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  1. Tamyra Gray "And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going" - (7) Alex, Kaley, Lily, Victoria, Weedy, Diana, Crisis Kelly Clarkson "Respect" - (9) Alex, Sola, Elliott, Kaley, Lily, Weedy, Andrew, Diana, Gigi Tamyra Gray "Touch Me In The Morning" - (7) Sola, Kaley, Victoria, Wallace, Crisis, Priscilla, Tom Justin Guarini "For Once In My Life" - Kelly Clarkson "You're All I Need To Get By" - (6) Lily, Weedy, Chris, Wallace, JC, Tom Nikki McKibbin "Piece Of My Heart" - Tamyra Gray "If I Were Your Woman" - (9) Alex, Sola, Lily, Victoria, Diana, Gigi, Wallace, Priscilla, Tom
  2. Never watched. Monster winning though. Makes up for me not being able to advance it.
  3. Cut Ryan Starr - If You Really Love Me She growled and mumbled her way through it and Simon said she looked and sounded unbelievable.
  4. Dancing On My Own winning and my rakings matching IDF's perfectly.
  5. @sublymonal and I are advancing Kelly Clarkson's Don't Play That Song and cutting EJay Day's I'll Be.
  6. Kind of surprising since people were saying these were easy. So that's why one of Rebecca's lipsyncs finished last.
  7. Well I jinxed her, obviously. Unless this is shades of S11.
  8. I finished the last episode earlier today. I loved the last episode, but sucks that it's on a hiatus until April.
  9. Already said it on FB, but happy birthday Chris! I'll have my ranking in tonight.
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