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  1. I did listen to Two Weeks and I was bored. And I love my indie bands. I think Winter’s Bone will be first on my watch list as I’ve heard great things but never got around to seeing it.
  2. *goes to see* Hmm, I learned of Grizzly Bear recently but they didn’t leave a big impression.
  3. Well I haven’t seen Blue Valentine but I know that’s a boring romance movie so that probably won’t make my watch list.
  4. Arrival, Parasite, The Favourite, Your Name, Room, Annihilation, and Mad Max: Fury Road in the top 20. I'm open to recommendations for others to watch before I submit my public ranking.
  5. Yesss, Emmylou is such a great tribute to her and I prefer their version of Red Dirt Girl to Emmylou’s.
  6. Yeah after reading Rei’s write up on it I see that now.
  7. I haven’t seen Portrait of a Lady on Fire but if it’s like Bly Manor I think I’ll have to.
  8. I would participate if you did that! We could also get Broadchurch to #2.
  9. Emmylou Harris It is time to re-introduce IDF to one of my very favorite country singers, Emmylou Harris! She has a country-folk haunting feel to her voice that is one of my favorites ever, and she puts such feeling into her songs as well. She has released dozens of albums and singles over the course of her career and won 14 Grammys, the Polar Music Prize, and numerous other honors, including induction into the Country Music Hall of Fame. In 2018 she was presented with the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award. The Polar Music Prize is noteworthy because one of
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