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  1. Can I have a bit of an extension on this second write-up? I’m headed to an emergency doctor appointment.
  2. Zero (The Nightmare Before Christmas) There will be revenge for forcing me into making this decision. I am making this clear! Zero is amazing. I am devastated to be making this cut right now tbh. The Nightmare Before Christmas is legitimately my favorite film of all-time, so this is not an ideal cut. However. Zero has been nominated a few times at this point, so the writing is on the wall despite my best efforts. So I would rather be the one to eliminate him from the game and show him some love. Rather than give others the pleasure. Zero is resurrected from his grave by Jack Skellington, and we quickly see that Zero behaves just like a still-living dog! He is playful, loyal, sweet, innocent, and loves to play fetch! Zero even comforts Jack Skellington when the latter expresses his disappointment over the decreasing interest in Halloween. What an amazing ghost dog! When on a walk in the woods, Zero happens upon a strange area full of doors that lead to other holiday worlds. Zero stays behind as Jack enters the world of Christmas. Zero awaits Jack's return and is happy when his companion comes back home! Dogs are the best! Zero over time becomes very wary as Jack Skellington falls into his maniacal plans to take over Christmas for the year. Zero even has to lead the sled and light the way on Christmas Eve! Except they are shot down by the military. HORRIFYING. Zero is happy when Jack finally comes to his senses about owning his role as The Pumpkin King. Zero accompanies Jack back to Halloween Town in order to save Santa Claus from Oogie Boogie. Zero looks on as the battle ensues, and Zero naturally barks at Oogie Boogie. Because he is a good protector!!! At the end of the film, Zero watches as Jack and Sally confess their love for one another, then flies into the air and becomes a star! Because Zero is a star! Who did not deserve this cruel fate!!!! UGH. So upsetting. SAVING: Chihiro Ogino
  3. Eric "Big Easy" Banks (Fresh Meat) Big Easy competed on six seasons. SIX SEASONS. Actual legends have been cast less than him! WTF. Big Easy is a horrible competitor that is only redeemable through his lovely friendship with the icon, Katie Doyle. The BFF duo of the intimidatingly large Eric + tiny yet fiery Katie is hilarious and one of the more memorable aspects of Fresh Meat. Big Easy was the second to last male draft pick, and Katie picked him wisely over the very useless Ryan Kehoe. Their friendship throughout the season was super endearing! Big Easy just seemed like such a sweet and cool guy, far different from most of the trash that rolls through this show. The pair finally lost a challenge and were forced into Exile, where they were surely doomed since neither Katie nor Big Easy are endurance runners. Not to mention they packed 216 pounds of luggage. Big Easy returned the following season on The Duel where he fared much better in the competition. Eric won the first challenge of the season and managed to defeat Tenderoni in an elimination! Eric was one of the five final guys standing in the competition even. Except Big Easy was in a pretty bad spot, considering he was part of the minority alliance group and was going up against one of CT/Evan/Brad/Wes in their primes. Eric selected Brad as his opponent in Pole Wrestle, which got him sent home. He still came across very likable, but added nothing to the season. Eric would return for his third season in very controversial fashion. The Gauntlet III is a gutter-ass season, but the last thirty minutes of the season are so very glorious because of Big Easy. He alone gave us this moment, for which I will be forever grateful: Eric nearly dying in the finals because all of the Veteran men were too chicken sh*t to go up against him in an elimination, which in turn caused all of the piece of sh*t Veteran team to lose after an entire season of treating Legends Coral, Katie, and Beth like scum for absolutely zero reason. The stuff of legends. I really felt for Eric during the reunion though, since these people legitimately stopped being his friends in real life (sans Brad, Coral, and Katie) due to his collapsing during the finals. I was definitely happy with the way he defended himself during the reunion. I was certain that he would never return though, but he made his fourth appearance on The Duel II. Eric is essentially a non-factor this season as well, never winning a challenge and staying drama-free. Eric is called into The Duel by Derek and loses during mid-season. He still has his friendship with Katie though! Up until this point, Big Easy is just a sweet guy. Pretty much a non-factor. Things definitely changed during his fifth appearance on Cutthroat. Eric