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  1. Lol @ my rankings playing out exactly the same as the reveal. My mind.
  2. Here to sing the praises of Tayce’s mug and iconic lip-sync performance.
  3. Elliott with Two T's just said that Symone is "black girl magic without being aggressive" so....yikes.
  4. Okay! Just waiting on Shakira rankings from the following: @NGM @1234567890
  5. I will post all of my final write-ups tomorrow and give my final assessment of how everything shook down, including the PHENOMENAL winner that I predicted from Day One and even mentioned so in my The Favourite write-up, which was my pick for runner-up from Day One! Also, this Rankdown has been one of the absolute best and such a blast. I could not have anticipated better finalists! Thank you so much @Alex95 for being amazing and understanding as my family and I battled COVID.
  6. I am free all day tomorrow to turn in my last 7.
  7. How do I decide between the two legendary villainesses, Emily and Beth? So terrible. But I think I have to get Bethlegend back in the game.
  8. Cut Drew & Cheryl - “Thriller” (Paso Doble)
  9. 1 Season 1 Nick Lazzarini - 1 (Moved On) Melody Lacayanga - 1 (Moved On) Jamile McGee - Ashlé Dawson - 1 (Moved On) Blake McGrath - 1 (Moved On) Kamilah Barrett - 1 (Moved On) Artem Chigvintsev - 1 (Moved On) Melissa Vella - 1 (Moved On) Ryan Conferido - Destini Rogers - 1 (Moved On) Allan Frias - Snejana “Snow” Urban - 1 (Moved On) Craig DeRosa - Michelle Brooks - Jonnis Tannis - Sandra Colton - 1 (Moved On) Season 2 Benji Schwimmer - 1 (Moved On) Travis Wall - 1 (Moved On)
  10. Stacy's Rumba to the penultimate as deserved! Moving On: George & Edyta - “Conga” (Samba) Jerry & Anna - “Why Don’t You Do Right” (Foxtrot) Jerry & Anna - “Celebration” (Freestyle)
  11. Whoever moved on her Rumba, may I please use it as a penultimate pick?!
  12. Well. Slim pickings. LOLOL. Any requests?
  13. I return to claim the glory of Tayce and Asttina.
  14. I return to claim the glory of Tamisha Iman.
  15. 1. Michelle 2. Anchal 3. Amanda 4. AJ 5. Melrose 6. Megan 7. Brooke 8. CariDee 9. Christian 10. Eugena 11. Megg 12. Jaeda
  16. Okay people. Will need Shakira rankings from those of you that have not yet sent me them. Gotta check on who that is though after class!
  17. Buying a Max Revive, deciding between Mr. Mime and Gyrados.
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