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  1. I’m Thinking of Ending Things to Round 4. Other advancements: She Dies Tomorrow Possessor The Lodge Sound of Metal
  2. Our group is cutting all three racist milk pictures with children of color as props.
  3. I am just listing out all potential ideas.
  4. Considering a formal request for Sailor Moon, Bob's Burgers, Community, Parks & Rec, Big Mouth, American Horror Story. Most of the shows I want to really suggest do not have enough characters to fill out a round - what can I say, I am a sucker for a fantastic miniseries. LOL. If there were more characters I would consider Big Little Lies so I could write a dissertation on Renata Klein.
  5. I was also sick of watching the judges/producers purposely f*ck with Jan to force some breakdown out of her again for television purposes. Between all the contradicting feedback and nonsense, I just wanted her to leave the show for her own sake. LOL.
  6. Eureka's look was horrendous. Just wanted to say that.
  7. Those of you that still have not submitted your rankings need to speak now or forever hold your peace regarding the Taylor Swift discography.
  8. Megan is fearless for taking this round on knowing that it would last evermore.
  9. The length of this round has become part of rankdown folklore.
  10. This round has a reputation for lasting a very long time.
  11. I feel like this round started in 1989
  12. Why are people moving on the Got Milk pictures? Besides being horrifically racist, the pictures are terrible.
  13. LOL what still pisses me off is two seconds before stating she "failed her final exams" they are talking about how her runway performance is incredible. Kahlen on that runway was a shock and still stands out as one of the greatest final runway performances ever. I know they were trying to justify their Naima pick, which I am sure only happened because CG wanted her more broad appeal, but like at least properly edit your show. UGH.
  14. So glad that you became a fan at the very least, she really is an all-time favorite for me, despite the fact that she is not as dramatic and terrible as I prefer my reality television contestants to be.
  15. Your top 10 is flawless - though mine is a tad bit different! Kahlen Sins Kahlen Gas Attendant Kahlen Animals Brittany Kloofing Brittany Animals Christina Animals Christina Sins Christina Kloofing Michelle Animals Michelle Zodiac
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