is selected to be part of the disastrous Blue Team. Eric is the last person drafted, which is definitely a bummer. More of a bummer was the massive argument he engaged in with Laurel, where she essentially verbally assaulted him in one of the most heartbreaking scenes ever. Remember when the producers actually forced Laurel to film a whole PSA apology that was aired?! YIKES. Big Easy became such a bootable underdog in that moment, after being disrespected to the crazies degree by Laurel and disregarded by his team. Apparently, Big Easy is not innocent in his fight with Laurel. But she definitely crossed a line with him. Big Easy was sent in to the third elimination against Vinny, and he won! Except he was thrown right back in the following week against Luke, where they played the slapping fly swatter game. Big Easy went home really early, alongside his forever BFF Katie. His final challenge appearance is most definitely where he stops looking like the friendly guy he was always portrayed to be. Eric made his sixth and final appearance on Battle of the Season, where he was part of the really hodge-lodge Fresh Meat team that came in to replace Team Austin. Eric formed a really bizarre showmance with Devyn that actually extended for a brief period into real life. Except I think he treated Devyn really poorly because of his own insecurities about sucking so hard at the game. Eric went into the first Arena against Wes in an iconic Hall Brawl, where Big Easy steamrolled the f*ck out of Wes and rang the bell with his opponent's head. Big Easy won that first elimination with ease. Though his continued storyline for his brief stint on the show was his inadequacy - feeling lesser because of his physical body size. Totally understandable. But he took his frustrations out on his teammates and Devyn, all of whom were trying to help him. Eric was sent in to the second elimination as well, but he was successful in defeating Danny & Melinda. Eric lasted until the fourth elimination, where he controversially quit during the middle of the elimination because he just had zero desire to continue to push himself. This lead to an epic meltdown from Camila, rightfully so, except she maybe went a little too hard on him. Eric was never seen on the show again. At least his failures on the show created some epic moments in the series' history. But I have no problem eliminating him! SAVING: Ammo
  4. Linette Gallo (Fresh Meat) Linette was such a knockout beauty omfg. I really enjoyed Linette, despite her being a really small presence on the show. I wish I could say she made an impact on the season, but I would be lying. LOL. Most of the Fresh Meat rookies were terrible casting choices to be very honest. Linette was super sweet, but showed moments of having a super fiery temper. Like when she almost blew a gasket when Diem backstabbed her. LOL. I vaguely remember her getting into it with Casey at one point, presumably after she and Shane lost the Exile. But other than those random one-off moments, Linette was wallpaper. She never returned for another season, which is unfortunate given the people that did return for more season. SAVING: Amanda Garcia
  5. RESULTS WILL BE COMING TONIGHT!!!!!! @JC @1234567890 @totes4totes @Elliott @*Wallace @Steven_ @*Lily @#jeah @*Chris @miss denise @.Rei @FrogLenzen @~*8Kay8*~
  6. Save Chihiro + No Face Cut Totoro + Zero
  7. Considering you still have not put a name down, which takes two seconds, this GIF is not appropriate.
  8. The Lincoln Lawyer (2011 dir. by Brad Furman) One of the few movies remaining in the game that I have not yet seen. McConaughey in a courtroom, legal thriller. This movie is an adaptation of a 2005 novel of the same name, written by author Michael Connelly. Based on the positive reviews and the pretty solid cast, this is probably a movie I want to go watch. So I will not dive too deep into the plot to avoid spoilers. The plot follows Mickey Haller, a lawyer that works out of his Lincoln Town Car, rather than an office setting. Weird. He is hired by a very wealthy Los Angeles businesswoman to defend her son in an assault case. As he begins to look into this new case, he finds the details uncomfortably similar to a former case of his, and comes to realize the two are very intertwined. Besides McConaughey, the film features Marisa Tomei, Ryan Phillippe, Josh Lucas, John Leguizamo, Michael Peña, Frances Fisher, Bryan Cranston, William H. Macy, and many, many more. The author of the novel was very, very happy with the film. The reviews of the film are generally favorable. I'll give it a watch. But out it goes, since I love all of the remaining nominees far too much to let this film advance. SAVING: The Cabin in the Woods
  9. Save The Cabin in the Woods Cut The Lincoln Lawyer
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