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  1. Kelsea Ballerini Final Rankings: Part 3 Sorry for the break!!!!!!!! Let's get to the Top 10!!!!! #15: "Love Me Like You Mean It" Listen Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2r6N2JQQwg0 Average: 13.67 Rankers: Wallace - 3 Diana - 5 Kay - 6 Derek - 12 Tom - 14 Chris - 17 Andy - 20 QK - 23 Victoria - 23 And here's where the standard deviations start to get wild. #14: "Stilettos" Listen Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N
  2. I’m running on Dee time! I had a seminar tonight featuring Elizabeth Warren so I decided to push Kelsea to tomorrow
  3. If the public wants to vote they can. LOL I'll get Dee to vote as well. Heavily suggest he vote.
  4. @1234567890 rei did not get flygon this far just for it to be eliminated by a randomizer!!!!!!
  5. if the randomizer cuts one of my faves i will tank all pokemon somehow. rank them all equally at 25.
  6. Meganium TBH Flygon in all reality would be my final cut. BUT I am trying to be nice here at the end and though I know @FrogLenzen loves Meganium my hope is that he loves Sceptile more or else this is all FOR NAUGHT. (It would go Meganium >>>> Sceptile >>>> Flygon). And if there weren't groups and also the POWER OF FRIENDSHIP, I would have made different choices. Call me Ma-Ti because I have the Power of Heart (that's a Captain Planet reference for @hayden98 who is a youth). But ALAS, the way the cookie crumbles, Meganium has to fall here. I believe a while
  7. Milotic I maintain that Milotic is the one good Gen III Pokemon, but other people disagree with me and since I value the friendships and alliances I have made that have spared so many of my favorites to this point, Milotic gets the axe over the remaining Gen III. It did make Top 20 last year and just barely missed it this year so that's a good consolation prize. And while it was never close to my Top 20 (or maybe even my Top 50) it's a good Pokemon. I think the biggest knocks against it are that it's so hard to get. Especially in its original generation. I cut Feebas early on which
  8. I still have 6 hours right? I’ll make my cut when I get to work!
  9. updated: Group A Typhlosion Aurorus Crobat Gardevoir Volcarona Caterpie Eevee Lucario Milotic Gallade Vaporeon Group B Infernape Togepi Sceptile Snorlax Espeon Butterfree Noivern Silvally Greninja Meganium Florges Flygon
  10. ready and waiting for all my faves to die. to dramatically exit this rankdown right before the top 20 so i don't have to do write-ups
  11. i mean. i could have gotten a badge that round and revived toxtricity. but nope. somebody else had to grab it. if only revives cost $50 less.
  12. i didn't have the money to revive toxtricity. sola did. and he chose not to.
  13. As statistically the biggest fan of Gen VIII, I agree! Blame Hayden for cutting 20 of them! Blame yourself for nominating and getting like 4 of them cut!!!!!!!
  14. next set should be up tomorrow morning/early afternoon!
  15. I have 5 of my top 6 Pokémon and still could not swing a badge
  16. Turns out it is I that loves Gen VIII the most
  17. From Second Cycle cut to Gen VIII winner! I love this journey for my boy Grookey!!!!!
  18. comparing Stoutland to Piplup. SMH. Stoutland is actually good and cool.
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