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  1. They still suck regardless. My top two being the top two though.
  2. Dee 1. 2. (my predicted winner) 4. 5. 11. Epic final five. Truly.
  3. Also way too excited for Brittany vs. Keenyah and it being so intense that Kahlen has a nervous breakdown
  4. I actually really love this picture? I thought it was a really popular shot.
  5. Truly one of the best RTV episodes ever because of these two right here.
  6. Is it unpopular? Their shot is far better imo.
  7. Not me finally having an unpopular opinion!!!! If Pink Table Talk comes back, I blame all of you for having poor taste.
  8. Remember when Naima wasn't sent packing for that f*cking atrocious Kloofing picture?
  9. Truly one of the funniest things ever said on television. Elyse is the GOAT.
  10. Better yet, no need to rank your photos so that you don't show all of your cards. But you could do a running season ranking! Really curious to see how these early, iconic seasons rank for you in comparison to one another.
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