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  1. my write-ups are ART. and also. ugh now I have to choose like 20 people to nominate. 14 people?
  2. Chuck Wicks I am cutting Chuck because 1) I know who DeMarcus Ware is and 2) Chuck sounded like a cowboy name and so I assumed he was either associated with bulls or country music! But even before I googled him I was like "Wait, I think this man had the bad taste to date Julianne Hough (bisexual) (also somebody who didn't realize blackface was inappropriate in the year of our lord 2013)." And LO AND BEHOLD I WAS RIGHT. I knew that Chuck Wicks was Julianne's ex before I knew that he was a country singer. I sometimes pretend to know country music but I certainly do not know like any
  3. wow i said i wasn't ready to rank the queens but i lied because i was on tamisha iman's official website and this photoshop is the best thing that has come out of drag race in the history of the show:
  4. idk what you are trying to prove to me.
  5. maybe by the time we get to US12 I will have watched it.
  6. I am not ranking any of these queens until there are single digits left.
  7. @Elliottdo you feel that two ts is giving elliotts a bad name?
  8. It’s fine I am catching up now.
  9. The beauty of it all! Perfect timing on my end!
  10. well considering this is the separation that is final. i'm not surprised. considering he literally quit SCD because he felt it would lead to him cheating. i am not surprised.
  11. (also. didn't know Gleb and his wife separated but also not surprised.)
  12. @FrogLenzen missed my favorite Chrishell fact. Her name is Chrishell because she was born at a Shell gas station and the attendant who helped her mother give birth was named "Chris" hence CHRISHELL.
  13. Cloris Leachman I was going to save my MEME KING Drew Scott, but my loyalty to female athletes cannot be denied. Also I was just reading an article about FRAUD Congressman Madison Cawthorn duping his following a certain political crowd into believing that he was training seriously for the Paralympics the last few years and I want to remind everybody that 1) this is not true and 2) being a successful top tier Paralympian is just as difficult and competitive as being an Olympian and it's not something that you can just train for in your spare time and end up going to the Paralympics.
  14. it only took me three weeks to remember that drag race was on fridays!!!!!
  15. Elliott and I really just making this rankdown last as long as possible
  16. Lol I took a nap. Or I probably would have saved the nutbar that is Hope Solo.
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