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  1. Thomas Rhett always delivers solid stuff and Up is no exception. Glad you liked Tinashe's new album as well, I loved this one as well as So Much Better. In the case of Know Better, it's good to hear a beautiful ballad from her. Blackout is pretty awesome, and Chapters is good though not one of my favorites from Brett. Brett Young - Chapters (featuring Gavin DeGraw) [Acoustic]: Mansion and Cruel Summer are two of my favorites from Lady A's and TSwift's albums, respectively. I also wouldn't mind Cruel Summer being a single.
  2. Save the Killing and True Detective
  3. Smallville Smallville is based on Superman and follows the character Clark Kent before he becomes Superman. Clark (played by Tom Welling) is a young man adopted by a farm family with superhuman abilities who tries to find a purpose in life after discovering that he is an extraterrestrial alien. He uses his powers to help those in trouble, including Lex Luthor (played by Michael Rosenbaum). His initial problems include his inability to share his secret and his desire to be normal. His greatest weakness is seeing the best in people, even after they've betrayed him like Lex did so he keeps him in his life far longer than he should have. Lana initially dates Lex but then goes to Clark after seeing Lex for who he truly is. The show started off pretty well but I got bored with it after a few seasons so a fairly easy cut to make now.
  4. Count me in as another one who loved Baga Chipz during UK1 and loves British humor in general! I wish Baga had done an impersonation of Anne Robinson during Snatch Game.
  5. X Factor Australia So I'm not sure if everyone here know this, but XF Australia originally premiered in 2005 with the Australian Idol judges' lineup in 2005 but was canceled due to poor ratings. Another network picked it up in 2010 though and its second was pretty successful, except for the fact that Altiyan Childs won. Sally Chatfield deserved. The next year Reece Mastin, another one of Elliott's very favorite X Factor Australia winners apart from Dami, dominated the show and won. This season was also noted for Queen Mel B and resident ditzy blonde Natalie Bassingthwaite joining the judges' panel, replacing Natalie Imbruglia and Kyle Sandilands. Season four, however, saw the rise of underdog goddess Samantha Jade, who went from being in the bottom two and reportedly having the lowest vote total on week one of the lives to surviving the bottom two twice more and going onto win the whole thing despite the Facebook moms not liking her connection with Guy Sebastian and just being jealous of her flawlessness. What a queen. The next year, Dami Im, who originally wasn't supposed to be in judges houses but was a replacement for someone else, slayed the competition every week from the get go. This was especially satisfying because Ronan really wanted to win with one of the boys and watching Taylor stumble on finale night was somewhat satisfying because of this (though I do like Taylor as well). The next season, underbaked pageant bot Marlisa won over more deserving contestants Reigan Derry and Dean Ray. The only good thing about Marlisa's win was that Ronan said after she won: "It only took me five years!" Clearly he wanted to erase the memory that he won with Altiyan. Can't say I blame him. I didn't really watch the last two seasons but I know Cyrus Villanueva and Isaiah Firebrace won those last two seasons, respectively. Did the series go downhill because males started winning? Maybe so. But in all honesty, Cyrus was a very deserving winner (also liked Louise, Natalie, etc.) and Isaiah has a couple good tracks from what I've heard too. Mel B was always a fun character on the judges panel when she was there and the Mix Division or whatever they were called always had great productions in the early seasons. Was a great show but this is probably a good spot for it.
  6. Aus was the better choice out the two,.
  7. I was just thinking, what a perfect gif choice for you.
  8. Now that we've established Samantha Jade is fierce, let's pay tribute to X Factor Australia's other amazing winner and 2nd place Eurovision finisher, Dami Im!
  9. Also, can I still do a write up for X Factor Australia? Whatever that was Diana did should not be called a write up. And I claimed it first. @Steven_
  10. I was fine with letting it go. But thanks. I'll do X Factor Australia and Smallville.
  11. Really liking the intermission lists! My favorites would be NASA (my favorite song from thank u next as well), FYI, Love Me Insane. Loving You (loved this on first listen), Blessed, and People Need People. I also like I Forgot That You Existed, although I hope London Boy shows up on one of the next sets. Also LOL at my shout out in the Riverdale song write up. I don't mind those I guess but yeah I wouldn't put them on a song list.
  12. Apparently it's coming back but I'm not 100% sure if that was just a rumor or not.
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