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  1. The way I stan @NGM and @Alex95
  2. Approximately 1 hour until Randomizer makes choices. Lol. Come on people!
  3. I think I only have four Top 10 rankings left and am almost positive that three of them are the next to go.
  4. She made the Top 10. All I said was that she is not an ideal finalist imo. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.
  5. I think she will. Victoria actually cares enough to make as many deals as possible in the finals + most of you love her for some strange reason. Her only competition is Lilo imo.
  6. Another reminder that the Cycle 8 final results were disastrous!
  7. There are only two characters I would be upset to see win. So naturally, one of those two will win. I called Belle winning in my write-up and at the start of this thing, watch me have correctly guessed that my least favorite character would end up the winner. The cherry on top of this horrible finals for me!
  8. I actually did not put that in my write-up! Hold up while I go edit it in. LOL.
  9. Do I even have top 10 characters still around? IDK. This final round is just sad. lol.
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