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  1. I may need an extension for my noms. I get my car back tomorrow and have to give a practice seminar and I don’t know how long either of those will take
  2. @Deeee can i change my round to the most important musical artist of our time?
  3. no he chose my modern country queen kacey musgraves where i will be as long-winded as every carrie underwood fan.
  4. i don't know all kate winslet's movies but i know that there is no way titanic can ever be a best movie.
  5. somebody give me $6000. i will make a zombie movie. about two WNBA players in connecticut fighting zombies and also they will have to play a game against the mystics who are all zombies.
  6. if only. there were evidence that it was a real movie.
  7. @1234567890 thanks Victoria! Just send me a list whenever you are able to!
  8. i am the next and last person to nominate this round and whomever saves hector i will let send me a list of characters they do not want nominated and i'll respect that! if you happen to cut hector i will then go back and look at every character you've given immunity, saved, etc over the course of this game and make sure they are nominated!
  9. hector and eve aren't even villains!!!!!!
  10. the battery if i have this right and don't pull an elliott when he cut one of my favorite movies after initially saving it because he read the wrong wikipedia summary and yes i remember this and yes i am still mad about this, the battery is a 2012 released on VOD in 2013 drama horror film about two baseball players trying to survive a zombie apocalypse. this movie sounds extremely fake so this had better be the correct wikipedia summary and i am going to be so mad if i have to do this again. it stars literally nobody of note. it doesn't even have a movie poster on the wikipedia page. and i still think that this may be fake. how did this movie survive so long. i guess niche horror sites gave the movie good reviews but again, it was released on video-on-demand, it cannot be that good. it was made on the fly for $6000. I could probably make a comparable horror movie for $6000. saving: a movie that i know is real in killing them softly
  11. LOLOLOL I forgot we are in different time zones! So I thought I still had 40 minutes. I'll get a write-up done real quick right now and fix it after I get COVID tested.
  12. Philoctetes (Hercules) Philoctetes is a secondary character in Hercules. He goes by Phil. He's obviously voiced by Danny DeVito. He serves as Hercules's mentor and trainer getting Hercules from being the strong local kid to the hero that he wants to be in order to become a god with his dad Zeus. He's kind of a stereotypical Danny DeVito character and I feel kind of like the Genie in Aladdin that this role was made with him in mind. Anyway, he's a bit of a curmudgeon and easily annoyed but seems genuinely proud and invested in Hercules (even if at first it's for selfish reasons) and becomes perhaps Hercules's only friend. Phil maybe deserved to stay over some characters left but this seems like a perfectly fine place to go all things considered. He's a side character in a weaker movie and I'd do anything for Nani. Save: Nani
  13. Save Nani cut phil what did I do to Denise
  14. Even though Dani barely made it to Jury, I feel like this is what she did well in BB13 too. (Also Dani is high key good at comps like Janelle and I think because Evel Dick dominated so much that newer contestants sometimes forget she won 5 POVs her season! Tied with Janelle, Paul, and Kaycee).
  15. Voting to stay Death Proof (Megan) vs Hatchet Happy Death Day 2U (Megan) vs Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives The Purge Anarchy vs The Cabin in the Woods (Megan) Resident Evil: Retribution (Megan) vs Joy Ride A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: Dream Child (Megan) vs Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
  16. I’m not willingly advancing songs with Drake
  17. Why is Wally advancing Drake songs but not What’s My Name which is a Rihanna song that features Drake
  18. we were too busy having a meltdown over my mysterious changing video.
  19. this is what i deserve. for. committing to a bit instead of just posting song names. take me back to when i tried to advance "you oughta know twice." also sucks that partynextdoor sucks and that his song with rihanna is not good! well rihanna is good but his part is not good.
  20. u kno what. i don't even like asap rocky enough for all of this to happen. i just know we aren't getting an asap round. lol.
  21. honestly. it's like. i'm already drunk. and it's 11:30 am. i'm completely sober. just waiting for a friend's defense.
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