline is his ex-girlfriend Melissa calling with a pregnancy scare, to which. he was relieved when she found
  6. Tia Kofi and Veronica Green do it for me.
  7. Gotta laugh at them refusing to pay Coral, Veronica, and Rachel what they deserved to be on this season.
  8. Tamisha Iman is that gurl. Period.
  9. Please note that I indecisively switched from Saving Slowbro to Farfetch'd
  10. Ledian (Type: Bug/Flying, Gen II, Five Star Pokémon) This cut feels wrong. LOL. But I need to commit to being a better IDF'er (though this quarter is killing me - six classes and TAing two classes and prepping for research and applying to fellowships!!!) and that means I need to get back into my staunch defense of all things Gen I. LOL. A humanoid ladybug is actually quite the cool design! These fly around at night scattering a glowing powder that is said to bring good luck. I am going to need it to start flying over my house. LOL. Ledian live in temperate o
  11. Change of heart. LOLOLOL Save Slowbro Cut Ledian
  12. Save Ledian (doing it to preserve Bugs) Cut Slowbro (because Poke is better)
  13. @*Chris and @Elliott I will concede this one time lol
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