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  1. Alisa Floryńska Anna Matlewska Bethany Rose Harrison Cheroney Pelupessy Edgar Gilbert-Reyes Edson Juarez Fabian Weijdema Francis Lafrenière Gianne Abbott Henry Byalikov Kieran McMahon Lee Crowley Lorenzo van Velzen Bottazi Natalia Gap Penny Higgs Raquel Tijsterman Sedrig Verwoert Stéphanie Evenepoel
  2. FREDERIC DE SMET (BENELUX5, HIP-HOP, WINNER) *will insert pic later* Frederic probably ranks as one of my least favorite winners ever? He certainly continued the trend of disappointing Benelux winners. His entire partnership with Vita is completely forgettable. Probably because his immaturity really stood out against the maturity of Kalila and Denden. Vita herself had three years on Frederic and felt like a more mature dancer. Remy V. + Eliane + Sinerjey were also old enough to dance more compellingly than Frederic during the season. I just feel like he sort of paled in comparison to his partners in terms of performance quality. He also was saddled with a ton of interchangeable Jazz routines that made his run pretty boring. His two Ballroom routines before his finale Rumba were really bad. In all honesty, Frederic did not really dance anything interesting until “Nobody’s Perfect.” That did not happen until Top 8 week. But the strength of that routine alone + his solid finale night likely led to him snatching the win at the last second. Benelux also just loves crowning the wrong man EVERY single season LOL. But he at least has a few good routines to his name. SAVING: King Denden Karadeniz CHOREO: Queen Klaudia Sadlo
  3. Gaby Diaz Jessica “JJ” Rabone Nicole “Lamb” Iovine Jess Stokes Sigourney Korper Redouan Hergé Link Melanie Koster Aleksandra Borkowska Hanna Szychowicz
  4. LIAM O’CALLAGHAN (BENELUX6, EXPERIMENTAL, TWELFTH) *will insert pic later* Liam had a rather tragic run on the otherwise stellar Benelux 6. His run consists of three Hip-Hop routines and one Samba. The most notable part of Liam’s run was his elimination during Top 14 week. Johan decided to voluntarily quit the competition in this dramatic turn of events. He never disclosed the personal reasons that drove him to leave the competition. I would like to know them because I am very nosy. LOL. So Liam got to come back only to be sacked with another not great Hip-Hop routine with Rowan and then promptly eliminated again for the final time at Top 12. All of his routines were varying levels of underwhelming and/or not good. All three of his solos are very unique and interesting however. From what I can remember. SAVING: Queen Donyelle Jones CHOREO: King Vincent Olivier-Noiseux
  5. Just cut Liam and Sigourney. I will do everybody’s write-ups tonight if they just give me the right four cuts lol
  6. Oh my gosh I didn’t even notice Lamb and Vincent omg
  7. Wait I also need Redouan, Melanie K., JJ, Gaby to survive as well. Please. Cut the Polish dancers. Lol
  8. Cannot wait to rank CMBYN last!!! Mudbound deserved over Dunkirk! Let my hate of WWII movies stand strong forever lol
  9. I won’t be home until about 5:30 but I would love to keep Jess and Donyelle please and thank you very much
  10. One of my favorite group routines ever. Disregard the terrible human that choreographed it.
  11. ASHLEY RICH (US8, CONTEMPORARY, FOURTEENTH) I always love taking any opportunity to cut dancers from US8 because the season is a disaster. Ashley Rich is one of the many contestants that season who just could not deliver. I just remember she dances that super atrocious Hip-Hop to See-Lo Green during the first week. Because Christopher Scott loves himself a terrible song choice. Anyways. Ashley also danced that super horrible Sonya Tayeh Jazz piece. Might be my least favorite Sonya piece of all-time? Then of course she danced the tremendously bad Salsa the week of her elimination. Two irrelevant solos later and she was booted at Top 14. Ashley is typically remembered for her very great performance in the "Please, Mr. Jailer" Broadway number from Spencer Liff. But that dance is not strong enough o justify her inclusion in the game any longer. SAVING: Queen Kalila Hermant CHOREO: Delano Spenrath
  12. A Fantastic Woman - 3 (Alex, Steven, Priscilla) Dunkirk - 1 (Dee) Girls Trip - 1 (Derek) Good Time - 3 (Rei, Chris, Diana) Mudbound -
  13. Funnily enough, I sent my cut over Twitter to Derek and Megan...I was planning to cut God's Own Country anyways. Some family drama is keeping me away from IDF for the weekend, so I apologize for missing my cut!
