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  1. 1 Erin Andrews & Maks Chmerkovskiy - "When I Get You Alone" (Samba): 22 Chad Ochocinco & Cheryl Burke - "Mas de lo Mismo" (Argentine Tango): 2 Nicole Scherzinger & Derek Hough - "Maria" (Samba): 46 + Nicole & Derek - Chad & Cheryl
  2. Shangela S3 is amazing!!!! Great placement for her. Shangela was one of my all time favorites even before All Stars 3. Sugar daddy, Jada Pinkett Smith, eat that chicken, hallelu-le-hoop, omg it's all golden. "I will see every one of them go home." Amazing.
  3. The only Jordin performance I remember is ON A CLEEEEAR DAY because I'm broken
  4. WILLAM S4 Willam. The legend. The icon. The force of nature. The most overdue person for an All Stars season who will never be on All Stars due to like, being invited for AS1 or something or hating the production or sleeping with a producer or some hot mess that robs us of the opportunity to see the legend on our TVs again. LEGENDARY. QUEEN OF MYSTERIOUS DISQUALIFICATION EXITS. I think that mystery has been solved too. She is a name-dropping, braggadocious, gem that is perfect for reality television. She won the parade floats challenge by putting stickers with her face all over the float (meanwhile Milan got read to filth for putting her name on her own float. WILLAM DID THAT). She sent Jiggly home. She trolled Phi Phi in the interior illusions lounge. She came back to the reunion to read Phi Phi again. SHE MADE RUPAUL SMELL A STICKER WITH NO SCENT. I don't know why Willam was done dirty for All Stars because she seems like the perfect candidate. But her missing out on AS1 is obviously a blessing in disguise. She was/is part of the AAA girls with Alaska and Courtney, because legends stan legends. Save Alaska AS2
  5. me with my finger on the save button for these upcoming noms
  6. wtffff my birthday is on Friday, get out
  7. Honestly, I think you would like it. Just people roasting each other constantly.
  8. 1 Erin Andrews & Maks Chmerkovskiy - "When I Get You Alone" (Samba): 20 Chad Ochocinco & Cheryl Burke - "Mas de lo Mismo" (Argentine Tango): 10 Nicole Scherzinger & Derek Hough - "Maria" (Samba): 35 Pamela Anderson & Damian Whitewood - "Enjoy the Silence" (Argentine Tango): 5 + Nicole & Derek - Pamela & Damian
  9. Still not over the fact that these women are sisters
  10. I always forget that the snake shoot happens so early in the season. 1. Elyse 2. Shannon 3. Adrianne 4. Ebony 5. Nicole 6. Giselle 7. Kesse 8. Katie
  11. TATIANNA S2 See above for iconic moments from Tatianna. She remains one of the best reality TV personalities, most gorgeous queens, and served non-stop on the show. She was totally slept on by the competition in Season 2. They saw her as someone who wears mall clothes, Wet Seal, trying to be a transwoman or whatever else. The early competitors on this show were not too kind to the fishy girls. But Tatianna quickly proved that she was not just Rebecca Glasscock 2.0. She was her own artist, and she was not a pushover. Tatianna won the original Snatch Game. She did that. No one saw it coming, and it left her competitors GAGGED. No, you cannot just dress up as off-brand Pink and try to make it through the challenge. Oh, boo hoo, you didn't know what Snatch Game was going to be about since it was the first time it happened on the show? Well guess what, Mimi? Neither did Tatianna and she took you to effing school. As a viewer I absolutely appreciated Tatianna going after Tyra because when she said "Tyra is a complete bitch" it was like she was speaking for me. Amazing moment. WHY ARE YOU TALKING. Iconic. I also liked how she called out Raven, because let's face it, Raven was a psycho two-face on that season. But we're down to the Top 30 or whatever and hard choices have to be made, especially with the CHOICES of nominations available here. For me it was between Tati and Katya S7, because at least they both have their AS2 versions and Katya has the season win for S7 already. So let's get it over with and cut Katya S7 and get to the next set of noms that will probably hurt even more.
  12. Mad Men is the Great American Novel in a new medium and I highly encourage people to not rely on Alex to save it every time.
  13. It seems pretty clear to me that Sherry Pie was the frontrunner at this point and will easily make the finals. Such a shame that the entire cast and production wasted their time with her. It will certainly throw off the whole season and storylines and everything. I'm torn because I wish I could have seen the normal edit of the season, but also I kind of want them to edit even more so we don't even know she was there. I'm also wondering when they will film the finale because it's also clear to me that the virus is going to postpone that indefinitely. Just now finding this thread so please pardon me if this is all rehashing stuff already discussed.
  14. I promise I did and this is not my faaaaaault!!! I shudder to think what the public rankings would have been if I wasn't included
  15. ASIA O'HARA S10 Asia O'Hara appeared on Season 10 of RuPaul's Drag Race. She did fairly well during the season and only had a couple stumbles. She ended up making the finale and I think she had a moderate chance of getting to the final 2 or winning depending on what she did. However, I feel like she wasn't put in the bottom 2 a couple times when she deserved it. For the Last Ball On Earth I would have put her in the bottom with Monet. Don't @ me. And her escaping the bottom 2 for an AWFUL Beyonce Snatch Game was criminal and Monique was robbed. Her Beyonce was worse than Kenya's. I said it. She was in the bottom again and sent Vixen home, so I don't know why they were so reluctant to put her in the bottom 2???? Have her send Vixen home for the Snatch Game episode. Whatever. She won the sketch challenge episode for her ugly character and I think that was deserved. But I wouldn't have given her the win for Breastworld. She did amazing in the evil alter ego challenge but there was no beating Aquaria. Anyway, in the finale she had a decent chance of making Top 2 but she blundered and gave us the MOST SHOCKING LIP SYNC I HAVE EVER SEEN. I spoiled myself for Season 9 and AS3, but for Season 10 I was determined to not look up any spoilers and THE PAYOFF WAS SPECTACULAR. I HAVE NEVER FELT LIKE THAT WATCHING A TV SHOW IN MY LIFE. I COULD NOT BREATHE. THIS WAS THE MOST INCREDIBLE UNBELIEVABLE THING I HAD EVER SEEN. Iconic. Amazing. Just the worst effing thing I have ever had to sit through. Wow. Saving Kameron just like in the finale.
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