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  1. I’ll get my missing write ups tomorrow! I’ve been swamped trying to like. Work on figuring out my future and getting a paper written now
  2. There are really too many queens left for me to really know anybody. Nothing about this episode changed my mind on who is top 2 (Kornbread and Angeria by a mile)
  3. I still plan to do this. But I need a couple of hours for the write up since I have to do some work! If they could be left alone
  4. Save Redouan Cut Sinerjey sorry about letting my last cut/save expire I was super busy all yesterday and today.
  5. I think if you are a straight person walking into a gay space then it is your obligation to "out" yourself. Maddy Morphosis should have walked in as a bad Guy Fieri knock-off and been like "I'm a hetero." If you aren't going to do that then I have no issue with Ru doing so.
  6. my two week super-sized premier thoughts. I'd do each queen in order of how i'd rank them except so many fall into the middle of MEH that I am not. So tiers I guess. Tier 1: Kornbread - I just rewatched all of season 6 because I can. And you know how you watch and from like episode 1 Bianca walks in and you are like "wow this bitch is winning" (also see: Bob the Drag Queen and Raja), that's the vibe Kornbread gives. Unless something CATASTROPHIC happens in a performance, I don't see how she gets eliminated before the finale. Angeria - I don't think intentionally that Drag Race splits the two premiers into an A-team and a B-team, but LBR, compared to the first week, week 2 was the B team. The only exception to this was Angeria who IMHO has another obvious ride to the finale. Pageant Queens do well in this show for a reason (and that reason is that Drag Race is a glorified pageant) and Angeria already looks like she can hang with the best Pageant Queens of the past few seasons. Bosco - Bosco is really like Tier 1B to Kornbread and Angeria but I think Bosco also makes the finale. I think Queen 4 in the finale is really open to a lot of the other queens but I think from episode 1 Bosco is a lock with Angeria and Kornbread. It takes a lot of talent and confidence to do Burlesque as your talent and make it stand out and Bosco did just that. Tier 2: Willow Pill - This isn't in order because I don't think Willow Pill makes the finale unless she steps up her runway drag. But her talent show had me DYING of laughter. I went through the perfect roller coaster of emotions and it made me wanting more. Kerri Colby - I worry that she will end up resting on pretty. And I really wish she had gotten to her jump roping faster, but I think that she's here for a while and wouldn't be surprised to see her in the finale. Especially because she's so so beautiful. Jorgeous - I don't know why her name isn't pronounced "whore-geous" but I digress. If you are gonna do lip syncing as your talent you need to really bring it and of the queens that did lip syncing hers was the best. Lady Camden - I'm interested in seeing what she does. I guess that's kind of what this tier is. People who I didn't hate and could intrigue me and I could see lasting long. Jasmine Kennedie - I don't really remember her lip sync but her runway was stunning. She intrigues me. Tier 3: Alyssa Hunter - I wish she ACTUALLY played the guitar! This was just lip syncing! I am not really sure where to put Alyssa so she lands in Tier 3. Maddy Morphosis - UGH. I have a whole rant that I am going to restrain myself on. But I don't understand having a straight, cis-male before a cis-female queen or a Drag King on the US show. But beyond that, Maddy's drag was not great. The Guy Fieri look had an awful wig (Guy Fieri the man has bigger hair than what Maddy brought) and the white tights were awful. The costume for the talent show was awful. The guitar playing was mediocre. The runway was a costume with flats. Step it up because like it or not Maddy is going to be judged harsher just for her inclusion on this show. Tier 4: June and Deja Skye cannot be here for long. Deja has the advantage because her runway was good. June is probably the next to go. The eliminated queens: Okay. Do we really think they were eliminated? I don't. But suffice to say they were not great and each was the clear choice for elimination IMHO.
  7. hard to imagine it could be even more disappointing than samurott already is
  8. Replace all the men in Hunger Games with Johanna Mason!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. SHOCKINGLY. Two characters can suck AT THE SAME TIME.
  10. What in my statement would DISAGREE with Gale existing??????????????????????????
  11. can't wait to put my postdoc search on hold while i write my second graduate thesis titled "Why Katniss and Peeta are bad and why Peeta should have died in the first Hunger Games"
  12. For anybody in the US, the govt finally launched their site to request free rapid COVID tests: https://special.usps.com/testkits
  13. LOL Completely forgot about the routine that injured her.
  14. Ashley Galvan I have been watching Yellowjackets since Thanksgiving and it now consumes like 90% of my brainspace. So this write-up is gonna be a little weird. Like Jackie from Yellowjackets, Ashley Galvan didn't really bring anything to the table in Season 7 of SYTYCD. Off the top of my head I cannot think of one routine she did, much like I can't think of one thing Jackie brings to surviving in the Canadian wilderness. When we think about it, isn't Season 7 almost like Yellowjackets. Where we have the young teens competing against each other to become Antler Queen America's Favorite Dancer and the older former contestants as All-Stars almost like future versions of Season 7 players. Some of Season 7 major players would then appear in later seasons as All-Stars of their own. And while there are no power couple lesbians either in the youth cast or the All-Star elders, there are PLENTY of closeted gay men! THE PARALLELS ARE THERE (and you know with Sasha in Season 8, maybe that would be a MUCH MORE APT comparison but you know). Anyway, Ashley Galvan, the Jackie of Season 7, inexplicably well-liked for no discernible reason. In an INJURY plagued season 7 (much like the CONSTANT injuries characters face while surviving the wilderness in Yellowjackets), Ashley was one of the ones who fell perhaps earlier than her time. Anyway, her most memorable routine was a vaguely "ninja" inspired hip-hop with Dominic which landed her in the bottom 2 the week before she was eliminated. Like Yellowjackets where the characters constantly wonder what their lives would be like if their plane had never crashed, we the audience in this forum are left to wonder what Season 7 would have been like if there hadn't been so many injuries. Saving: Melanie Moore
  15. save melanie moore cut ashley galvan i'll let jc choose between MEN. it is ONLY FAIR.
  16. (3) Elina - Voting: Derek, Diana, Megan (0) Elina - Hot Air Balloon: (3) Joslyn - Hot Air Balloon: Victoria, Akshar, Megan (2) Lio - Hot Air Balloon: Alex, Priscilla (2) Marjorie - Hot Air Balloon: Rei, Wallace (0) McKey - Malibu: (2) Sheena - Malibu: Priscilla, Gigi (0) Marjorie - Malibu: (0) Marjorie - Fiercee Awards: (0) Lauren Brie - Eyes: (2) Marjorie - Eyes: Richard, Wallace (1) Sheena - Eyes: Victoria (2) Sheena - LA Disaster: Gonzalo, Akshar (0) Lio - Ship: (0) McKey - Ship: (0) Sam - Ship: (1) Elina - Natural: Alex (0) Lio - Glam: (0) McKey - Glam: (0) Sam - Glam: (2) McKey - Windmill: Richard, Chris
  17. two incredibly hot women left. how will jc choose.
  18. And I really appreciate it! I like Adele! Late 2021 was just me listening to A LOT of Julien Baker.
  19. Bring Dee back from war so that he can fix this mistake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. Omg thank you. My Google search was brief and fruitless
  21. i did not watch all of TUDB season 1 for you to say this.
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