  14. (0) - Brittany - Casting Party - (0) - Cassandra - Casting Party - (0) - Jael - Political Issue - (0) - Kathleen - Political Issue - (0) - Natasha - Political Issue - (0) - Dionne - Candy - (0) - Jaslene - Candy - (0) - Renee - Candy - (0) - Dionne - Crime Scene (0) - Jaslene - Crime Scene - (0) - Diana - Gender Swap - (0) - Whitney - Gender Swap - (0) - Dionne & Kim - ANTM Moment - (0) - Jael & Rebecca - ANTM Moment - (0) - Whitney & Shannon - ANTM Moment (7) - Brittany - Women’s Magazine - Derek, Megan, Akshar, Gonzalo, Chris, Sola, Dee (2) - Jaslene - CoverGirl - Gigi, Diana (0) - Natasha - CoverGirl - (8) - Renee - CoverGirl - Derek, Gigi, Diana, Akshar, Gonzalo, Chris, Sola, Dee
  15. Now just waiting on cuts from @totes4totes + @JC
  16. TOP 20 WEEK ROUTINES: Jaimie Goodwin & Hok Konishi - "Tambourine" (Hip-Hop by Shane Sparks) Anya Garnis & Danny Tidwell - "Girlfriend" (Jive by Tony Meredith & Melanie LaPatin) Lacey Schwimmer & Kameron Bink - "Dancing" (Contemporary by Mia Michaels) Sabra Johnson & Dominic Sandoval - "No More Tears (Enough is Enough)" (Disco by Doriana Sánchez) Ashlee Langas & Ricky Palomino - "Sentimiento Tango" (Tango by Alex Da Silva) Sara Von Gillern & Jesús Solorio - "Cabaret Hoover" (Pop-Jazz by Wade Robson) TOP 20 WEEK GROUP ROUTINE: Top 20 - "Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See" (Hip-Hop by Wade Robson) TOP 20 WEEK GROUP SOLOS: Sabra Johnson - "Shine" (Contemporary) Dominic Sandoval - "Let's Groove" (Breakdance) TOP 18 WEEK ROUTINES: Lauren Gottlieb & Neil Haskell - "The Way I Are" (Hip-Hop by Shane Sparks) Jessi Peralta & Pasha Kovalev - "Stiff Jazz" (Jazz by Tyce Diorio) Sabra Johnson & Dominic Sandoval - "I'll Stand By You" (Contemporary by Mandy Moore) Lacey Schwimmer & Kameron Bink - "Overture/All That Jazz" (Broadway by Tyce Diorio) Anya Garnis & Danny Tidwell - "You and Me" (Viennese Waltz by Hunter Johnson & Cyndi Johnson) Sara Von Gillern & Jesús Solorio - "We Will Rock You" (Paso Doble by Jean-Marc Généreux & Frances Mousseau) TOP 18 WEEK GROUP ROUTINE: Top 18 - "It Was All In Your Mind" (Hip-Hop by Shane Sparks) TOP 18 WEEK SOLOS: Pasha Kovalev - "Ain't Nothing Wrong With That" (Jive) Shauna Noland - "Everything" (Contemporary) TOP 16 WEEK ROUTINES: Sara Von Gillern & Jesús Solorio - "It's Okay (One Blood)" (Krump by Lil' C) Lacey Schwimmer & Kameron Bink - "Big and Bad" (Quickstep by Tony Meredith & Melanie LaPatin) Sabra Johnson & Dominic Sandoval - "Stickwitu" (Rumba by Jean-Marc Généreux & Frances Mousseau) Lauren Gottlieb & Neil Haskell - "Tanguera" (Tango by Jean-Marc Généreux & Frances Mousseau) Jaimie Goodwin & Hok Konishi - "The Chairman's Waltz" (Jazz by Wade Robson) Jessi Peralta & Pasha Kovalev - "Let's Get Loud" (Cha-Cha by Tony Meredith & Melanie LaPatin) TOP 16 WEEK GROUP