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  1. Baby Ross Matthews with that stubble always freaks me out lol
  2. if the video is available in my country then I will let it count!
  3. Me seeing Nick Lazzarini safe until Vegas in our game
  4. @JC is up next! Front page is updated! 24 hours for 24 names.
  5. JC you are up next, FYI. I'm updating the front page now and I'll tag you when it's ready
  6. 1 Amanda Kloots & Alan Bersten - "Beauty School Dropout" (Viennese Waltz): 2 JoJo Siwa & Jenna Johnson - "Look At Me, I’m Sandra Dee (Reprise)" (Foxtrot): 108 + JoJo & Jenna
  7. Nicole “Lamb” Iovine Sigourney Korper Aleksandra Borkowska for @sublymonal
  8. I resent the implication that my write-up requirements for this cycle could possibly be anything other than easy! 50 words! Or 25 words and a video!
  9. [JUST FOR THE RECORD, the next cycle of this game was 100% was pre-planned, including all accompanying pictures lololol]
  10. literally ignored all the posts about who should be cut
  11. I always forget that your Time Zone is different!!!
  12. At the very very least... at least Artem wasn't dressed up as a dog lol Can you imagine if they had Ezra run out in a dog costume in the end lololololol
  13. OMG her father was in the movie. Okay wow that makes more sense
  14. The Cujo movie came out in 1983. How did they choose this
  15. "maybe people just don't like me" Queen of self-awareness!!!
  16. They need to renew SYTYCD so we can have Queen Charity take the title
  17. I love how Witney and Miz get to have a party with their entire families but the gays have to speak over videophone lol
  18. I never subscribed to "Bachelorette Facts" but tbf there's not a whole lot of other people to talk to in this house hahaha. Griffin still just runs around saying "Daddy Kiki" all day. Kiki is my cat lol
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