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  1. Week 1: JasleneWeek 2: JasleneWeek 3: Jaslene Week 4: Natasha Week 5: Natasha Week 6: NatashaWeek 7: Natasha Week 8: Natasha Week 9.1: Jaslene Week 9.2: Natasha Week 10: Jaslene Week 11.1: Jaslene Week 11.2: JasleneFinal Runway: JasleneWinner Pick: Jaslene I think Jaslene has higher highs and Natasha has lower lows. Jaslene wasn't too far behind in most of the weeks I gave Natasha, and Natasha was way far behind in most of the weeks I gave Jaslene.
  2. Although, IMO, the appearance of the Santino Bags is one of the most iconic runway moments ever on the show, hate on it.
  3. How sad... that poor effort at Beyonce is the best one the show has ever seen...
  4. Never Again will be to penultimate. Hit me up if you'd like to move another one of mine to penultimate and we can work something out.
  5. Unfortunately, like Shangela, I am now a professional.
  6. Only when Wikipedia lists critic opinions that I approve of hahaha
  7. "Toxic" received universal acclaim from music critics, who praised its hook and chorus while deeming it the strongest track on In the Zone. It won Best Dance Recording at the 47th Annual Grammy Awards, marking the first Grammy win of Spears' career. The song attained worldwide success, reaching the top five in 15 countries, while topping the charts in Australia, Canada, Hungary, Ireland, Norway and the United Kingdom... "Toxic" won Spears her first, and to date only, Grammy Award at the 2005 ceremony in the Best Dance Recording category and gained her credibility amongst critics.[16] ..."Toxic" was ranked at number fourteen on Stylus Magazine's Top 50 Singles between 2000 and 2005.[88] ... The song was also included on The 500 Greatest Songs Since You Were Born list by Blender.[90] Pitchfork listed the song on The Top 500 Tracks of the 2000s. Jess Harvell commented that Spears had great pop instincts and that "Toxic" showed how "Britney always had more individualist pep than her peers, important when you're dealing with steamroller productions from the mind of Max Martin."[91] In 2009, NPR included "Toxic" on their Most Important Recordings of the Decade list. Amy Schriefer noted that the song's synths defined the sound of dance-pop for the rest of the decade while adding that it "still sound fresh and futuristic."[16] "Toxic" was listed on several others end of the decade lists; at number forty-seven by NME, forty-four by Rolling Stone and seventeen on The Daily Telegraph.[92][93][94] ...NME critics also ranked "Toxic" at number 92 on their 500 Greatest Songs of All Time list, writing that the song "reinvented popular dance music."[13] In 2010, the song was voted in Rolling Stone's end of the decade readers poll as the fourth-best single of the decade.[95] Pitchfork listed the song at number three on their Top 50 Singles of 2000 list. Bill Lamb of About.com listed the song at number twenty-seven on the Top 40 Pop Songs of All Time.[96] Evan Sawdey of PopMatters commented that "Toxic" is a rare kind of song that transcends genre boundaries, and added that Spears delivered the track that defined her legacy.[97] In May 2010, Spears revealed via Twitter that "Toxic" is her favorite song in her catalog.[98] Also, I made a YouTube video of myself lip syncing to Toxic 13 years ago that I just rewatched to confirm that the video will stay private until the end of time. But Baby One More Time will always be my go-to karaoke song lmao
  8. No prob! I'm still sending lots of love to you and Andrew! The love never stops!
  9. Toxic is one of the greatest pieces of pop music ever recorded. I will be sleeping soundly tonight.
  10. Pros: it gave IDF a reason to do another rankdown where I made my debut Cons: ...you know
  11. Okay, whew. I was actually getting really concerned for a bit.
  12. Al Blackstone beat out Travis Wall, Parris Goebel, and the married salsa couple from World of Dance for the Emmy win.
  13. Dee also flopping with 17 and 6 respectively
  14. Wow, I've got the lowest bottom rank left with 18, and Elliott has the lowest top rank left with 8
  15. Curious to see everyone's remaining ranks.
  16. idk how I ended up with the lowest ranking of Circus in this game. I guess I underestimated how popular it is here, especially since no one was moving it on ever.
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