ROUTINE: Top 16 - "The Lioness Hunt" (Jazz by Tyce Diorio) TOP 16 WEEK SOLOS: Lauren Gottlieb - "PopoZão" (Jazz) Neil Haskell - "Come On" (Contemporary) Sara Von Gillern - "Ladies First" (Breakdance) Jesús Solorio - "What I Like About You" (Jazz) Jessi Peralta - "Ice Box" (Lyrical Hip-Hop) Anya Garnis - "Fields of Gold" (Rumba) Danny Tidwell - "A Song For You" (Contemporary) TOP 14 WEEK ROUTINES: Lacey Schwimmer & Kameron Bink - "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" (Hustle by Maria Torres) Anya Garnis & Danny Tidwell - "Apologize" (Contemporary by Tyce Diorio) Sara Von Gillern & Pasha Kovalev - "The Rockafeller Skank" (West Coast Swing by Benji Schwimmer & Heidi Groskreutz) Sabra Johnson & Dominic Sandoval - "Make It Work" (Hip-Hop by Shane Sparks) Lauren Gottlieb & Neil Haskell - "Night of the Dancing Flame" (Jazz by Wade Robson) TOP 14 WEEK GROUP ROUTINE: Top 14 - "You Can't Stop the Beat" (Broadway by Adam Shankman) TOP 14 WEEK SOLOS: Anya Garnis - "Magic Carpet Ride" (Cha-Cha) Danny Tidwell - "Delirious" (Contemporary) Shauna Noland - "Zombie" (Contemporary) TOP 12 WEEK ROUTINES: Sabra Johnson & Dominic Sandoval - "I Do the Jerk" (Jive by Tony Meredith & Melanie LaPatin) Sara Von Gillern & Pasha Kovalev - "Body Language" (Jazz by Mandy Moore) Lauren Gottlieb & Neil Haskell - "Let the Drummer Kick" (Contemporary by Mia Michaels & Ben Susak) Anya Garnis & Danny Tidwell - "It Had to Be You" (Foxtrot by Jean-Marc Généreux & Frances Mousseau) Lacey Schwimmer & Kameron Bink - "Here I Come" (Hip-Hop by Dan Karaty) TOP 12 WEEK GROUP ROUTINE: Top 12 - "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy" (Jive by Jean-Marc Généreux) TOP 12 WEEK SOLOS: Anya Garnis - "Proud Mary" (Jive) Danny Tidwell - "Never Felt This Way" (Contemporary) Hok Konishi - "Black Devil Car" (Breakdance) Neil Haskell - "Harder to Breathe" (Contemporary) TOP 10 WEEK ROUTINES: Lauren Gottlieb & Pasha Kovalev - "Fuego" (Hip-Hop by Shane Sparks) Sabra Johnson & Kameron Bink - "Amazing Grace" (Contemporary by Tyce Diorio) Lacey Schwimmer & Danny Tidwell - "Hip Hip Chin Chin" (Samba by Dmitry Chaplin) Sara Von Gillern & Neil Haskell - "Knock On Wood" (Disco by Doriana Sánchez) TOP 10 WEEK PERFORMANCE SOLOS: Danny Tidwell - "Waiting on the World to Change" (Contemporary by Wade Robson) Sabra Johnson - "Waiting on the World to Change" (Contemporary by Wade Robson) TOP 10 WEEK GROUP ROUTINE: Top 10 - "The Moment I Said It" (Contemporary by Mia Michaels) TOP 10 WEEK SOLOS: Jaimie Goodwin - "Your Ex-Lover Is Dead" (Contemporary) Dominic Sandoval - "It's Just Begun" (Breakdance) Lauren Gottlieb - "I Can Only Imagine" (Contemporary) TOP 8 WEEK ROUTINES: Sara Von Gillern & Danny Tidwell - "Whatever Lola Wants" (Argentine Tango by Alex Da Silva) Lauren Gottlieb & Dominic