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  1. someone call 911... either the bath went wrong or she got kidnapped by her dentist!!!
  2. I'll give @.Rei and @*Amanda until around noon eastern tomorrow! That gives me some time to figure out whether we need the randomizer or whether the final round will just have fewer photos.
  3. Um Aaron fully sucks and either way he still has 3 performances still here
  4. @.Rei @Zoey @*Wallace @*Amanda Here's the instructions! Front page is updated!
  5. Not that anyone would ever miss a deadline ever again, but what happens then? Nominator’s choice?
  6. My group is advancing Siobhan's Wicked Game And cutting: Crystal No One Needs To Know Aaron Blue Suede Shoes Aaron Fly Me To the Moon Casey The Power of Love
  7. Smart Guy is probably not the worst sitcom left in the game, but I have to take my opportunities when they arise! This show stars the youngest Mowry, Tahj, as TJ a super smart kid who skips a bunch of grades and ends up in high school at the same time as his older siblings, Yvette (Essence Atkins) and Marcus (Jason Weaver). It ran for 3 seasons and 51 episodes on the WB from 1997 to 1999. Disney had a hand in producing this show, so they starting airing the reruns later. Tahj was also cast as a super smart young guy in Kim Possible, so Tahj definitely has this type of role down. Tahj was recognized by the NAACP, BAFTA, and some young artist awards for his role, and like I said it's a sitcom but not actually terrible. Congrats on making Top 50. Save Are You Afraid of the Dark
  8. I have 390 rare candies saved up for whenever Pokémon Go releases Larvesta (it will need 400 to evolve), and instead they announced that they are skipping everything and releasing Zacian next…. Literally wtf guys
  9. LOL this always shocked me because she seems like the kind of girl who is egged on by a crazy mother, but this time mama was not on her side!!! PUPPET MASTER It is so so so typical of a reality show like this to shit all over a contestant for acting wild during her season, but then later to completely celebrate them for being iconic as if they loved it all along. ugh... come on Nik, don't let Nigel be your only storyline OMG I NEVER THOUGHT OF THIS. She sees this ratchet shoot and then peaces out. I wonder what she might have done if it was some other shoot that she was inspired to participate in.......!!!!!!! truly
  10. You can have those films and the round 4 pick. I'll go through the list again!
  11. First Cow to round 4 Enola Holmes Onward Soul Tenet Hamilton Invisible Man to next round.
  12. how is it August 2021 and I'm still thinking 2020 is this year
  13. I just don't need a mod coming after me for giving a reaction to a post
  14. I'm just glad you found time to get these rankings and write-ups done! I know you have been really busy!
  15. The fact that my score with Chris is not the worst one in the game???
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