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  1. make your saves so that we don't have to worry for 24 full hours again about anna kapera making it through
  2. hello plz tell 2013 me stanning jenna johnson on this board that in 2021 she'd be in the first same sex partnership on us dancing with the stars
  3. Carrie Ann Inaba counteracting the homophobia of the costume department.
  4. Jenna is like 5'5. She's not that short. But I do think Jojo is taller like 5'9
  5. Angling for the Asian pro spot after Cheryl retires
  6. “You know me best as David Silver from 90210” EXCUSE ME, most people know you best for being Ex-Mr. Megan Fox
  7. You gotta be authentic to be an influencer
  8. Lol was just about to say: Matt Romney. He registered in NY AFTER the 2016 election so.
  9. Also. Lindsay probably just has fillers and Botox.
  10. Not black Republican Matt James talking about his racist girlfriend and just ignoring the racist scandal that lead to Chris Harrison getting fired
  11. I have missed like half the show with a weather warning. Apparently they are just going to talk the entire warning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let me watch DWTS!
  12. somebody plz explain why karen hauer and her new boyfriend have the same haircut now. lol
  13. I want to use my final save for something dumb so I will wait until some others (namely @.Reiand @*Amanda and @Deeee and @*Diana) make their saves. So I know if I have to use it for something smart instead.
  14. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I can't believe I will now have to go through the physical work of screencapping and pasting pictures of hot dancers.
  15. https://www.instagram.com/p/CRyliJlnUVW/ again still not a save. IDK why my IG pastes are not showing as their posts
  16. this is not a save (YET) but i just want people to know that JUVAT has a kitten: https://www.instagram.com/p/CR1ahn8HCmi/
  17. not when i only can save three more dancers!!!!!
  18. does elliott like lofro now? did he ever not like her? it's been so long i cannot remember
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