Sandoval - "I Get Money" (Krump by Lil' C) Lacey Schwimmer & Neil Haskell - "Acid" (Latin Jazz by Maria Torres) Sabra Johnson & Pasha Kovalev - "A Wild Wild Party" (Broadway by Tyce Diorio) Lauren Gottlieb & Dominic Sandoval - "Ain't No Sunshine" (Rumba by Tony Meredith & Melanie LaPatin) Lacey Schwimmer & Neil Haskell - "Time" (Contemporary by Mia Michaels) Sabra Johnson & Pasha Kovalev - "Mr. Pinstripe Suit" (Quickstep by Tony Meredith & Melanie LaPatin) TOP 8 WEEK GROUP ROUTINE: Top 8 - "Get Up" (Hip-Hop by Shane Sparks) TOP 8 WEEK SOLOS: Sara Von Gillern - "Set It Off" (Breakdance) Lacey Schwimmer - "I'm Doing Everything (For You)" (Jive) Sabra Johnson - "Better Not Touch" (Contemporary) Neil Haskell - "Better Man" (Contemporary) Danny Tidwell - "Fever" (Jazz) Dominic Sandoval - "She's A Bad Mama Jama" (Breakdance) Pasha Kovalev - "Scot and Fran's Paso Doble" (Paso Doble) TOP 6 WEEK ROUTINES: Lacey Schwimmer & Pasha Kovalev - "In The Morning" (Hip-Hop by Dave Scott) Lauren Gottlieb & Danny Tidwell - "Then You Look At Me" (Contemporary by Mia Michaels) Sabra Johnson & Neil Haskell - "Sweet Dreams" (Jazz by Mandy Moore) Lacey Schwimmer & Pasha Kovalev - "A Daisy in December" (Smooth Waltz by Hunter Johnson) Lauren Gottlieb & Danny Tidwell - "Don't Leave Me This Way" (Disco by Doriana Sánchez) TOP 6 WEEK SOLOS: Sabra Johnson - "Rock Your Soul" (Contemporary) Pasha Kovalev - "Total Eclipse of the Heart" (Rumba) Lauren Gottlieb - "Sorry" (Contemporary) Neil Haskell - "Out of My Hands" (Contemporary) Lacey Schwimmer - "Le Disko" (Cha-Cha) Danny Tidwell - "The Fear You Won't Fall" (Contemporary) ----- Sabra Johnson - "I Gotcha" (Broadway) Lauren Gottlieb - "Heartbreaker" (Contemporary) Lacey Schwimmer - "What I Like About You" (Jive) Pasha Kovalev - "Zoot Suit Riot" (Jive) Neil Haskell - "All That I Am" (Contemporary) Danny Tidwell - "2 the Sky" (Contemporary) TOP 4 WEEK ROUTINES: Lacey Schwimmer & Danny Tidwell - "Keep Holding On" (Viennese Waltz by Jean-Marc Généreux & Frances Mousseau) Lacey Schwimmer & Sabra Johnson - "Koyal" (Jazz by Wade Robson) Danny Tidwell & Neil Haskell - "Are You the One?" (Contemporary by Mia Michaels) Sabra Johnson & Danny Tidwell - "Gotta Get Down (La Negra Tiene Tumbao) [Spanglish Remix]" (Cha-Cha by Melanie LaPatin & Tony Meredith) TOP 4 WEEK SOLOS: Lacey Schwimmer - "Technologic" (Cha-Cha) Neil Haskell - "Gravity" (Contemporary) Danny Tidwell - "We Are the Champions" (Contemporary) Sabra Johnson - "Wonderful World" (Contemporary)
  17. I absolutely knew I could count on @*Amanda for this! We are still the defenders of this piece all these years later. Thanks @*Chris !
  18. Probably my fault because I somehow mixed up Sahara and Jessica's performances for some odd reason.
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