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  1. I'm utterly unfamiliar with Bayonetta 2 so it's probably better if Rei does that tribute post, same with Goldeneye 007. Never been a Bond fan.
  2. Scarlet finally gone. I remember Mariah wanting to help out Mimi in S3? But yeah I wouldn't keep her around just for that.
  3. I wanted Spyro and Crash to outlast and they did.
  4. Spyro and Crash outlasting Banjo-Kapooey. At least one good thing happened in this rankdown.
  5. I can't wait to skip the parts where she's "judging".
  6. I requested it be saved on the previous page. but I am just being dramatic.
  7. Wow I stop QK from cutting Bron/Broen and then Carnival Row gets cut in return.
  8. Didn't Rei try to save that?
  9. I watched it after the fact but really liked it! Definitely a fair spot for it at this point though. Thanks!
  10. Disappeared Since I am the only one in here I believe that has watched this show, I thought I would cut it myself to introduce people to it. Disappeared is an American documentary television show on Investigation Discovery that premiered in 2009 and has aired for nine seasons thus far. I'm confused as to why it was in the drama section as it's like a modern-day Unsolved Mysteries, and thus should've probably gone in the Miscellaneous section, but I'm not complaining. Disappeared uses a documentary format; doing re-enactments and interviews with family members, friends, and law enforcement connected to the missing people, to explore their last actions and words prior to their disappearance. By the time the episodes air, some cases have been resolved (with a variety of outcomes, death, not wanting to contact family, ran off with other people), but most times the cases have not been explained at the time the episode airs. Some notable cases covered on the show include the MacStay and Jamison families, and both sets of their remains were found in 2014 I believe in a span of two weeks. Another case where Disappeared directly helped is the case of Michelle McMullen, who was wanted on robbery charges and was living quetly under another name but a viewer of the show tipped them off. Another standout epiosde is the case of Leah Peebles, where the father went to great lengths to find her (she had turned to drugs at the time of her disappearance) but eventually died. Maura Murray is another, which has gotten more mysterious as the years go by. There are a few classic ones such as the O'Hair disappearance as well. Overall it's a great show that has helped a few people get found and I alays look forward to it when there's a new season, but I think it's made it far enough in this rankdown. Saving: Hanna
  11. Save Hanna Cut Disappered
  12. A show involving dancing, musicals and romance? Thank u, next. Jk great write up Chris! Michelle's speech was good.
  13. Moral of the story: all the Big Bother installments need to go ASAP. It will save much confusion.
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