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  1. Wow, has it ever been a long time! She's been setting the charts on fire for almost that long.
  2. Danyl the wannabe diva finally gone. Sorry to Wally though.
  3. The CutKelvins Fleur East Jay James - Tom Hannah Barrett Dean Ray - Sola Danyl Johnson - Sola, Tom
  4. I'm not sure if I've seen them and if I have I don't remember them.
  5. And that is why I wanted to be the one to eliminate them. Nothing against you.
  6. Leon Jackson So with fodder like Lloyd right there, you guys opted to eliminate Leon Jackson? Insert #pretendstobeshocked gif here. Leon Jackson was the winner of the fourth season of X Factor, which aired in 2007. He had a more retro-jazz style which isn't really my favorite genre, but he was still a pretty decent winner and one I wouldn't have eliminated this early, but whatever. I didn't really wwatch the early season, but he had quite the underdog journey, starting off poorly but improving each week, with a couple of notable performances being Crazy Little Thing called Love and You Don't Know Me. He won the season over frontrunner Rhydian in a shocker. I've only heard one of his songs, Creative and it's pretty decent and apparently hes still doing fairly well for himself music-wise. So even though he isn't my favorite genre music wise, he still wouldn't have been my choice to go.
  7. District3 In my boy band extermination, the latest target is District3! They were in the pretty bad X Factor UK series 9, and were one of the few boy bands that were together before the show and not formed at bootcamp. They sang a mediocre version of Simply the Best in week 1, and even worse version of I Swear in week 2 and were in the bottom 2 and wrongfully survived over Melanie Masson. I only watched sporadically after that, but I know they did a mashup of Every Breath You Take and "Beautiful Monster in week 4 that was trashed by the judges, and their version of Dynamite the next week was even worse, with it producing this iconic gif by Nicole: They were finally eliminated in week 6 after a sing-off with UnionJ. Should've been week 2, but at least they left this rakdown at a more appropriate time.
  8. Try it and I'll make sure the good king Sola eliminates One Direction in two rankdowns.
  9. I never watched X Factor Australia season 8 because I couldn't find it on YouTube, but it looks like I didn't miss much, lol.
  10. Shayne Ward James Arthur Leon Jackson Lloyd Daniels Union J District3
  11. Laura White Rachel Adedeji Jade Ellis - Sola, Wallace, Victoria, Steven, Tom Hannah Barrett Mary Byrne Acacia & Aaliyah - Tom, Sola, Wallace, Victoria, Steven
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